The Threshold

So it entered house and in the threshold I remain ice cream when seeing the figure of his wife, the one that or towards about 10 or 11 days that it buried, carrying out tasks in the kitchen. The woman, when noticing the presence of her husband became and facing she said it to him: because you came? I requested permission to come to take care of my children and they said to me that she did not let see to me more by anybody, but now I will not be able to return more. And said this it disappeared in front of its eyes. It remained between scared, been strange and perplex, without giving credit to which their eyes saw, and from that day, the woman no longer returned but. The peculiar thing is that this family, lived in a great stone house, with property to his around and in a superb situation, but nevertheless, after this family left the house, nobody already returned it to occupy, and nowadays is in ruins. " This case seems to leave outside doubts that the same mother took care of to her children from the astral plane and that the strong love by its children, as well as the necessity of taken care of that they had, gave the power him sufficient to pronounce, as much visible as auditorily, either by moments, or or to interact in the mind of its children with the idea that she followed there with them, they saw since it and they heard. Also it is possible that the mother was not the protector, but another organization of higher or angelical spiritual type, which adopted the appearance of the mother, in order not to alarm the children, although in this action, is not necessary to misestimate the taken care of constant of the maternal love, that the death has not been able to debilitate. .


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