Property Prices

According to data obtained from studies with business school IESE, falling house prices in Spain was 4% compared to May 2009. Minor changes in prices for Spanish property (as an aside increase or to decrease) observed in recent years, show a decrease in the rate of decline in housing prices. Compared with April 2010, the value of the property in May decreased by 0.5%. The most critical prices – in San Sebastian Huelva and according to analysis conducted by there is a difference between property prices in Madrid, where prices are highest, and in the Spanish province where the minimum price. To be precise, this a difference of up to 3700 euros per square meter. Thus, buying a home in San Sebastian (the most expensive city in Spain) with an average cost of housing 5553 / m2 will cost you at 209% more expensive than the cheapest home in this respect in the city – Huelva, where the average price of property is 1794 / m2. Consequently, in San Sebastian to live three times more expensive than in Huelva.

On the other hand, according to research from Asturias and the Balearic Islands – the only stand-alone community in Spain, where in May 2010 was recorded an increase in housing prices. The Balearic Islands a price increase of 2.4% compared to May of 2009 interrupted the 33-month period during which prices have steadily dropped, and was the highest since July 2007. In Asturias, on the contrary, the third month an increase in property prices in May, as it stood at 3.8%, the highest since August 2007. In turn, the Basque Country, Madrid and Catalonia among all the autonomous communities of Spain are in positions of leadership in value of real estate, while the lowest property prices recorded in Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia. Thus, the average the price of a house of 80 m2 in Spain ranges from 303 040 euro (Basque Country) to 134 560 EUR (Extremadura). In the north of Spain, the most expensive housing according to a study of ten centers autonomous communities of Spain, where fixed the highest real estate prices, eight are located in the north. Thus, according to the company "Gulf Stream" and specialists Site the most expensive of all the provinces of the center of San Sebastian is the average cost of 5553 / m2.

This is followed by Barcelona (4174 / m2), Bilbao (3929 / m2), Madrid (3606 / m2), Vitoria (3163 / m2), Pamplona (3047 / m2), Santander ( 3006 / m2), Cadiz (2953 / m2), Girona (2877 / m2) and A Coruna (2809 / m2). On the other hand, the ten provincial capitals, where most low-income housing, leading the coastal city of Huelva, where the price of housing starts from 1794 / m2. It is followed by Lleida (1841 / m2), Caceres (1841 / m2), Murcia (1892 / m2), Castellon de la Plana (1951 / m2), Ciudad Real (1956 / m2), Alicante (1962 / m2), Zamora (1966 / m2), Ourense (1975 / m2) and Jaen (2015 / m2). Source: Nedvzhimost in Spain


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