Temporary Homes

The case is that this detainee project because it turned out that lands were not municipally owned, had private owners and also because it was tremendously costly construction of these houses so once completed should sold, (to those who postulasen as buyers, after an endless amount of paperwork), at an exorbitant price compared with the price which, being of the same dimensions and characteristics, would be sold that were manufactured by media and with conventional materials anyway, in the midst of all of this was made public than the original design, the manufacture of parts and construction system were from a Canadian company that sells them to be used as temporary homes in camps, construction sites of great works of infrastructure, oil exploitations and mining, etc., but Mr. Alcalde of the town, Mr. Aquiles Rojas, dismissed the express provisionality of these homes and signed the contract of supplying designs and materials with a Colombian company that bought material to Canadian and re-sold it, in addition to be sure if the contract of construction there were two housesa him was handed over to the command of Civil protection of the municipality and the other not is to who was delivered, but they are there so that anyone can go and see them and knowing that it is this plastic houses and how they are in real life. The pieces fit together with each other but not like in the LEGO but rather as a tongue and Groove are not anchored to the floor because the House ends up being a unit and the ceiling is fixed with moorings and hardware as an excellent temporary housing solution is lightweight but by no means a permanent solution, to my that I explain how they will convince a family moved its ranchito’s block and cement at a House of plastic, as they do these people to modify or repair these houses when necessary or to expand them in the future if it is that it is possible or necessary.


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