Medical University

(11MAY09) light I traveled to China, 10kgs. back and more of the camera and lenses are sufficient for walking. Arriving in Beijing met Rui Freitas of Portugal who was returning home by land: Macao, Beijing, Transmanchuriano to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Latvia, Estonia, Latvia, Central Europe and finally Lisbon. Brought a Mao shirt that I liked and asked him where he bought.He told me that just around the hostel was a small clothing store where they sold for 20 yuan (about 3USD). Due to the intense heat would not be washed every day wearing two shirts, so one night we went to the store. I bought three shirts that I thought would be enough for the trip: all black but with three different views to the front. When I saw a piece as I asked the girl who served me the meaning of characters and said, Happiness. I liked the detail and especially the meaning, the next day’s opening. Walking the streets and hutongs many people saw the design on the shirt and smiled. I honestly do not know what was going through his head but smiling. I knew that the character meant bigger happiness, however, there were some characters on the base of the garment that had no idea what they were. I left Beijing for traveling within 25hrs.train to Guilin, the main objective was to sail by the Li River for four hours to get to Yangshuo in the south. Once I settled into the hostel, I looked for ways to make the trip coordinated by an agency. I got a tour cheaper, however, was a tour to China. The next day we left at 8 am at boat dock and we got to my seat I was assigned. The tables were accommodated to the width of the boat and I sat next to a Chinese family. The youngest was a doctor at the Medical University of Southernn Guang Zhou and her parents took a vacation to Yuangshu . Ren Wei called it means to serve people. We share some ideas for a while in Mexico and China while drinking tea. Seeing Happiness shirt asked me if I knew the meaning and answered yes. He pointed to the small print and just shook my head, implying that he had no clue.He took a paper and pencil and began writing: The biggest sign means “Happiness . The smaller characters, reading them from right to left, say something like this: “happiness is like water flowing into the vast sea to the east, South Mountain that never grows old . I appreciated the translation and we saw the bottom of the pot of tea. He took from his pocket a 20 yuan ticket is printed as a symbol that the southern mountains, I’ve gotten as a gift and memento of the trip. I looked in my wallet and tucked between the yuan and some dollars I I found a ticket for 20 pesos. I explained a little about what was printed there. I went on deck to take some photos while the vessel arrived at the destination.People left the vessel and mixed in the small harbor, I think he said goodbye.


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