Carsten Zuckriegl

New study confirms the high level of acceptance among free agents on them opinions differ: pools and pool-related service providers are the profiteers of the increasing demands on the part of the legislation on the customer service. With the implementation of competence in the EU insurance mediation directive, MiFID, and the reformed pools & service providers have can score at the small and medium-sized brokers and multiple companies of representatives of especially them. On the other hand has been discussed in recent years but also constantly pools in connection with sales, investments, or bankruptcies. Trust the mediator in cooperation with swimming pools is growing: since the last survey in 2007 the number of brokers who work with a pool / service provider, has increased by at least 13% points. Meanwhile, 93% of the brokers and multiple agents in Germany cooperate with at least a pool. Several factors are of particular importance in determining the estate agent for a particular pool.

So the respondents assess Quality of a pool based on criteria for the management of the pool to the product management, sales support and also to the settlement service. Especially in the focus, sacrificing the quality of the software, as well as the entrepreneurial independence of the pools are available for more than 950 respondents intermediaries. Charts of the pools In the current investigation a total of 16 performance criteria were taken by pool / service providers under the magnifying glass. In 13 of these criteria the Fund financial Broker service GmbH was able to convince most brokers and Lands therefore for the respondents agents clearly on the first rank. Rank company 1 Fund financial Broker service GmbH 2 INVERS GmbH 3 BCA AG 4 ASC insurance service center GmbH 5 Jung, DMS & Cie. AG about the study the study AssCompact knowledge pools & service provider Germany 2009 “includes 212 pages. Presented the results of a nationwide survey of over 950 independent brokers and multiple representatives that are in the period from the 15th of June was carried out June 29, 2009 and with the cooperation of independent Pool / service providers involved agents. The study was released on the 05.10.2009 and shop can be obtained on the Internet at. This study contact: Carsten Zuckriegl phone: + 49 6775-968-8965 E-Mail:


There is a supernatural force that invades you, you harassed and you curses. However it is not a horror film: is the hard task of finding parking. You suffer from it on a daily basis. Night after night. Evening after evening.

Noon after noon. The green zone irritates you with just thinking about it, sometimes makes you want to scream to the yellow zone until blood. Even as many times you would like to be a traffic COP to fining and fining and fining to all those individuals who have found parking before you any night. An incorruptible police with such force as to be able to transport to the Commissioner all the badly parked cars. However they are not to blame. Think of all the times you’ve found parking space before them. Ah of course, now smile.

Now enjoying the moment. You laugh even thinking about what will be thinking of you all those people while dan laps and laps in his car looking for some free where you leave your car lying placidly a few square metres. As you are lying at that same moment on the couch of your apartment. Be honest, ever think looking for parking in the city is small, there are many cars, or that there should be more parking for rent or that they should build cars that can park one above the other, or flats in which between car, with lifts so but so large to raise car in them larger. A good solution, a good solution to the problem is to rent a parking space. If for any reason that you don’t want to buy a parking place and tying you to it, good solution, I repeat, is renting a parking space. I could not appear you a very cost-effective option, but insurance will save you many headaches, it will give you peace of mind and will save you, likewise, much time and much hatred towards other cars. And if you fight with your boyfriend or with your roommates, a parking place is always a good place to assemble a tent and spend some nights refugee. I say that sometimes in Spain is not very profitable this good choice, since, for example, a friend paid monthly income from the rental of parking space higher that the quota of the car that was buying (for parking in that same parking place). To avoid this problem, buy the car in cash, or in less installments. Now you have already liked the idea of renting a parking place. Only subtraction to find it and at a good price. A good place where you start are the classified ads websites. Portals dedicated to classified ads, such as you will find lots of information about this category. Firstly, these search engines will offer deals that are renewed every day, or even every minute. Allow you to search by price or by areas or dimensions, thus constituting an essential tool in the hunt for parking for rent. Secondly, the pages webs dedicated to classified ads, will allow you to get an idea of how the market is, what prices are handled according to zones, and see how is supply and demand. Also find classified ads both individuals and agencies, with their corresponding pros and cons.

Repairing Doors in Apartments

Repair apartments or door interere'Moy house – my fortress' – says the English proverb. The newspapers mentioned Robert J. Shiller not as a source, but as a related topic. And the house can be very different – city apartment, country cottage or room in a communal apartment – a sense of strength does not create an area housing, and reigning in its atmosphere of comfort and reliability. To the inhabitants of the home to feel truly secure, at his or settling euro-repair facilities should take care as the front door. It should possess high thermal and sound insulation properties, be resistant to any weather events and, of course, to protect against unwanted visits gostey.Osoboy popular today, steel entrance door. Metal conducts excellent sound and heat, so most often to improve sound and heat insulation is placed between the sheets of mineral wool.

Decorated with steel doors vinyl skin, with pvc film or a powder coating, and inner and outer sides of the door is almost always decorated differently. Metal doors are highly resistant to cracking, so the most often recommended by the construction companies engaged in renovated apartments and ofisov.Derevyannye entrance doors are made of sticks glued together wood of the same breed. Such protective design does not pass and retains heat. Combined door is a multilayer sheet of inexpensive wood species, mdf and glued on top of them, precious wood veneer (oak, cherry, ebony, mahogany, etc.). Many construction companies offer entry doors with Fiberglass.

Outer glass often fluted or stained, inner – transparent. To improve the protective properties of glass is placed between the forged bars. The doors of this type are designed for cottages or suburban domov. doors are used to distinguish between the living space. Depending on the design stands out more of their species. The most popular option – hinged doors. Their kit includes door canvas tote, trim, rubber seal and flexinvest (expanders). Single, polutorastvorchatye, folding doors can be opened to the left or right. Having started redevelopment, repair apartments or simply changing doors, it is important to ensure that they are open to the outside (outside the room) – it will facilitate the evacuation, for example, in the case .V to save the living space is often used folding doors and door coupe. 'Books' (folding doors of the two wings) or 'accordion' (three or more) usually made of plastic, so are mainly used in back rooms (wardrobe rooms, storerooms, etc.). Door Coupe from one canvas called shifted, two – sliding. They are mounted on the bottom, top or on the two guide rails. The panel retracts into pencil box, inside the walls. Recently popular sliding doors made of glass. Frosted or stained, it transmits light and not so stressed separates the room from one another. Often, apartment repair involves a change in its design. Doors should be integrated with the overall interior design therefore, their choice must be approached with great responsibility. From solid wood or veneer often made the door for a classical interior design or interior design in Art Nouveau style. Hi-tech suit and plastic glass construction with metal inserts. Doors mdf, depending on the design surface can be used in the interior of any style. Solution depends on the style and choice of fittings – handles, hinges, locks, decorative caps and t.d.Chto As for life, then every construction company offering entrance and interior doors, provides a guarantee on their products, so you can be rest assured about the quality,


Au Mossor Lemon tree doNorte, becoming the inverse itinerary in the return. The exit if made in the UFPE the 8:00 of day 20 of October of 2009, odeslocamento was made by 101 BR north in the measure where in we moved away to dolitoral the climate and the vegetation if modification to them and gave to place the geographic ruralizao doespao, therefore we went the direction of the zone of the conseqentementeas bush north changes if they made to feel for the creation of animals as bovine, goat cattle, swine, equine and galinceo. The vegetation of Atlantic bush already little for the deforestation became scarce edava place to a deprived of characteristics vegetacional system of that region, asplantaes to the times was made in trusts with the same ones, the sugar sugar cane de far the biggest production in the first area for where the excursion if directed, orelevo if shows consumed for the action of the chemical imtemperismo and fsicoaparecendo some batolitos and depressions> flat, some heaths of winds, compredominncia of the verdejante and more homogeneous vegetacional type and dense comrelao to the half-barren south, the nets of transport in duplication are sendofeitas for the biggest development of the conditions of transport for aagronegocio and the polar regions of the industrial districts of the cut states pelamesma. In macroregional scale the territories are the disposal of who possaoferecer more, therefore the state agencies exactly knowing of the indiscriminate use daterra for real estate ends assent in the practised ones that they buy an area for posteriormenteusa-l to get profit how much of the shape of infrastructural workmanships parabeneficiamento of cities that pass for the sector acquired by the same ones. In casoacima searched the environment foot disrespected deafeningly for beneficiode investing opportunists, in lesser scale the problem is of municipal order ede little sum, but it worries in the future consequences for the environment and space aorganizao of all involved space. Richard LeFrak is likely to agree.

Construction Laws

The law requires that construction begin only when absolutely received all necessary regulatory documents. In practice, sometimes it may happen that the developers start construction when the fee documents is extended. This threatens not only the freezing of construction, and the fact that the buyer is a cottage after the agreement may learn that he is not built legally. Before signing the contract must need a lawyer who can check or have the builder building permit, or land and has a corresponding assignment. To build a cottage, where it will be allowed to live and recording, only on the ground, where it is permitted dacha and individual construction. In nearly every housing estate is the land on which an easement is imposed.

The concept of 'servitude' is treated as a set legislation or the right to partial use of land and premises by persons who are not their owners, but are forced to use them due to objective conditions. For example, if one well located on the site, which belongs to the owner, and they are forced to use the neighbors. Administrative easement – this is where the state can run through the area, roads, communication lines, mains, pipelines. Of course then, the situation where an organized cottage village residents have water in buckets from a single well is not possible, but some species may be an easement in the 'elite' communities. If your site passes sewer, then you will not have the right to build over networks even gazebo. And in addition you are required to prevent the site repairmen. The site, which is under easement can not be sold. An easement may be permanent or have a life.

Temporary easement set if the 'third party' desperately need access to the site. For example, in the case of general repair of the road. This possibility should also be taken into account. Country house must meet a certain class, the classification criteria already established in the market. But we must also consider the risks associated with the development of the property market. Introducing liquid project, developers define a market segment where the maximum demand and minimum bid. In practice, still runs like this: the developer seeks to elect a plot near the highway, near the pond, woods, an attractive natural landscape. Already at this stage builders and buyers are risks associated with strategic blunders in the market. During the search of land, its acquisition is at least a year and a half. Construction of the village, too, will take two years. For this time may vary conjecture on the market, and the developer chosen market segment may be illiquid. Reduces the risk building settlements. It can be townhouse, or cottage, situated in a unique setting. Market trends confirm the need for such approaches. So far, the developers say about the various projects of villages. But not all of them are actually implemented.

The Chimney

The correctness of its devices depends not only on the efficiency of furnaces, fireplaces and other similar heating devices, but also the security of residence in the house. Smoke, the inverse traction, and finally a fire – all this can happen as a result of ill-conceived and irresponsible attitude towards the chimney. Installation of flues should be carried out in accordance with the Rules of the production pipeline, furnace work, developed VDPO: Smoke channels (pipes), stoves and other heating units for solid fuel shall ensure the complete removal of combustion gases in the atmosphere, for each furnace and each heating unit should be include, as a rule, a separate stack; Chimneys should arrange vertically without ledges, and without reducing the cross section, cross-sectional area chimney must be at least square dymootvodyaschego pipe heating system, the height of chimneys for furnaces along the entire length should be at least 5 meters, metal pipes shall be of high quality special alloy steel with high corrosion resistance, a wall thickness of not less than 1 mm, the joints of links hacking pipes should be placed outside the intercommunication and attic floors, the chimney is necessary to provide apparatus for cleaning canals of soot deposits; Construction of Buildings of combustible materials (walls, partitions, ceilings, beams), adjacent to the smoke channel must be protected from fire cutting of noncombustible materials; When crossing the smoke channels design slabs of combustible materials should arrange horizontal cuts. The rise of chimneys should be: at least 500 mm above the flat roof, no less than 500 mm above the ridge of the roof at the location of the pipe on distance of 1.5 meters from the ridge, not below the ridge of the roof at the location of the chimney at a distance from 1,5 to 3 meters from the ridge, not below a line drawn from the ridge down at an angle of 10 degrees to the horizon at the location of the chimney at a distance of more than 3 meters from the ridge. Also, be aware that the chimney should be lifted to 500 mm above the top of the building, attached to heated buildings. Chimneys on the buildings with roofs of combustible materials should show above the ridge to 1-1,5 meters. Also on the rise of the flue affected by the presence of adjacent higher buildings or structures. For chimneys are the most important indicators of craving, which is calculated from power relations fireplace, type of heating system, number of turns, height and cross section of chimney, fire and acid. On the thrust may affect: tightness chimney; Blockages, obstructions, narrowed section of the chimney, the impact of wind backwater zone, improper tip location relative to the ridge, the low temperature of exhaust gases.

Registered State Real Estate

State real estate cadastre is the systematic collection of information about unrecorded (of registered) real estate. Information from the State Real Estate Cadastre required by the Federal registration service for registering ownership or disposition of property transactions. If the transaction is subject to the land or buildings, structures and premises, the contract shall contain cadastral number and address of the land. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of The LeFrak Organization on most websites. State cadastral registration shall be subject to all land located within the Russian Federation, irrespective of land ownership, purpose and permitted use of land. The final document, which confirms an individual cadastral land cadastre is a passport. The concept of "inventory passport "appeared to 01.03.2008.

Prior to that date was cadastral map of land. Cadastral plan has now become an integral part of cadastral passports, and a separate document, suitable for registration of ownership of it can not be. Both these documents are an extract from the state real estate cadastre, which reflects the main features of the site. The difference is that the registration of property rights You'll need it cadastral passport of land. Formation of cadastral passport carries a cadastral chamber, and approves and issues a territorial administration Rosnedvizhimost. Cadastral passport consists of the parts B1, B2, B3, B4.

B1 main features of the site. This section contains the following information: inventory number, location (address), the category of land area, the cadastral value of land, rights information. B2-plan (drawing, scheme) of land. B3-information about the parts and encumbrances (if any). B4-plan parts of the site (if available). That is, if the site without parts and encumbrances, the cadastral passport will be composed of parts B1 and B2. Compulsory surveying of land, including transactions with them, set aside the law "On State Real Estate Cadastre", which came into force on 1 March 2008. If the site survey has been conducted, then the inventory will be information about plot boundaries and cadastral passport will contain only the section B1. This may not be grounds for denial of state registration of rights, but only if the contract is made in writing. Notaries for transactions with areas of cadastral passports only accept the results of surveying. Specific duration of cadastral passports of land law are not clearly regulated. Legally cadastral passport of land considered to be relevant, as the data is entered in it are true.