I’ll take this turn is good for knowing better than bad acquaintance. The original proverb has a reference to tolerance and suffering conformist spirit in adversity or in this case the evils. It calls for prudence and caution, denying risk. Something contrary to the adventurous or entrepreneurial spirit with which we seek to permeate our vestments. Say bad is better known than good to know incites to paralyze us and resign ourselves to the shortfall of quality of what you have. The sense is in having and there ends. It could well be translated into better have that have nothing wrong. A sample of the effectiveness with which consumerism has been introduced in all parameters of our life.

Not having is worst nightmare of modern man. Jump into the unknown is a risk. Be exposed to lose, i.e. to stop having and not finding. Fear of the feeling of void, that we just becoming prisoners of our own excuses, justifications, excuses that cover it.

As if that road into the unknown no tuveramos control or decision. In the lands of our infinite interior, we have: real power, real control, the safety of his eternity, and the tranquility that, whatever the circumstances, is a land that never we will be snatched. One forgets this and falls into an autoanulacion of competences, a hunt for culprits and an own appointment of one such as padeciente. For a society accustomed to replacing, faced with the absence of alternative known is rounding up between the sword and the wall. The election is on the table: or the known bad or good to know; or victim padeciente or search of buena ventura. Resist change not rid of suffer the dissatisfaction of what is known. Teilhard de Chardin believed that all growth entails suffering since it involves moving from one State to another. It involves discarding that security of old schemes to accommodate other new behaviors. Being a collector society and collector, is difficult we acquire a totally contrary attitude. Therein lies the victory in our ability to adapt. Charles Darwin mentioned do not is the strongest of the species that survives, nor is the smartest. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. This is a time in which you will discover: clear nonconformists and conformists, clear optimists and pessimists, clear victims and warriors, clear lifelike and illusionists, clear winners and losers. A moment of clarity in which give more value to the good thing to know. The impacts of our lives don’t change people, show them as they are. It is time to jump; to an already new world rely on our capabilities and not fearing the lack of safety net.

Sendra Cowboy Boots

Since 1913 there is now the traditional production of the brand Sendra cowboy boots. These boots are still handmade and made from high quality leather. The cowboy boots are welted, which argues in particular for a long life of the brand Sendra boots. A cowboy boot-lovers will appreciate the exceptional quality of these boots. But these days cowboy boots from the closet are here to stay: trendy and totally "hip" they can be worn with skirt, jeans or shorts – and sin thereby completely casual. What to consider when buying a high-Sendra cowboy boots? The boot should the carrier always enough to accommodate both toe and heel.

If the boots are sitting a little harder at first, so this is not a problem, because after running wide in cowboy boots, and then are pleasantly soft. The phase of entry is approximately 4-6 weeks, after which the genuine leather has adapted perfectly to the foot. How do I know fake or imitation cowboy boots products? The hallmark of the true Cowboy boots are real leather, from which it is made. The leather is recognizable by its so-called grain structure, which has the leather, after all the hair removed. Even the experts can see this structure each type of leather only under the microscope, and so different from real genuine. If you buy helps so rarely look at the surface. It is therefore advisable to rely on established brands such as Sendra, not to run into a fake cowboy boots. Because everything is made of genuine leather and completely genuine – the tradition workshop pays for decades on the highest quality in the manufacture of their cowboy boots.

Social Insurance Fund

The birth of a child – it's always a holiday. Learn more at: John Savignano. Of course, as befits every holiday, it passes quickly and gives way to endless series of everyday life. Young parents need to address many issues related to the provision of child favorable conditions for growth and development. At first, they have the support of the Social Insurance Fund. This state, therefore, supports the parents' newborn babies. After all, if you will not be born children, the nation doomed to extinction. Payments are most often young mothers. But the law can get, and other family members: fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers.

The amount of assistance can initially provide the child with everything they need. Further, all content of the kid falls on the shoulders of parents. But we are now talking only about material needs. For some reason, many parents believe that their case – to give the child clothes, shoes, food, shelter and a minimum of entertainment. A to educate children must state, kindergarten, school, college.

It turns out that most teachers of our children are the street and television. This is fundamentally wrong and irresponsible! Immunize your child social and universal values is only possible in the family. And only in the family can teach a child to independence. It is not so important to leave to his successor an apartment, how to teach him to earn enough so he could buy himself accommodation. It should not only seek to give a child everything you need, but also teach his own to support themselves. Most parents overlook this important aspect of education. But you can teach a child to adulthood live wisely and in that time for him to form a capital that he can manage and dispose of at their discretion. Make it helps children's cumulative insurance. If your coming of age child will have at its disposal a large enough amount, you can use to pay for tuition or to make another major investment in the future.

Argentina’s Gastronomic Culture

Argentina’s gastronomic culture has features that are far from the rest of the countries of the American continent. Maximum tradition in Argentine recipes, traditional dishes and desserts, are originated in the customs of the field. Livestock agricultural tradition has handled significantly the way of cooking and tastes of the Argentine people. Since it is a producer country of vaccine milk, white cane sugar, poultry, and corn and wheat flour, logically the main confectioner of the region specialities in these elements. The Argentine sweets is another reason to search for accommodation in Mendoza. When we talk about desserts or Argentine traditional sweets, first arises is the dulce de leche. According to the legend, although these sayings may not be checked, the dulce de leche was invented by a black Maid of brigadier Juan Martin de Rosas, a prominent political figure in the country, who despite his power never became President.

This employee forgot about the pot a pot of copper containing milk and sugar. The envelope cooking of these two elements gave rise to the first dulce de leche. It tells the story that night the brigadier gave a party at his mansion and presented the dulce de leche as main dessert. Both liked that quickly was he popularized across the country, perhaps lost forever its real origin somewhere in the story. Another traditional dessert is flan. It is a sort of custard, which is cooked with milk, eggs and sugar over the addition of a branch of vanilla. He often serve candy bathed and accompanied by a generous portion of dulce de leche or cream. Alfajores are one of the most traditional sweets in the country.

Its sale is widespread and there is no local de ramos generales that does not have cookies on sale. It is two disks of dough stuffed with dulce de leche and covered with a sugary coating or confectionery chocolate bath. Argentines consume it as a snack or between meals. On your next vacation in Mendoza, you will want to start thinking about how you will lose the kilos others who will surely win to try the many gastronomic delights that the Argentine confectioner has to offer. Subtracts still speak of the wonderful wines from Mendoza. But leave that for the next installment.

Medical University

(11MAY09) light I traveled to China, 10kgs. back and more of the camera and lenses are sufficient for walking. Arriving in Beijing met Rui Freitas of Portugal who was returning home by land: Macao, Beijing, Transmanchuriano to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Latvia, Estonia, Latvia, Central Europe and finally Lisbon. Brought a Mao shirt that I liked and asked him where he bought.He told me that just around the hostel was a small clothing store where they sold for 20 yuan (about 3USD). Due to the intense heat would not be washed every day wearing two shirts, so one night we went to the store. I bought three shirts that I thought would be enough for the trip: all black but with three different views to the front. When I saw a piece as I asked the girl who served me the meaning of characters and said, Happiness. I liked the detail and especially the meaning, the next day’s opening. Walking the streets and hutongs many people saw the design on the shirt and smiled. I honestly do not know what was going through his head but smiling. I knew that the character meant bigger happiness, however, there were some characters on the base of the garment that had no idea what they were. I left Beijing for traveling within 25hrs.train to Guilin, the main objective was to sail by the Li River for four hours to get to Yangshuo in the south. Once I settled into the hostel, I looked for ways to make the trip coordinated by an agency. I got a tour cheaper, however, was a tour to China. The next day we left at 8 am at boat dock and we got to my seat I was assigned. The tables were accommodated to the width of the boat and I sat next to a Chinese family. The youngest was a doctor at the Medical University of Southernn Guang Zhou and her parents took a vacation to Yuangshu . Ren Wei called it means to serve people. We share some ideas for a while in Mexico and China while drinking tea. Seeing Happiness shirt asked me if I knew the meaning and answered yes. He pointed to the small print and just shook my head, implying that he had no clue.He took a paper and pencil and began writing: The biggest sign means “Happiness . The smaller characters, reading them from right to left, say something like this: “happiness is like water flowing into the vast sea to the east, South Mountain that never grows old . I appreciated the translation and we saw the bottom of the pot of tea. He took from his pocket a 20 yuan ticket is printed as a symbol that the southern mountains, I’ve gotten as a gift and memento of the trip. I looked in my wallet and tucked between the yuan and some dollars I I found a ticket for 20 pesos. I explained a little about what was printed there. I went on deck to take some photos while the vessel arrived at the destination.People left the vessel and mixed in the small harbor, I think he said goodbye.

Furnace Heating in Houses

In order to bake properly worked, did not cause excessive fuel consumption and will not compromise the sanitation facilities, careful care of it and not only during the furnace, but also within vsmego period of operation. Laying firewood. The wood in the firebox should be laid horizontally along the firebox. Only when it is impossible to arrange them in such a way allowed to stack firewood vertically. Wood must be dry, the drier the better. Thickness All logs must be the same and equal to an average of 6-8 cm to avoid accidents is forbidden to use when firing the inflammable substance: kerosene, gasoline, etc. The beginning of the furnace. Before the flood wave, to open the firebox door and latch (damper).

When wood combustion, the furnace door cover and open the door . Precautions closing damper or valve, be convinced that the wood completely burned. Only in the absence of unburned coal on the grate can close the chimney. Burning of them can cause the formation and penetration into the premises of carbon monoxide, which can lead to poisoning of people. We can not allow at the firebox with wood at the time of closing of the chimney on the grate remained unburned embers. In addition, the burning of them could be delayed, during which time the cold outer air entering through an unterminated grate will carry with them a lot of heat and cool the furnace. Therefore timely and a tight seal the chimney after the furnace is important.

Spain Ludotecario

Support modification, experiments or new proposals arising on the fly. -CUSTOMIZER: Avoid the uniformity of the role we carry out towards the group. Every child is unique / and our attitude has been to respect and accommodate each individuality, to personal rhythms. -DYNAMIC: know the resources offered by the medium and optimize them. Create spaces of encounter between children, young people, elderly, where autoafirmar personality and wherever they occur identification processes annals of communication that enable contact with other realities and enable transform itself. -Creative: Is important to monitor has had and have in his personal life artistic experiences, activities which create so that they can better understand the process of creating, their difficulties, roads, the pleasure that can provide.

FUNCTIONS of the centres MONITOR the existence of toy libraries implies the existence of Ludotecarios, i.e. of educators specializing in games and toys that are in direct relation with the family environment and that, therefore, can make a great work within this field of education. Although the figure of the Ludotecario there professionally in Spain, yes are necessary educators with theoretical and practical training in animation, game and toys, able to develop an effective intervention and quality. The Ludotecario is the person responsible for the work in the playroom, animator, responsible for the game, toys and ensure the achievement of the objectives and the educational program. In addition, you must maintain a constant relationship of closeness and listening, fostering a motivating disposition toward action, in which individuals feel protagonists. Some authors place the emphasis on experience, the delimitation of competences and human and technical training of this type of institutions responsible for:-according to Chiarotto (1991), referring to the formation of the Ludotecarios, he says ‘is truth that we learn in practice, but we can do this well without a solid general education’. -Borja (1992), in his paper The figure of the Ludotecario, preparedness and functions stresses ‘the need for professionals of the game working in the field of free time with Cultural and educational dimension is and will be increasing in our society.


In the search always offer a perfect image of the entire body, as well as an ideal fulfillment of the functions of the different components, people have access to several processes that make it possible that the body in its entirety this in the best possible conditions. One of these processes that offers large results to improve the image and functions of certain part of great importance for the body, is the operation of nose, also known as rhinoplasty in certain cases, that allows you to modify the structure of the nose so that perfectly fits functions must comply without presenting any type of inconveniences due to surgical participationBesides that your image can be adjusted to the tastes of the person. As the nose operation can be understood, is one of many surgical procedures that has currently had great development thanks to the advancement of techniques and instruments of the activity of plastic surgery, seeking to meet the demands of today’s world that moves in many cases taking into account the need of the people get a perfect image of his face as an excellent letter of introduction to the public; In addition to this to avoid problems that hinder the action of the nose, a clear example of this is the deviation of septum. The operation of nose depending on its end is determined in a group, so if it’s a surgical operation that seeks to obtain aesthetic purposes were of a rhinoplasty, if carried out with functional purposes it will be a septoplasty, but both operations can be performed through the same initial operation, i.e. both operations occur in a same daynow that both procedures performed internally, so although Rhinoplasty and septoplasty require different procedures, both can be performed in a single entrance to the operating room. The above can be understood that the operation of nose although it is somewhat biologico-funcionales aspects his main achievement is due to aesthetic factors, enabling to nose a very visible component in what refers to the image that is It gives the face, in the best conditions and so could be an excellent facial contour. Rhinoplasty or operation of nose one of the largest cases for which this type of surgery is performed, is by the bone hump, i.e.

when present in the nose bone protrudes from the back, that undoubtedly damages the image of the nose, because this is like a big lump, which makes the nose not present for nothing a good image. Another case that can accommodate the realization of a nose operation or rhinoplasty is the deviation of septum, i.e. a deviation to the right or to the left, is presented is also the case of malformations as a result of patients with sequel of lip or palate endino. As cases of septoplasty searched for troubleshooting the nose that are generated due to a bad internal structure of bones.

Choosing A Limousine

You have decided to order a limousine for a holiday or other special events in your life. But how to choose a limo, because the Internet offers a myriad of? How to understand this diversity and abundance proposals. Our tips will help you avoid many enjoyable moments, and not allow easy to navigate when choosing a limousine with the help of certain criteria. 1. Rationally choose! Decide how many passengers should will fit your festive procession. Suitable for a small company limousines with seating capacity of up to 9.

Do not forget that comfort is very important, so it makes sense to order a limousine to fit your requirements. But if you are going to have a party, then your friends need a lot of free space and for this purpose is best to choose a big limo that can accommodate a company of more than 10 people. Availability mirrored ceiling, neon lights glowing floor, full bar drinks – an essential attribute of parties, so pay attention to interior design. 2. Do not put off till tomorrow! You plan your holiday carefully and do not tolerate situations where something gets out of control? You're absolutely right! Lead time for custom limousine relieve feelings of anxiety due to lack of precisely that limo that you need. Valuable advice will: record the number you choose a limousine, in order to protect yourself from fraud. More convenient would be if you together with your order, select the limo decorations for your wedding car.


The agriculturists to determine how much of each ingredient the cattle must have. Sometimes the cereal grains are added so that the cattle produces meat of better or more. The cattle has organisms that can take the food from pasturing and turn it into the protein that needs. Following what type of cattle is, the agriculturists give rise to them to live. Sometimes he is in a building that has its temperature controlled already times is only a place where they can leave rain. Since the agriculturists began to " diseo" of its flocks, the animal they have turned into a little weaker and it cannot have very bad climatic conditions, since they were accustomed to years ago. The animal, including horses, mules, oxen, camels, flames, alpacas, and dogs, are often used to help to cultivate the fields, the cultures of the harvest, it disputes of other animal, and products of agricultural transport to the buyers.

The animal young not only talks about to the reproduction and the animal raising for meat or products of origin animal to the harvest (like milk, eggs, or wool), of continuous way, but also to the young and taken care of of species for the work and the comradeship. production systems Cattle raising can be defined on the base of the power supply, as the grass – it bases, compound and without earth. the production of the Cattle raising of pastures is based on vegetal material, such as zones of shrubs, prairies and pastures for the feeding of ruminants. Outside the contributions of nutrients it can be used, nevertheless the dung is given back directly to the prairie like source of important nutrients. This system is especially important in areas where the production of cultures is not viable by climate questions or the ground, which represents 30-40 million shepherds. mixed production systems use of the pastures, fodder cultures and cultures of cereal-fodder for the feeding of ruminant and monogastic (a stomach; mainly hens and pigs) Cattle raising.