Marina Costa Bonita

Currently builds one of the most important roads in Mexico, and it is that joins Durango to Mazatlan, estimated cost of 1.2 billion dollars at the end of this impressive and ambitious project, that we cannot say beforehand will be a success, since it comes to solve a problem of general traffic of the current road safety and time. Now 312 kilometers takes about 5 hours, and is projected to once the road will reduce time to 3 hours to increase safety for drivers and travelers. The grandeur of this work consists in winding of the place since it is the Sierra Madre, even that the work is very advanced, still missing an important piece that is, the bridge bulwark Bicentennial. This will be the largest of Latin America cable-stayed bridge and will have a length of 1,142 metres and the penderan 152 steel straps. In its clear central, will vacate a length of 520 meters above a ravine of 390 metres of depth if we make a comparison to Eiffel Tower measures 324 metres would fit in this Canyon. The construction is in charge of TRADECO, Mexican firm and which time has required 103,000 tons of cement and almost 17,000 tons of steel. Joining Sinaloa with Durango this bridge reduces the risk for drivers going through the Devil’s backbone. Many people will be benefited by this impressive project, small populations along the corridor, the inhabitants of Sinaloa, Durango, Coahuila, Monterrey, and Texas.

This gives greater value to Mazatlan real estate can come driving and be at his second home in just a few hours. Mazatlan is for many reasons the place either for a short holiday or for a prolonged stay or well as is for many, the retirement of your dreams home. Their activities, food, people, its natural beauty and attractive purchasing power made it favorite of many. In new Mazatlan area known as Nuevo Mazatlan, there are impressive projects, but the best added value has, Marina Costa Bonita which is more than a Condos in Mazatlan project, is a luxurious condominium which offers a unique lifestyle and community with fully accessible programs. Mazatlan highway is the work of the Mexican Government. In good time!


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