New Release Deana

A youth/horse novel of the Scottish Highlands the fairytale start to a new series of horse novels for young people and adults. Who liked the Rhiann trilogy, will be thrilled by this book! Magically, the life of Deana MacLennan, a girl from the Scottish Highlands, seems to be interwoven with the mysterious Ciaran. Since they are both children he appears almost every summer in the small village on the Isle of Skye and disappears then again without a trace from Deanas life, like the fairy Prince from a fairy tale to her grandmother. Although Deana tries to focus on the school and the training of horses on the Highlandponygestut of her uncle she won’t let go simply Ciaran..

CENSIS Releases Version

New version with interesting new features of CENSIS released version 1.5 of the CMS.eleven content management system. The Wolfsburg Web service agency of CENSIS brings out the newest version 1.5 of the CMS.eleven content management system. In addition to the previous features, the system offers lots of news around the area of search engine optimization and visitor experience. Overall, increases the usability of the system and the compatibility also extended to not so very widely-used browser. The new version is rounded off by some new modules such as for example the integration of card services for directions and route planning, as well as new features for Web designers. The increasing interest in more customizable templates has led that now each version of CMS.eleven supports individual user-defined HTML templates, so that a number of layouts of Web designers and-grafiker in the system will be implemented. CENSIS Web services and IT services INH. Michael Horn Vorsfelder str. 14 38471 breaking peat phone: 0 53 67 98 23 80 Internet: E-Mail:

Johanna Ancke

A wonderful novel about love – and a totalitarian system which born 1938 lives author Johanna Ancke, in Dresden, capital of Saxony. She is happily married and mother of three children. At the beginning of the new millennium, she met an older duos on the Elbe meadows. The incredible love that linked these two, was not to be overlooked. This affection was still at a high age. A friendship developed from an initial conversation.

And Mr Dupont told his love story, which sounded so incredibly, Johanna Ancke had to bring them to paper. Dresden, 1965. In the beautiful city on the Elbe River, an international medical Congress meets with participants from all over the world. Also Mr. Dupont, a respected doctor from Paris, takes part therein.

Here in the East, the doctor finds his great love – Karolina, a woman from the GDR. Her parents live in a villa on the white stag, a posh suburb high above the Elbe slopes. Everything could be so beautiful, but Karolina lives in a State of it up to the task made to spy on its citizens as if they were enemies in his own country. Even if the Romance on the phone listening to the STASI with. With this dictatorial State, this DDR, so nothing for “Class enemies” such as Mr Dupont left. The autobiographical novel tells the true love story of two people from the time of the wild of East. He also tells the true story of two people, seemed not to treat those the system DDR their love, and it did, to stop this unwanted liaison.

Location Indicated

It is what you say when you are someone who is newly immersed in this world of entrepreneurs and are permanently looking for find and be able to earn even a dime on the internet, and the result is that all, completely everyone, that they say have the tools always ask for something in return, and even tell you that it is not easy to achieve having large income and they also spent so, but do not show any examples of that. Why they are not so sincere in showing us which pages have been visited and have felt cheated, or say that they paid on such page and after be paying two or more months they did not get or did not them who promised them, thus a new entrepreneur is no longer wasting time and goes discretizing so that only a few reliable pages. That all those who are on the internet, already are all successful and they argue that they succeeded with sacriificio, but does not tell us what were those sacrifices, what were the obstacles that had to pass in order to accomplish what they have. Do you know why? To my me It seems that they have not succeeded and therefore it has no other choice, it is a strategy, dial’s marketing, which must show that if they have triumphed, that a new Subscriber will not subscribe to someone who has failed; This is the method used, the ruse used to catch you; and I think that’s why is that your te das account that over time that page is no longer in line, was closed; failed, already was. That means that you have to make sure that really to whom you afiliaste, you was cheating, you was always cheating could no longer continue fooling and collapsed. That is the great reality in the web.

MBS Bonds

Mortgage participation certificates, unlike bonds, have no fixed income and the nominal value. Yield of these securities depends on how well the company, which trust mortgage, will collect payments on mortgage loans. Although, in the event of bankruptcy of the management company, the holders of certificates also are not in danger of losing money – funds are management of the company and can not be used to repay its debts to creditors. The risk of defaults on mortgage bonds, is directly connected with its software. Providing real estate and the state guarantee for mortgage bonds suggests that they are less risky (and profitable) than corporate bonds, but more profitable than the state. Total MBS are characterized by such factors as reliability, transparency, accessibility and sustainability.

Mortgage-backed securities in the form of bonds were well known in pre-revolutionary Russia, and enjoyed great popularity among the population, since bringing in a steady income prescribed percentage, and could be sold on the exchange at any time. For the same reasons modern Russian MBS will always be attractive for both domestic and overseas investors. Today, mortgage securities are in demand worldwide. They are provided with real estate, which is always a price. That means a guarantee of profitability this financial instrument is the dynamics of growth in property prices. In million cities in recent years, the average rise in house prices is about 30% per year. In recent years, in some regions it rose to 50%. Of course, not every kind of investment can bring similar earnings.

EBook Format

Desired holidays approaching and with them the great dilemma about what destination choose: do Beach? Mountain? And with which company: with friends? Only? In couples? There are infinite ways travel as destinations to choose, and in this sense the eBook format can be of great help. But we split. Once chosen the destination we are facing another big dilemma: what to see, what to do, we investigate on what interest there in the area, beaches to visit, places to eat some opt for famous travel guides, they are of all types: small, for road warrior, for all budgets and, now, with the development of new technologies, we find a much more varied offer, among which we can find, for example, the new Lonely Planet guides. The world leading content about travel firm has announced the launch of its new interactive guides for iPad, the Discover collection, which will be available from August 2. The Discover in eBook format they assume a true reinvention of the eBooks, with a model of navigation and a trip planner that completely transformed the way in which travelers consult guides. This type of guides could bring a revolution to the publishing world and will be an excellent choice for travelers because we can always find updated information, which will incorporate more and more new and additional possibilities: you can buy upgrades, take notes, and even contact other travelers through the various devices. The possibilities that offer this kind of format and we will already see the development are endless.