The Same

Matthew says in 24,42: 42 – why are awake, because they don’t know which day your Lord will come. (This is a bit what I commented in verse 22,14 according to the Gospel of St. Matthew; you must be awake to hear everytime the subconscious transmits us messages through intuition or by the coincidences that we cross our path). Well, so far I did a personal interpretation of a fraction of the many verses that say such things and showing us part of the way; but before continuing on the how?, I will tell you three personal experiences in which I got positive results (one of them even unconsciously when still unaware of the law of attraction). By chronological order step then to recount the three cases for after merging with what was said in the verses, see the common denominator that occurs in three situations: case 1: A two years ago when I was looking for my house to buy, after making claims of what you were looking for (in the unconscious form) because I have real estate and then sending daily email to colleagues or speaking by phone directly indicated them with precise details, area where wished that it was Villa, amenities, price, etc. And all this accompanied by a great deal of emotion.

However these two elements: affirmations and emotion were not the common denominator that was presented in all three cases I am going to narrate. The surprising thing about this was work as a team with my wife asking the same thing independently. I want to say with this? Although both knew and by common agreement proposed that comforts wanted the day before that that would be the day that through a colleague we would see the houses that would be my current housing; that same day my wife and I the other knew it ask the universe each a different desire, but that at a point crossed.


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