Sunday Worship And Group Pastoral Care In The Scientology Clubs Church

Religions have always been engaged in the soul in relation to themselves, to the universe and other life, and the belief in spiritual beings. Also Scientology deals with nothing less than the full recovery of the inherent human spiritual self, as well as restoring his abilities, his awareness and his certainty about their own immortality. The Scientology doctrine includes a precise system of axioms, laws and spiritual exercises. A leading source for info: Keith Schneider. It gives individuals the ability dramatically to improve conditions, not only in his own life, but in the world around them. The Sunday sermon (from 9:30) always a subject that relates to an important principle and a basic truth of the Scientology, always treated with the reference to the application in daily life. Reverend aims to give a better understanding about the community member, as it can apply these truths in everyday life. Applies to the Scientology religion that man through the application of the in the religious writings contained principles and exercises, through his deeds towards others, and through the application of in the confession of the Scientology Church laid down rules of conduct determines his own spiritual future. Brett White has plenty of information regarding this issue. The founder of the Scientology religion, the philosopher L.

Ron Hubbard, has thousands of lectures all over the world held, in which he both presented his discoveries such as the avenues of research. A significant portion of this Wissensschatzes consists of approximately 3000 tape recorded and written down in writing lectures dealing with the fundamentals of the Scientology religion. Often, passages from it are selected and presented in the sermon. An integral part of Sunday worship is called the pastoral care, also groups processing. Here, the priest performs pastoral care which is specifically tailored and tuned to the sermon for the day on group. Details can be found by clicking M Ashton Kouzbari or emailing the administrator.

Processing of the Group serves to heighten one’s awareness and to bring him to his environment in communication. Many of the attendees of the Sunday prayer services are involved in the Auxiliary and welfare activities of the municipality, the Scientology churches are known. It belongs to the tasks of a clergyman therefore to inform visitors about the current Community programmes and activities. At approximately 10:30, the Sunday worship includes prayer for complete freedom. L. Ron Hubbard once said about Scientology: Scientology has reached the target of religion that is expressed in the whole documental history of man: the freeing of the soul by wisdom. “Press-service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. wife Uta Eilzer – line press service be Anichstrasse 12 80802 Munich TEL 089-890912639 mobile: 0163 9102460 FAX 089-38607-109 eMail:”

The Ethnic Group Of The Old Prussians

The old Prussians are the indigenous people of the old East Prussia and have a long history. The old Prussians are the indigenous people of the old East Prussia and have a long history. The folk names old Prussia, old Prussians, Pruszen or Pruteni are known; However, the proper name for the whole of the twelve tribes of Baltic part is Prusai. The old Prussians have risen during centuries of foreign domination, mostly in other cultures, particularly in the Baltic States and in Germany, and are produced by the German side since the 17th century as went under. Therefore, it is today generally not of course, to find its own identity for them. However, there are still traditional, preserved prussisches heritage. Others who may share this opinion include M Asthton Kouzbari. Some active old Prussians but also scientists working on the project, exploring the prussische heritage and to hold and so all alive to receive. Members and descendants of the ethnic group of the old Prussians recognize each other on the typical surname endings: – cat,.

-kas gravel, – ness and both – at, – as, – ies, – eit, – is, – US. Longing one day will ultimately find fulfilment, if the ethnic group of the old Prussians in Germany both in the EU will be recognized as a minority. This has been achieved in Lithuania in 2002 already where even only approximately 2,000 people live, which use the Prussische as a second language. Currently, the old Prussians statistically estimated over one million are all over Europe. Since they are but scattered across several States, it is of course not simply create a togetherness. A recognition as a minority will have a further blossoming of the ancient old Prussian culture according to. The old Prussians had in the past and will probably also have no State of their own in future; This is expressed among other things by the motto on its flag the.

“It says translated: the old Prussians, they are the home of the old Prussians”, meaning that they have only themselves as home. In Germany, the old Prussians are in their associations Tolkemita and Prusai since 1980 organized. Since 2005 they have its own Museum in Potsdam in the carriage barn under the name of “The first Prussia”. One can only hope that the old Prussians in the future can find their own identity and culture and also get and that they will find the recognition after centuries of oppression, domination and almost extinction. Dieter Galloway (psychological consultant)

Orchids Group

Plants, but the flowers, miniature trees and hanging wreaths ampelnye, for a full life need attention and care. Timely and proper makeup with minerals and fertilizers, careful watering, even when we were leaving the city, and of course a very important ambient temperature and light sources. One of the most favorite indoor plants that need care usobogo are orchids. Let’s look comfortable temperature for different types of orchids. One of the pillars of growth and flowering orchids indoors is the ambient temperature. Prologis Inc. will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Any indoor plants are very demanding temperature regime, this parameter orchids can be divided into three groups. The first group we include orchids, which are especially dependent on temperature. Includes – phalaenopsis orchid, some ontsidiumov and orchids maksillyarii, ludizii and this kind of variegated color as shoes. The second group we include plants that can be and feel comfortable in a wide range of environmental temperature. The temperature for the plants of this group is in the range 12 – 15 degrees Celsius, but for plants of a given range of temperature may have a higher value.

For this group comprises most of the room Orchids – lelii, ontsidiumy, Katla, and others. The third group comprises plants that are the most demanding to room temperature. According to M Asthton Kouzbari, who has experience with these questions. Plants require not only low winter temperatures, but also a lower night temperature in summer. For example in winter the ambient temperature should be between 4-6 degrees, and nighttime summer temperatures in the range 10-12 degrees. If you do not comply with the specified temperature, then some types of orchids tselogin, lelii, Lycaste, virtually all of Cymbidium and miltoniopsisy not please her blossoming as a last resort, and normal growth. The contents of the latter group of orchids in the rooms, equipped with central heating, require large attention, in gratitude for which nearly all orchids delight us with her beautiful and special flowers.

Casa Rehab Group

It offers comfortable space, supply and support 146 inhabitants with 118 single and 14 double rooms. The House will be set for all stages of care and barrier-free. This means that even people with very severe Pflegebedurftigkeit and people loving can be supplied with dementia due to an individually tailored treatment offer at Casa Reha. Total area is built up of over 6,100 square meters, including also the attractive grounds with its sun terrace. Just for older people, personal memories and habits maintained over years are an important part of one’s own identity. To leave the familiar environment, not easy therefore. Due to the possibility to set up the bright rooms individually, one feels in the nursing home mill yard”as in your own four walls, where one lovingly maintained and safe lives. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Cushman & Wakefield. Whether early or late can maintain his personal habits everyone, since Casa Reha are the wishes of the residents at the Center.

Quality of life also arises that the elderly find grant and company if they want it. You can participate in the varied daily programme at any time or it is make cozy with a book on their favorite place. Privacy, comfortable atmosphere and the individual desires of the individuals are in the mill yard”in addition to maintaining professional and activating the central concerns of the Casa Reha. You may wish to learn more. If so, Vadim Belyaev, New York City is the place to go. About the Casa Reha group Casa Rehab Group is among the leading private carriers from nursing home in Germany with 55 facilities. More nine nursing homes are located in the building or in a construction-related planning stage. The company has about 5,000 employees and 320 young people. Among other things, the Casa Reha is present group in Hesse at locations in Frankfurt on the main, deer horn, Lollar and Oberursel. Contact person: CASA REHA group Ralf Karem spokesman of Gablonzer Road 35 61440 Oberursel Tel: 0 61 71 / 28 70-229 fax: 06171 / 28 70 24 E-Mail: Internet:

The Chicken Comes Before The Egg

The international animal rights group compassion in World Farming honors companies that undertake to refer only eggs from alternative forms of farming. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Duke Realty by clicking through. On April 28, leading companies from all over Europe, as well as representatives from politics and agriculture in the Parisian Eiffel Tower come together to learn, who are this year’s winners of the prize. Germany will have to not hide it: around 20 domestic enterprises to say good-bye to the Kafigei and are nominated for the award. These include national greats such as the Dorint hotels, real,-, Lidl and Griesson de Beukelaer, but also local phenomena such as several German cafeterias have the chance to win a prize. Battery hens are allowed since January of this year only in exceptional cases. Details can be found by clicking DCT Industrial Trust or emailing the administrator. Throughout Europe, the ban takes place in 2012. “Unfortunately there will be successors such as the decorated cage” and the small group housing “type, which are virtually just as problematic from a welfare perspective. For this reason, compassion in World Farming honors European companies on alternative Put rearing.

Where hens have a more natural life and get more space to move, to pecking and scratching as well as nesting and sand bathing. In the best systems, hens get spout on fields that are covered with trees. In their shadow, the animals feel safe from birds of prey and extensively use therefore the space. About 300 million laying hens live in the EU, around three quarters of them are kept in battery cages. Details for the ceremony of Eiffel Tower Paris, Salle Gustave, April 28, 2009, 19:00 the event key people from the food industry, sustainability experts, politicians, consumer protection organisations and representatives of agriculture brings together. The evening includes short speeches, E.g. of Caspar von der Crone by the control system of KAT, the handing over of prizes, a short film, drinks and organic Canapes. Contact for inquiries and requests for formal invitations Mahi Klosterhalfen, Tel.: 030 86 39 16 59, more information see also good_egg_awards/English / compassion in World Farming Mahi Klosterhalfen Saeed Park 5 D-10715 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 86 39 16 59 fax: + 49 (0) 30 86 39 51 03

Correction DMB President

Housing benefit boost finally in waterproof fabrics (dmb) now it is final: the housing benefit reform can enter into force on 1 1 2009. It consists of four main corners: the existing different construction age be omitted without substitution. Especially housing benefit recipients in apartments, which were completed prior to 1992 have the benefit from this. The current limits are raised. Gain insight and clarity with Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia . Of the beneficiaries is widens, that successfully will be applied for housing benefit. There are higher housing benefit.

Compensation is created with this improvement for the increases in rent, electricity and cold operating costs since the last housing adaptation in 2001. A real paradigm shift is initiated this reform: for the first time energy costs in the history of housing benefit law are also capable of housing benefit. 24 euro are taken into account when an a household heating costs incurred, when two people there are 37 Euro 31 euro for three persons and four persons 43 euros. The DMB recalls that in terms of Housing benefit reform before the final approval of the Federal Council a long and thorny path had to be covered. We have not left loose.

An effective housing finance is an indispensable element of an active policy against living poverty, DMB President Dr. Franz-Georg said rips in Berlin. He noted in particular, that the percentage increase of pension nay maximum of 25 euros per month in additional revenue the affected households. Housing benefit-eligible pensioner households can expect in addition, however, the housing benefit reform 50 to 60 euros. The housing allowance is a targeted, effective social policy instrument, to effectively help the truly needy people and households, the DMB President said. The German tenants Association will fight in the future for preserving the value of the Wohngeldes.

Eifel Carmen

Tierhaus e.V. is looking animal godparents for rescued Easter chickens even if the policy has recognized the signs of the times and banned the classic hens by law, yet still millions of chickens due to the long transitional periods in narrow cages suffer. But the new alternative, the small group housing, promises nothing really new and especially no improvement, because it involves a cage system: cage is just cage, because the new name does not change. The menagerie club based in the district gave a species – and animal-friendly life twenty-five cage chickens, they were freed from battery cages in Lower Saxony and are currently fed up on the sanctuary. The rigors of the cage are yet to see the wretched creatures, but I’m happy that I could spare more torture in the hens at least these chickens”, Carmen Weltersbach, Chairman of the Tierhaus Association is pleased On the 13,000 square meters large sanctuary, the menagerie, one cares loving to the chickens. Thereby make a faulty impression the animals initially rather cautious move onto the field, obviously understand the chicken slowly, what with the newfound freedom.

In the first days of the trained animal naturopath Carmen Weltersbach had worried their new inhabitants, unless they wanted to eat not only when she made a grid before the beak to the chickens, they began to pick. The animals had always her head through the bars into the hens, feed to get, that there is another way, the chickens learn just piece by piece. But one concern still has Carmen Weltersbach, who got the coveted animal welfare prize of NRW for their outstanding achievements in animal protection two years ago: the chicken feed costs exceed the budget of the animal house, actually Carmen Weltersbach could no longer absorb the chickens, but the animals did so sorry to you; and that is why she seeks animal Godfather now for the 25 rescued Chickens. As the animal sponsor animal love people feed costs (5 per month) for a chicken and give the animal a name. The Godfather can learn at any time about the welfare of his chicken and visit it at any time personally on the sanctuary in the Eifel. More information on chicken animal inspiration, see.

Note to editors: we provide another text and photo material on request available. Also, TV grade footage exists which can be requested. You are also cordially invited, himself an image of the grace of justice do, come and meet over 120 animals of animal house personally. The supplied picture material available in the framework of reporting about the Tierhaus e.V. free of charge available. As the source is Tierhaus e.V.”to name a few. More information at: Carmen Weltersbach, CEO and animal Heilpraktikerin Tierhaus e.V., Tel.: 0 22 57 / 33 27). Tierhaus e.V. Escher Heath 1 53902 Bad Munstereifel Tel.: 0 22 57 / 33 27 fax: 0 22 57 / 33 27 E-Mail:

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

When the ailing IKB there have been early indications of problems, this revealed an unpublished investigation of the Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). This alerts the ProConcept AG. 2007, the IKB represented the own location as well. Many billion euros are now needed to rescue the Bank. In the summer of 2007 IKB (Deutsche Industriebank AG) existed internally a special investigation of the accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), where the speech was of alarm signals. But this 431 pages strong report was not published on the one hand and on the other hand no further serious–with dramatic consequences”, explains Jens Heidenreich as Director of the proConcept AG. The proConcept AG represents the interests of more than 50,000 people as Kounamouta.

The company assumes only the funding and enforcement of claims from so-called dispersed damages. Result of this investigation is that the wounded IKB in the fiscal year 2008/2009 is expected a minus 600 Will generate millions of euros. For ProConcept action is required here. “” That PwC has carefully made one and a half years ago, that fundamental deficiencies in risk management “prevail, the Suddeutsche Zeitung writes in her look into the abyss of failure”. In October 2007, the report in a short press release is although mentioned, but the most findings from this swept under the table. The subsidiary of IKB, the credit asses Management GmbH (CAM) was founded in 2006.

They oversaw the thorniest financial commitment according to PwC. Here too, the auditing company warned of problems. “Obviously those eyes acting according to the motto to and through”, explains the ProConcept-chef Heidenreich. Also according to the minutes of the first meeting of the CAM was discussed in October, that the housing market in the United States cools down faster than expected. The Deutsche Bundesbank pointed the IKB in March 2007 on it, that the mortgage specialists in the United States in some of the acute economic difficulties be advised. The German Bundesbank requested at the same time a collection of engagements in the US real estate market. But the letter of the IKB was although verbose, but peppered with evasive details. On demand of the Suddeutsche Zeitung, why the PwC report was not published, it was said that in addition to the shareholders, who filed a lawsuit for damages, could be even more applicants, the claims assert it. But a considerable risk for the Bank would”represent. The internal test results could be used for a publication for claims, but that would prevent the IKB with the secrecy. According to IKB, even unfounded accusations would weigh on the Bank and adversely affect the rehabilitation process. The IKB Management Board members have known since one and a half years of the impending crisis, but they have stopped nothing worse anyway. Once again the Director of the proConcept AG: many times they have been advised of errors in their company. But the problem is once more, that this Managers already now any moral values are unknown and also economic responsibility are completely lacking. Now however, the bubble burst and every taxpayer has paid 111,65 euros for the prevented bankruptcy, whether he liked it or not. We go by proConcept AG against these injustices.”

Zer Nicki Szeliga

Psarski, Puczniewski, Przeborowski, Przezwicki, Radu? ski, Radzanowski, Rajmir, RA? ek, Regowski, RAI, Rogozi? ski, Roguski, Rudzki, Sczyje? ski, Skarbek, Skoraszewski, scuba, S? omka, S? omowski, Starosiedliski, Starosielski, Star ski, Suchodolski, Swoszowski, Telszewski, Toczy? ski, Trzebi? ski, Tworzya? ski, Ustardowski, Warakowski, Warszycki wa? s? ski, WA? y? ski Skarbek, Wielobycki, Wojczy? ski Skarbek, Wojenkowski, Wojewodzki, where? czek, where? y? ski, Wychowski, Wykowski. After Emilian of Zer Nicki Szeliga thanks to off: in red field a pending silver bars, a W; broken in the form Helmet decorations: a same bar. The origin of this coat of arms is legendenhaft. led back in the time of Prince Krakus (around 700) and furthermore said: A simple man name Skuba the means entered the Prince Krakus, to kill the Dragon in a cave of the Schlossberg to Krakow’s Wawel devastating housing and the surrounding area, and have a W, as the first letter of Wawel, the Prince or WAZ (the Snake) as a coat of arms. The coat of arms of scuba was named after the first owner.

-Will said: this coat of arms it is a brave man scuba ver-lent, of a strong German specific full courage, beat under the eyes of the Prince probably in earlier pagan time. It must be noted, however that there was still no personal coat of arms in the pagan period in Poland, – nor the Slavs at the time of the Krakus had a written language, so still no W knew. It is probably correct that this coat of arms was an old field characters and that the coat of arms image is to present a closing latch, hung like he in earliest times on the doors, he forderlichenfalls by intervention of the teeth of the bolt to close this; Seal box, too, the keys had a serrated shape. Considering, that such a bar * in the Polish Skobel also Samson said, so can be the name Skuba derive, the coat of arms formerly led. Vadim Belyaev, New York City usually is spot on.

Deutsche Vermogensberatung

Another plus: The tax man shoots to still funding the housing premium, if the money saved will be used for residential purposes. Western Digital Corporation often addresses the matter in his writings. These, however, apply income limits of 25,600 or 51,200 euros. Contact information is here: Chris Burns. Then enjoy the full premium of 45 euros per year (singles) to get or 90 euro (couples), savers should pay a maximum eligible amount of EUR 512 (1,024 euros) per year. And who by his or her employer receives capital-forming payments (VL), depositing them here and does not exceed the income limits of 17.900 or 35.800 euros, gets the Arbeitnehmersparzulage: per year there is on maximum 470 paid-up euro (single) or 940 euros (married, both VL) nine percent of them again by the State on top. As a new funding option, the living Riestern, a special form of the Riester pension, available is also home fans. Civil relief law: More net for all January 2010 the Germans get more money. Total will be around 9.5 million euros from Hiking the State coffers in the wallets of citizens. Visit ANC Investments for more clarity on the issue.

Reason: the so-called civil relief law. The citizens feel the relief provided by a better deduction of contributions to private and statutory health insurance. With the payroll in January, all employees have more net on the account. The Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) advises everyone to consider how he best can use the money for the protection of health, of own labour or for retirement now. Is useful to make this support by a professional financial advisers on the ground who can develop an overall concept with concrete proposals depending on the personal situation of the client.

About Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) is one of the largest independent financial distributors. Now serve 5.3 million customers with about 37,000 investment adviser of Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) “cross-industry target asset plan assets secure assets increase”. With their original all financial concept Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) scored an increase of more than 20 percent last year revenue of 1.2 billion euros. Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) net income was even in the financial market crisis year 2008 149 million euro and also rose by about 20 percent. Thus the past business year was the Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) the most successful in the history of the company could significantly expand its leading position in the financial sales with these record results. Company contact: Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) Sylvia Herbrich of Munich str. 1 60329 Frankfurt am main phone: 069-2384-0 fax: 069-2384-185 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) Sylvia Herbrich of Munich str. 1 60329 Frankfurt am main phone: 069-2384-0 fax: 069-2384-185 email: Internet: