Property Sales

According to data divulged for the Secovi (Union of the Habitation) of So Paulo, the same period of the last year had the result affected for world-wide the economic crisis. The average apartments, of two dormitories, had had the biggest representation in the sales, of 35,3%. Already of three dormitories they had had 35.1% of the sales. More than the half of the sales was registered in the capital (50.6%). Part of the reason of the increase of the sales if must to the biggest access of the population to the habitacional credit. Companies as the Tecnisa offer apartment in So Paulo with prices, terms of payment and quality of high standard. She is possible to search the quarter that if wants and to monitor the workmanship of the property or already to buy it soon. The number of 17.005 property vendidos in the So Paulo capital shows to the evolution of the market and the opening of possibilities of purchase of new property and agreement with the purchasing power of each interested party.


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