Furnace Heating in Houses

In order to bake properly worked, did not cause excessive fuel consumption and will not compromise the sanitation facilities, careful care of it and not only during the furnace, but also within vsmego period of operation. Laying firewood. The wood in the firebox should be laid horizontally along the firebox. Only when it is impossible to arrange them in such a way allowed to stack firewood vertically. Wood must be dry, the drier the better. Thickness All logs must be the same and equal to an average of 6-8 cm to avoid accidents is forbidden to use when firing the inflammable substance: kerosene, gasoline, etc. The beginning of the furnace. Before the flood wave, to open the firebox door and latch (damper).

When wood combustion, the furnace door cover and open the door . Precautions closing damper or valve, be convinced that the wood completely burned. Only in the absence of unburned coal on the grate can close the chimney. Burning of them can cause the formation and penetration into the premises of carbon monoxide, which can lead to poisoning of people. We can not allow at the firebox with wood at the time of closing of the chimney on the grate remained unburned embers. In addition, the burning of them could be delayed, during which time the cold outer air entering through an unterminated grate will carry with them a lot of heat and cool the furnace. Therefore timely and a tight seal the chimney after the furnace is important.


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