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All we know what is a stone, we all know that there are many types, but surely not all know specific properties that have some of them. You’ve perhaps never raised anything about stones, but comes a day in which you need to take a decision, for example to your build or decorate your new House, and the properties of each stone can be decisive in the future in that home. In our country there are companies specializing in this type of material, which usually learn the properties of the main types of stones used for household tiles. Stone depending on need types there are many different types of stones to use in our home tiles. We can divide into seven major groups:-travertine: consisting mostly of calcium carbonate, but considered as a type of marble. It has a variety of colors from tone lightest to darkest, allowing you to find a wide variety of tiles of this material.

They are both used for rustic decorations like avant-garde and in addition can be found with Beta or without it, what makes that there is no two equal stones. -Terracotta: characterized by giving feeling of warmth to the rooms, they tend to be the most commonly used in households. They can be used indoor or outdoor with hues ranging from honey clear Red/Brown. -Slate: Gives a natural and elegant look to the constructions, both exteriors and interiors, and also does not have a very high cost. It is formed through separable layers that tend to be earthy, dark and gray tones.

-Marble: Is a metamorphic rock that can be found in different colors and is typically used for inland areas. Some parts contain impurities, which makes we can observe betas or various grains. -Granite: Great resistance and usually colors and shades white or clear. The granite is used in great works of buildings as well as the interior of homes. -Sandstone: Composed of small grains. It highlights the quartz that has a very bright appearance. The sandstones are characterized by adapt to the temperature that has the environment and are used to save energy. -Clay and mud: suitable both for interior exterior and available in a wide range of colors. They are easy to install and can even have non-slip nature. Different uses and ways of use but tiles are not employed solely for the soil of our homes, as we commonly tend to think. Natural stones can also be used to cover the walls of some rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen and even on shelves finishes. It is very common to use small tiles for finishes Windows, sources in the garden, skirtings, etc. There is so much diversity, which you can choose between tiles with or without filling, different palettes, non-slip or not, gloss or Matt everything depending on and adapting to the use you want to give and knowing differentiate between the most suitable for interiors and exteriors. A good example of company dedicated to the use of natural stone is original author and source of the article


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