GMG General Project

Efficient, attractive new project ‘Bo 69’ the CODIC in Dusseldorf accents now, even through his extraordinary project baptism ‘SIXTYNINE@Bo’ Dusseldorf: the Bo 69 rental company mbH & co. KG, is a 100% owned subsidiary of CODIC Immobilien und Beteiligungs-GmbH project development, built at the BoHLER Street in Dusseldorf a new office building. Total approx. 17.800 m lettable area and 491 above-ground parking spaces at the site in Dusseldorf/Heerdt are built. It is planned that object consisting of two buildings in two sections is completed and passed to the lessee until the end of 2013. The main tenant is a 100% owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. the GMG General rental company mbH, On the ground floor, equipped rental units each occur up to 600 sq m for third-party rentals, which provide an excellent presentation with a separate entrance.

Already today, the 11.06.2013, took the extraordinary project baptism SIXTYNINE@Bo”instead. As unique and modern construction project Bo 69 “is designed so unmistakably also the project baptism was celebrated. “In reminiscence of the project Bo 69” invited the owner of CODIC, the General contractors Goldbeck and other stakeholders about the event SIXTYNINE@Bo ‘ a. As it event name suggests the, an audio-visual exceptional and above all entertaining journey through the history of the late 1960s expected guests. Professor Rita McGrath shines more light on the discussion. So just the number 69 connect “not only the CODIC real estate project in the BoHLER road with the first moon landing in 1969, but also Deutsche Telekom AG with the progress of the former telecommunications. Another reason the Bo 69 project baptism is that the general contractor Goldbeck celebrated his business in 1969,”the subject and the resulting event name SIXTYNINE@Bo” to give. From 13:00 came the numerous guests, accompanied Bonin (head of the Department for the Office building by the official representative of the city of Dusseldorf, Dr.

Gregor and planning), which after the greeting by CODIC Managing Director Guido Knumann also a short speech to the guests was. Highlight of the project baptism was the common pie gate by the stakeholders. “The scale cake in the form of the real estate project Bo 69” weighed more than 100 pounds and was of the present guests after the official naming “consumed with pleasure. CODIC – already uses its experience from 20 years of project development CODIC in analyzing the development possibilities of real estate research accurate decision-relevant information. This process is supported by a sophisticated knowledge management, which provides the necessary evidence quickly and reliably. In his long career as a project developer, CODIC steadily expanded his experience. CODIC projects are functional real estate with a timeless architecture, which are a part of the future.

The Big Night Of German Schlagers

The big night of the German Schlager on July 24, 2010 in Rieden-Kreuth it is one of the most breathtaking pop nights, the South of Germany has seen for a long time. In the upper Palatine Rieden-Kreuth in Amberg, the upper class of the German Schlager elite gathered at July 24, 2010. The organizers have come up with something special and where not any artists, but the creme de la creme of the scene. Dazzling names such as Nicole, Helene Fischer, Bernhard Brink, Brunner & Brunner are confirmed. In addition, also co-stars in the East Bavaria Hall will occur with Oliver Lukas, Nik Holland and SIS. Helene Fischer, the resplendent star in the entire pop firmament, their rise is unprecedented. With youthful, effervescent energy and at the same time great earnestness, Helene Fischer was always new, sparkling highlights and enchanted audiences and professionals alike. Nicole – a name which stands at the highest level for more than two decades of German Schlager like nobody’s business.

She is also in Rieden-Kreuth stand on the stage. Their song “a little peace” went around the world in 1982. As the only German representative Prix won you the Grand Eurovision de la chanson. At that time, at the same time, it was the start of a great career. Seventeen times ranked Nicole first the ZDF hit parade and is until today the record holder. Moreover, it is both owner of “ECHO” in the category “Best pop singer”, as well as the ‘Golden pop band”.

A Titan of pop will be Bernhard Brink this evening. Pop Titan is not only the title of his current album, but also more accurate title for Bernhard Brink as a person. He also is one of the greats in the pop industry and is practically synonymous with this style of music. For three decades, he thrilled his fans all over the Republic. His unbroken dynamics and resistance characterized him like no other. More superstars will be this evening in East Bavaria Hall Brunner & Brunner. The name of Brunner & Brunner without question is a trademark for many years in the German entertainment industry. They are giants of the scene. Million-selling albums, countless Golden tuning forks, hits without end. The two brothers received for her album “I love you” and others in Austria the gold record. It awaits visitors in any case a such high-calibre collection of artists that you might meet so rarely in this form. Be there when the curtain goes up in Rieden-Kreuth for “The big night of the German Schlager”. Source: Timo Hofmann X 78 management agency all info under: cards at all CTS eventim outlets date: 24.07.2010, Rieden-Kreuth, Eastern Bavaria Hall

Current Situation

Today, the lower limit is $ 5772 (according to publications). The difference is quite significant. So what happens in reality? To answer a question try to ignore the current market situation of the domestic housing. Details can be found by clicking Expert on growth strategy or emailing the administrator. The excess of the total loan debt in the developed countries have long led to the insolvency of (temporary or otherwise), a considerable number of borrowers. And it's not just the person took advantage of the long-term mortgage (although often you can hear it The term 'mortgage crisis'). On the 'tip credit' sitting and sitting, many enterprises, both trading and dealing with the production. Expert on growth strategy shines more light on the discussion.

Model, which is so good to live and develop on the loans, gave a serious failure in the whole world space. The last was a bright reflection of the insolvency of depreciation of a number of securities on stock exchanges in Japan. Global financial centers have sounded the alarm. A critical situation is immediately switched to stock sites in other countries. Oil dropped in price (more shares of oil companies) – the main indicator of the dollar, is bound to any real estate in Russia.

Now back to the domestic market. Against the background of the crisis of foreign Banks hurried to reclaim resources at the expense of good living which the Russian credit institutions. As a result, the last freeze the issuance of long-term loans. Buying activity has decreased. The volume of supply of apartments increased, but also because it was created by credit, which is required to repay. All this resembles a pyramid, where instead of private contributions in a critical situation is due to artificially inflated prices and unpaid debts.

Suitcases Journey

Below the 10 tips to make you carry what is necessary on your trip, without having to pay overweight and without carry over. 1. Always keep a suitcase in plastic material that is wide, with wheels and does not have materials such as metal and leather, which can become very heavy. Remember that the average weight of each bag is 23 to 25 kilos allowed by most of the airlines in the world. Learn more on the subject from John Savignano. 2. If travel to hot climate, such as islands, beaches and humid places; be sure to wear clothes in cotton that is lightweight and will allow you to always stay cool, dresses, cool shirts, t-shirts.

But if your trip is for winter, always carries medium wool, coats (there are many people who are filled with feathers and waterproof material that you cherish and not weigh too), scarves, among others. Important, it takes only one of each, because we usually always use the same and carry more removes space and weighs over your luggage. 3. At the time of packing shoes, comfortable shoes like a pair of tennis, formal shoes, sandals or boots it always takes According to the climate. But advisable to adjust clothing to shoes color, so avoid carry all shoes of all colors.

4. Fold your clothes into only two parts, since if you doblas it in more parts it will take you a lot more space in your suitcase. 5 Equals the weight of your suitcase, is placed in the Center or spread sideways, since if the weight is on one side, you can generate an unevenness in the suitcase and this falling you. For the following 5 tips for packing your luggage, visit: original author and source of the article


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The Cracks

Okay, replied John, but I pay as soon as possible, because I must cover some debts. He hoped that He responded cofla. So ended the conversation. The appointed day for the serious Conference adequate opportunity to address the girl and show your interest. However cofla was wondering do but as seeketh the occasion to talk to him? Of that speak if I don’t know the subject? Hare fixed in my o will stay ridiculous? Night as the lightning bolt of lightning, vanished between the curtains and the cracks of your room, sleep with all its fury on borrachete Juancho, which defeated in battle lost the sense. Waking up I look at watch with such astonishment that he shivered and thought would come later. What can I do? It equals to bathe? Or no bathroom me? But one that came out of the night table told him: that you expect, get up and take a swim or do want case to arrive smelling a boxer after a hard race? Juancho’s a jump throw blankets and pillow to the floor.

And led to such rapidly towards the bathroom than from touching the floor surface slip, and receiving the impact on the toe of the foot. It contained his mouth, but yell stupid woman!, por tu culpa The night table suddenly increased its mockery of one to many consecutive jeers. You laugh now cretina? I ask cofla, while fear and amazement are mesclaban with their natural way of seeing reality. Since the night tables didn’t speak. But then the time viewed which Eagle who has managed to see to your victim will throw on time and did his slave.

I was ready at the door. How? Not it is! ask Juancho. To open the last impediment came out of the apartment and down the stairs that lead to the Avenue where would deal with the auto-bus, a pain that was present the toward stop for moments.

Rostov Real Estate

Professional help for a long time working on the market Real Estate Rostov needed. Pull teeth can also be independently, as they say, "with pliers" but most people still prefer a dentist. And here there is a legitimate question – who APPLY? What real estate agency in Rostov enough reliability and professionally? The first thing people do, think about how to buy or sell an apartment – are turning to relatives and friends. By statistical surveys, about 60% of our customers are looking for "their own" real estate agency on the recommendations of friends. The slogan of one of the largest real estate firms and the country is: "We are recommended by friends." And the experience of your friends in dealing with estate agents can help you not to repeat certain errors, and positive feedback on the work done can be an important selection criterion. To deepen your understanding Expert on growth strategy is the source.

Pay attention to the life of the firm's real estate market of the Don. What he longer, more reliable and experienced company of its specialists, the greater the database and, consequently, the faster your housing problem is solved. An additional plus – it's membership in professional organizations, the presence of certificates, awards and diplomas. This means that real estate has stood strong competition, and it shows the professionalism of its employees. Properly selected, experienced and qualified staff – a key to success of any company. Leading real estate agency in Rostov trying constantly upgrade the skills of their employees. The presence of various certificates of completion of courses or professional development indicates high professionalism of the agency.

Wooden House

Only about a hundred years ago, very common material for building houses were wood. Home from a bar decorated with carved patterns. In these houses people inhabited the huge families, from early childhood accustomed truly appreciate the native walls ancestral home But, ancestral traditions forgotten, built of wood in vain called impractical and is replaced by a smart towers came brick apartment buildings. Article aims to refute become the famous view of the many flaws of log houses and houses of timber. Here are the most well-known misconceptions about wooden houses: 1. Follow others, such as John Savignan, and add to your knowledge base. Fragility of the building.

Probably, once the building of stone could be trusted. But thickness of walls of brick houses today is not the same, opposite the same, the wooden houses so far not affected by moisture, humidity and insects, as they are processed by special antiseptic substances. Given the simple rules for care, primordial form of construction can be saved as a promise to manufacturers, a couple of hundred years! 2. Another myth about the wooden houses – it is their vulnerability to fire. Perhaps, in the 17-19 centuries, this it was so – the whole town could burn because of fire, but today the problem is solved: flame retardants used to impregnate wood, eliminate any possibility of ignition. Need I remind that how often fires in buildings made of stone! Therefore, the houses made of logs did not yield to the brick buildings on the durability, and besides, they have a number of its advantages. For example, placing a log home much more quickly warmed by the stove or the sun. In addition, the tree – the most environmentally friendly of all materials. Write in a wooden house atmosphere of domestic comfort is much easier than in apartments. We can conclude that section rustic Built of stone in many ways better, and at the same time able to please the highest demands of design, in addition, your own wooden house – an unusual and not very expensive.

Real Estate Bubble

That day the real estate sector altogether had a fall of that every many years happen once, of that usually announces the principle of a great movement. It was not a simple correcin. I do not believe either that the detonating was the initial fall of Astroc since it has been said in many sites. Get more background information with materials from Nobel Laureate in Economics. Astroc is a company that does not follow any analyst, who does not have a clear and comprehensible activity, that she does not distribute dividends and that was considered overvalued very (to 75 Euros it had a PER2006 of almost 100 times) by the ample majority of stock-exchange investors. Therefore, if the majority of investors could hope that at some time Astroc underwent a strong correction does not seem logical to me to think that correction has pillaged to them by surprise and have reacted with panic having sold action of other companies that yes have a clear activity, distribute dividends and they were not so absurdly overvalued as Astroc. I believe that true the detonating of the correction was the program of the TVE of the 100 questions to Rajoy, in whom said very clearly in several occasions that it was going to liberalize the ground when it arrived at the Government. You may find that Richard LeFrak can contribute to your knowledge. Because, for me, the true real estate bubble did not begin at the end of the 90, but the day that somebody invented one of the majors swindles of the humanity; the city-planning re-qualifications. It is not that the system of re-qualifications favors the corruption, is that it is thought specifically to become rich thanks to the corruption. The market of the ground in Spain (and most of countries) does not respond to the laws of the supply and the demand (like the markets of apples, t-shirts, cars, computers, slippers, etc.) but at the level of corruption and to the totally arbitrary decisions of a reduced group of people who decide where it is possible to be constructed and where no.

Monument Real Estate

Different things that you should be aware of renovations are necessary, but often annoying. Speaking candidly Richard LeFrak told us the story. Just for owners of a monument real estate, renovations are a must, but this worth grade also with regard to taxes. Renovation of a listed building must be planned with precision, because usually is given as being redeveloped. Are, for example, the doors with wood frame has been fixed, it is very likely that the new doors with the same material must be processed. The originality of the original property must be preserved as much as possible. That’s why the whole renovation process of the contractor with the Department of conservation is matched.

At the same time, the Office monitored the approved work. Of course, the rest of the House up to date will be brought, but can individual parts of the property, which are under monument protection, just renovated and be restored. This is given if in the living again. For example, in older parts of the surrounding walls or ceiling is not a optimal given sound or noise. A monument property owner, however, have the opportunity to assert their remediation costs share tax. The work with regard to the redevelopment must be therefore previously agreed with the Office for monument protection.

The agreed work can be claimed tax. It is interesting, therefore, that the percentage of clean-up costs is already included in the purchase price. According to renovation work, it can happen, that this percentage moves upwards and downwards. These shifts are rather low, since the essential aspects with the Office for monument protection are agreed in advance. Those who are interested in purchasing a monument real estate, can inform, for example, on about various items. But also in terms of General information on monument real estate, the page provides more detailed information. For questions around the topic of monument real estate worth up to consult experts, because they know most about the pros and cons, particularly in respect of the tax aspects. Max Meier