Stained Glass Windows

However, there are technologies that change simply was not. For example, to this day virtually unchanged technology has reached a stained-glass windows, named in honor of its founder, Louis Comfort Tiffany. In the 19 century, Tiffany offered to give each element of the stained glass the desired shape and wrapping his brass band, in order to then use tin solder all the elements into a coherent whole. The final stage is to cover the stained glass patina. So there were stained-glass Tiffany, who to this day differ from the ordinary not only high strength, lightness and elegance, but also the ability to create three-dimensional stained glass windows of any, even the smallest size (eg, ceiling). In any case, whatever stained it certainly creates a unique style and elegance will give the interior of your apartment or house.

Sandblasting talk about modern technology making artistic stained-glass windows, it should first apply to the so-called sandblasted stained glass windows. Sandblasting stained glass are the result of sandblasted glass or mirrors, during which the surface of the starting material impact jet of air, liquid or gas under high pressure with particles of abrasive material, as is often acts quartz sand. Sandblasting glass is done using the stencil is chosen depending on the complexity of stained glass: simple geometric shapes and simple designs for stained-glass windows executed by using metal stencils reusable. Such stencils are used for the treatment of great depth, up to making holes in the glass, if necessary, to perform a simple pattern shallow foil stencils are used, complex in execution of artistic stained glass windows with a large number of small parts are performed using a special ink washed off, which is applied to the surface of the Future stained-glass window just before the blast obrabotkoy. processing allows you to create several types of stained glass, among which are stained with a transparent drawing and stained glass with frosted pattern.


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