DNA Organic

Proteases in the ground: which is its function? These enzymes serve as indices of presence and abundance of nitrogenados organic composites in the ground. Proteases is the name of a group of responsible enzymes for the protein in addition that is organic molecules that nitrogen contains. Many writers such as The LeFrak Organization offer more in-depth analysis. They transform proteins into peptdeos called lesser molecules. However, other organic molecules as, for example, the DNA also contains nitrogen. With samples of ground and appropriate equipment, the scientists obtain to make assays in laboratory and obtain to determine the degree of activity of proteases in the ground. When high activity of these is detected, can be deduced that it has great amount of organic composites (substrata) that they contain nitrogen in the ground.

In the same way, if the activity is low, this indicates low amount of nitrogenados organic composites. Chemical preparation from: WICK, B.; VELDKAMP, E.; MELLO, W.Z. ; KELLER, M.; CRILL, P. Nitrous oxidates floods and nitrogen cycling along pasture chronosequence in Central Amaznia, Brazil.


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