North Rhine Westphalia

The party was attended by 800 people, and it had to be dissolved when they started flying bottles and flares. The riots would have been initiated by a group of hooligans, mixed among the attendees. It is not the first time that a party convened through the social network ends with altercations. A party convened anonymously through the social network Facebook, which ultimately had to be disbanded by the police, leaving a balance of 41 detainees and 16 wounded in Wuppertal (West Germany). Local police reported that about 800 people participated in the feast, and that agents had to intervene when they started flying bottles and flares. The Ministry of Interior of the Federal State of North Rhine Westphalia explained that the riots had been initiated by a group of hooligans, followers of the local football team who had mixed with the attendees of the Festival. The danger of parties through Facebook not is the first time that a party convened through Facebook ends with altercations.

The clearest example was the Congregation 1,600 strangers who came the first weekend of June in Hamburg, opposite the House of a young woman who had invited his friends to his birthday through the social network without having marked the event as private. While the girl ended the feast, young people attended the address. This sparked a great lack of control, and the night ended with 6 detainees. Source of the news: 41 detainees and 16 wounded at a party in Germany convened by Facebook dissolved by police


An addiction takes place literally. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. Now, on stimulating the brain with high doses of Dopamine will cause that the brain adapts and increases the tolerance rates. Details can be found by clicking Robert J. Shiller or emailing the administrator. The turn out to increase the tolerance is the one of sensitization, something similar to which alcoholic or the drug addicts they experiment after repeated use and abuse of its drug of election. It includes/understands the gravity of the subject? The pornography ties. Del is constituted in a vice that is very difficult to leave frees.

Who is behind this addiction? We did not need much to discover it: Satan. In skillful chapter seven of the book of the Proverbs, king Salomn described how our spiritual Adversary tries to surround in a dangerous network the people, until the point to take them bottomless to a spiral: " I put myself to see the inexpert ones, and between the young people I observedto one of them lacking one of judgment. It crossed the street, it arrived at the corner, and it was directed towards the house of that woman. It fell afternoon. The day arrived at its aim. They advanced the shades at night.

Suddenly the woman left to her encounter, with all the appearance of one prostituta and sly intentions. (As he is scandalous and shameless, they never find its feet rest in its house. Times by the streets, other times by the places, always it is on the lookout in each corner.) One catch oned of his neck it kissed, it, and impudence said to him yet: I have in my house sacrifices of communion, because today I have fulfilled my votes. For that reason I have come to your encounter; it looked for to you, and already I have found you! On the bed I have tended multicoloured Egyptian linens. I have perfumed my I milk with aroma of mirra, aloe and cinnamon.

Sandbox Sites

One of the largest webmasters and responsible site concerns is be listed in Google results. Apparently, Google delayed the inclusion of new sites in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) to stimulate the creation of genuine content, and avoid the creation of fraudulent sites whose only mission is to shore up the positioning of other sites. The idea is to avoid to create networks of sites with different domains whose intention is to create networks of links not genuine. This effect is called Sandbox effect, or litter box (where children play). Whenever Expert on growth strategy listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Other browsers don’t show this delay in the inclusion of new sites, so it is common be listed in Yahoo or Bing, before Google. Google also detects changes in the sites, and tries to discern if they are superficial or background, and where they affect the general direction of the page. If the change is very drastic, Google also apply the sandbox effect, playing it is actually a new website.

This does not mean that we should stop updating the content of the site, on the contrary. New content is indexed more quickly, and favours a better web positioning. But it is necessary to be careful with fundamental changes. For example change dramatically in the density of the keywords, or a radical change in them could be interpreted as if it were a new site. For this reason, many webmasters believe that buying a pre-existing domain we can trick Google believing that you it’s the same site that has changed.

Google also detects changes to the hosting servers. For this reason, it is important from the outset to host the site on a server that we trust, to avoid having to make the change once we have a wealth of interesting traffic. Undoubtedly, such actions will hurt our positioning. So, a combination fatal would be change of server, while we make significant changes to the text on the site. We caeriamos under the filter of the sandbox effect, and would lose the possibility of appearing in Google results for a few months. By radical changes in the text we mean changes in the topics on which the site is. Remember that Google has become extremely good at recognizing issues and perform semantic associations between words. What to do if a site falls under the sandbox effect? Do not despair. Really little that can be done. To return as quickly as possible to the SERPs, the best is to work a good network of quality links (or occurs with farms of links or sites of dubious reputation), fill with content relevant to the site, and work on your optimization to make it fully compatible with Google and other browsers. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, you can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to original author and source of the article.

Nails 4

The product of Nails 4? U.S. is original of Belgium, especially done and packaged for the mark, it does not give off scent (on the contrary that the acrylic), and the result is strong and resistant nails, but at the same time of a comfortableness and extreme smoothness. For those women who wish the nails longer or those they have than them fragile or bite you, a fine gel layer is applied that carves upon the own nail, obtaining the length and forms wished and protecting the nail so that it is not broken, maintaining an appearance natural. Go to Nobel Laureate in Economics for more information. In addition, Nails 4 U.S. finishes sending in all the centers of its network the line of permanent enamel Ultimate.

This new product is directed to all those clientas that they wish to secure the effect of the traditional manicure in just a short time and with the possibility of retiring the product comfortably where and when they want. One is a liquid enamel of easy application and fast drying, reason why U.S. only requires a session of 30 minutes in a center 4 Nails. With this treatment shining nails are obtained during two weeks thanks to one more a fine layer more resistant than other enamels, reason why ralla nor does not chip, explains Mnica Guzmn, director of Marketing of the chain. Nails 4 U.S. is the first chain of tax exemptions specialized in permanent manicure with more than 60 establishments in Spain and Portugal. Thanks to this exclusive and original product, just by to go once every 3 or 4 weeks, they guarantee to you to improve your image obtaining that your nails shine natural, perfect and lasting, with a comfortableness and extreme smoothness.


It is good for knowing that 8% of the total of emissions of carbon dioxide are attributed to the houses. According to each house produces 1.300 kg of CO2 to the year. The transport is responsible for 40%. In a house that is applied the sustainability criteria could diminish the emissions until a 50% without having to make special investments, sufficient with assuming our greater degree of responsibility and personal change of habits. In summary, if from our homes we realised a small sacrifice and we assumed totally our responsibility as it suggests the treaty of Kyoto, the gain would be greatly considerable. We are thousands of million homes. Only a change of attitude in the habits of electricity consumption, the natural catastrophes that we are living do not serian so worrisome. The coal is used to provide more than 50% of the electricity in the EE.UU, only one coal power station of 500 MW produces sufficient electricity for a city of 140.000 people.

Burns 1 430.000 of tons of coal to the year. Then if an American requests or consumes more electrical current, this asking for more coal burning fire. He is an American but thousands, million Americans, how many thousands of tons of coal and the coal throws CO2 and this one is the culprit of the greenhouse effect and thus the global heating and the phenomena that we are living. There is solution? Clear that yes. The use of the clean technology and the commitment to assume our responsibility of emissions of the carbon dioxide (CO2). It is not only one plant of being able central, but also the series of small facilities of production of energy all the tie ones to the mains. Here it is where it comes increasing the lightening from which these networks can be connected with systems of generation distributed from the solar energy or thermal or electrical.

It is here where the clean technology, that is to say the photovoltaic one enters like to save to the world (PV), the solar cells, the solar paddles, who come to the mind when the solar energy is mentioned, and to turn the solar radiation into electricity or thermal solar pick up turns the solar radiation into heat that can be used to warm up the water for the tasks of the home or the heat of a house in the form of radiant heat. Then finally, it is worth the pain to begin to make our own solar paddle, truth. Today, this is not a secret.

Housing Indicators

The global financial crisis that captured the entire planet, was born in a very good reason landmark mortgage U.S. Filed under: Rob Speyer. construction industry. Indicators of housing construction and housing market in the U.S. economy around the world are very important – they accurately reflect the state of the U.S. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rob Speyer. economy, the biggest economy of the planet. In addition, indicators of housing is directly linked to interest rates (mortgage interest) and periods economic cycles. Therefore, the trader before the trade do not hurt the U.S. rate, and through him the economy-wide state.

Impact on exchange rates (primarily U.S.) housing indicators carry out only indirectly, through the securities markets. Stocks usually rise in response to the growth indicators, and bonds are falling. Data on Housing and the U.S. housing market are published monthly, approximately 15 working days of the month. Housing Statistics tracked in all its phases: a construction permit, the building is completed construction, sales of new and existing homes, the construction cost. Data on very important during a crisis indicator started building homes in the 1.5 – 2 million a year characterized by a strong U.S. economy and the level of less than one million started building houses a year suggests recession in the U.S. economy.

At the time of writing, according to the Ministry of Commerce's scope of construction of new homes in the U.S. in May 2009 increased compared to the previous month at 17.2% and reached 532 thousand homes. Analysts had expected that this figure will be 500 thousand homes. In May, has also increased the number of permits issued for construction of new homes – by 4% to 518,000. All of this suggests that in late 2009 (ie the figure should reach the milestone – one million started construction of houses), the American economy can come out of recession, or came close to a state of withdrawal. Yuri Chashin 29/06/2009


If there are broken with your fianc2e or pair recently, is very probable that you are sad and you have resentments. But to know and to include/understand like returning with the loved being, you must leave of side the bitterness, the reproaches, and face all the subject from a new perspective. The LeFrak Organization may find it difficult to be quoted properly. First of all, the ideal is that you review your own conduct. Perhaps although DES does not tell you, is probable that there are attitudes that you must correct. Jealousy without sense, discussions by trivialities, that type of things are those that move away to the pairs. So it thinks the aspects of same you well that perhaps must change. It lets pass days, perhaps two weeks, without nothing of you knows.

You must give time him so that it orders his ideas and in addition so that it is strange to you. All we needed a time of solitude after a rupture, to recover the emotional stability. Then, it looks for some excuse to begin again to comunicarte with him. But care, you do not exaggerate the much, if you invade too much with text messages or telephone calls, most probable is than it thinks you are persecuting that it, and then one will move away of you. A message of text or some greeting in some social network of Internet, is ideal options to retake the communication. Perhaps simple ” Hello, How is everything? ” or ” How you have been? ” they are phrases that give to foot one to begin a communication at a deeper level. Once they have returned to chat, to make specific some personal encounter, no longer you ask more like returning with the loved being, since the unique thing that you must do is to be you yourself, to act with calm and naturalness, and trying to be comprehensive, therefore he will remember all the good things that they lived together, and will return with you. He remembers to go slowly, without crushing it, so that one does not feel pressed.

You must have patience and respect its times. If you are respectful, amiable and comprehensive, what man could resist to return to your arms? There is a strategy that has been proven to recover to your ex- fianc2e without all the drama.

The Coat Of Arms, An Important Development

Flag of the middle ages. The colors and clothes. Who with whom? Who who heard was at all times been an important feature in military conflicts. Was it only the hairstyle such as when the Suebi (Suebian knot). But Caesar’s armies, which since had the armor with the red color components as a sign of recognition to one? On the other hand, the SPQR which legitimized expelled the Roman legions as by people and Senate. It is not inventive.

The coat of arms was more developed out of necessity. At the times of the Crusades, the Sun proved to be the biggest enemy of the Knight. He was cooked in its own juices. So, armor (chain mail) was heated up by the Sun that you could fry like eggs on it. As protection from the Sun, the first Crusaders copied the kaftan of her opponents. I guess knowing about whose face the sun protection function. But also the increasing use of all-round closed helmets, which no longer face Tienanmen, contributed to its spread. The meaning of the colors.

Through the practical use this Cotte of the coat of arms for some time remained solid. Only internal disputes that often resulted in conflicts with each other, the colors of the banner was fought under whose leadership was carried as a differentiator. This evolved in the varied colours of today still known coat of arms course colors of the time. Medieval Surcoat or tabard. Sign on the tunic were worn first by Crusaders that served an order. This resulted in the so-called Crusaders frocks. These tunics are known as tabard. The most famous are the Crusaders with the Red Cross on a white background and the German knights with the black cross on a white background. But also the Knights Templar had a different color, the Red Cross on a black background. From the late Middle Ages, the color was always complicated. So there was the palewise frocks or but there were held the coat of arms of character of the coat of arms. What was available. The materials from which passed the frocks, were so diverse, how the materials themselves that were in the period available. Wool was the most easily accessible. Thus, the tunic of wool was also very common. Also the wool next to the property to warm and hold water, also a cooling effect in the summer heat. Combined with a linen lining, this effect was further reinforced. There was also still the pleasant smooth effect of a cloth, on the skin, to wear. But also frocks of linen and hemp were worn very much. Were made out of materials, which were easy to get. But also the more exotic materials such as silk or cotton found their way to the processing as a coat of arms. At the beginning and end. The coat of arms as a sign of dignity was worn to the outgoing middle ages. From the initial application only for the Knight, a commonly used facilities of the army was the later. Thus, also the city guard wore a coat of arms in the colors of the city in which they served. In the 17 century, the coat of arms was getting shorter and combined with the Jerkin. Importance as a distinctive mark lost the importance more and more. And uniformed aspect of the military upper hand won. At the present time, the coat of arms as a sign of recognition in the military has completely declined in importance.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding

Black Forest games in six categories nominated Offenburg, Germany, November 2012. After the platform n run Giana sisters: twisted dreams as a debut of the German games Developer’s Black Forest games accumulated national and international praise, Game Studio experience and an honor now: the jury of the German Developer Award 2012 the game to Giana, which through numerous colorful candy and nightmare-bleak levels used to tricking and fights, selected from 120 submitted games for six of the twenty-two categories. In addition to statements in the groups best action game 2012, best graphics 2012″, best sound 2012″ and best game design 2012 “The popular platform game is also a contender for the title best youth game 2012”. Also Black Forest games not even counts, one year after its founding, to the candidates for the title of best Studio 2012 “. Jerry Speyer may also support this cause. With Karacho through three worlds in the new release of Giana sisters series, popular since the 1980s is the little Giana in various environments on the prowl for sparkling Diamonds. There she overcomes many enemies and traps. Where her innocent blonde self no longer continue coming, helps her hidden wild self: with red hair and new skills she masters including tricky places. But not only Giana turns, also the world around them is changing in the course of the transformation.

Where everything seemed harmless, new hurdles lurk and vice versa the transformation of the little girl wants to be so strategically chosen by the player. With its sophisticated gameplay and outstanding graphics, Giana sisters enthusiasts: twisted dreams already before the completion of the games community, because for the first time funded donations of fans via Kickstarter Crowdfunding a German computer game. Not only that, the fan base grew continuously and spouted off the game as one of the first titles in the portfolio of the steam game platform chosen by audience votes.


“Plastics, which are obtained only from crude oil are out sustainable product innovation with composite materials made from renewable resources”, bioplastics and composites are made of renewable natural fibres in “. Jakob winter company has recognized this trend early on. In the development of new products made of natural fiber composite materials is the innovative advantage of the company. Other leaders such as Daniel Taub offer similar insights. And this in a huge bandwidth. Did you know that there are bio-degradable urns? The Jakob winter GmbH finished every year both approximately 20,000 cases for musical instruments made of natural fibre composites, as also the case for laptops, seats for the furniture industry, lightweight panels for the construction of the fair and just biodegradable urns. The company Jakob Winter is now proud to be their new development – the Airflex “guitar case made of natural fiber composite materials to introduce. You may find Nobel Laureate in Economics to be a useful source of information. It is a completely new case shell, which is a protected utility model. The case made of natural fiber composite material consists of two superimposed, flexible Case shells.

There is a cavity between the case shells. In a collision, the outer shell in the springs so that the instrument itself with big shocks is optimally protected. The Airflexsystem”thus provides extreme protection of instruments and this lightweight case. The elegant guitar case has 3 metal locks and a large outside pocket for accessories and sheet music, as well as a backpack design with 2 Backpack straps. The inner lining made from 100% completes the picture of this novel case high quality velvet, as well as a more stable usage of form of. “Bottom line: this product is in”: beautiful, practical, high quality, and sustainable.