Only Individual Insurance Advice Leads To The Goal

MEDIUS exclusive GmbH Munich August 2010 informed debate on the new insurance contract law. Transparency and enable demand-oriented product advice with this aim in mind, the legislature has reformed 2008 the insurance contract Act (VVG). But many consumer organizations remain skeptical and see independent advice on insurance issues compared to the representatives advice clearly at an advantage. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH in Munich reported the current debate to the VVG and presents her personalized consulting concept. The figures, the Federal Association of insurance advisers e.V.

(BVVB) recently presented, speak a clear language: round 30 billion euro in the year paid the Federal citizens 2009 too much for their private insurance. But what are the reasons for the widespread false and insurance of the Germans? According to the most consumer centres in particular still lack of advice transparency of one of the most serious problems and that is, although the 2008 amended Insurance contract law (VVG) with the introduction of information and duty to disclose just wanted to eliminate these deficiencies. Experts already strongly urge improvements of the existing law, which finally should give priority to those of the insurance companies the interests of the insured person. “Until then applies: in any case you should get advice before concluding contracts with independent consultants” to the current recommendation of a Westphalian consumer advice centre. To persuade households, benefits of individualized, transparent and thus truly customer-oriented advice on insurance issues is also the target of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH from Munich. This makes use of the MEDIUS exclusive portfolio of direct MEDIUS GmbH consulting. This covers a wide range of property and personal insurance, including the third-party liability and insurance, but also the public health insurance and accident insurance. The team of MEDIUS Direkt GmbH consulting will basically on a personal basis Analysis of the needs of the life and professional situation of the customer as well as the income and financial circumstances are taken into account.

In a second step the MEDIUS direct GmbH presents the customer appropriate product proposals of from various companies and leads him to an independent decision this way. Only insurance models, which can provide a sufficient scope of protection when at the same time favourable tariff conditions find inclusion in the product portfolio of MEDIUS direct GmbH. In order to guarantee this, the team of direct MEDIUS GmbH of Munich carries out a continuous monitoring of the market and thoroughly analyzed the new offerings of several established insurance companies. MEDIUS exclusive company facts and figures is MEDIUS exclusive company for more than 20 years successfully as an intermediary of financial services working and sees itself as a forum in terms of financial advice and mediation. The competent and experienced financial experts of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH provide mutual funds, investments, financing, insurance and Real estate. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH headquarters is Munich. MEDIUS is nationwide in cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Essen, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and at many other locations.


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