From 9 to 12 April 2009 at CEC "Expocentre" on Red Presnya held the 2nd International Exhibition for professionals and amateurs Landscape Design – 'House and the SBP / MOSCOW GARDEN SHOW'. The exhibition took place competition 'Fashion on the landscape', the theme of the competition This year's "Garden for the stars." Our garden won the Grand Prix in the competition! The authors of the project – Belogrud Irina, Natalia Kaminska explication of the plan: 1) Wooden flooring 2) Tapestry 3) Mirror 4) Gravel dumping Garden "Inspiration" nomination mini-garden is dedicated to Boris Shcherbakov. Every creator and maker need inspiration, in the heart of any creative work is an inspiration, an actor, it is required to play the role well. By creating this garden, we wanted to our garden, Boris Shcherbakov attended the inspiration that brought as a result of the fruits of his creative life. Violet is used in the garden – attracted philosophers and dreamy nature, carries something romantic. Garden Area 24 sqm.

Round deck, located in the center, focuses on all the space of the garden, the action unfolds like about him. In the composition of plants, such as vertical accents, used Thuy cropped under spiral – it gives it a uniqueness and individuality. On one side is adjacent to the garden wall of a building to expand the space and create the perception of continuation of the garden, the project had used a large round mirror. Plants and purple lanterns reflected in a mirror, catch the eye, I want to stay in front and the back wall porazmyshlyat.Na for decking using vertical planting techniques, we use galvanized mesh She serves as the basis for the plant. Plants pistachio and golden tones, climb the back wall, enliven the garden, add the accents of the composition and create a joyful mood. Thanks to the trellis, plants and "green wall "behind the scenes and there is a sense of security, in such a garden wants to retire and meditate. Boris Shcherbakov was in this garden, he liked the idea of designers, their opinions, he expressed the words: – My garden is the the best! The goal was achieved, the actor Shcherbakov not remain indifferent, and we were awarded the title winners!


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