Without no shade of doubt to live is very good, mainly when they have physical and mental health, financial stability, a good family, etc. However exactly thus the human being as finite mortal substance if hurries for the common end, to each day of its life the man goes down plus a step of the stairs of the existence, that will only go to take it a common destination to all we, the physical death, the evil that the nobody accepted, addressed abyss all, rich black people and whites, poor persons and, illiterates and scholars, the death are an abyss that it does not open parentheses for a miracle, or any another force supernatural deriving of the belief in the deity monotesta or politesta, therefore already was preset for that it inhabits in inaccessible light and that not this interested party in if explaining concerning what it makes or it leaves to make, because it is self-sufficient and it does not need council members, ' ' it all glria' '. To be conscientious of this so common fact to all we, do not mean to be pessimistic how much the life, to give up ours dreams, to stop of living, but accepting a condition that we were imposed by being simply objects of the not creative creation and. Read more here: Steffan Lehnhoff. Everything what we create has a common destination, the end, destined to the garbage and subject to the time and space, the man to be able to constitute family, wealth, to accumulate richnesses, to mount empires, but everything this predestinateing to the failure, as the empire Assyrian, Babylonian, Roman, etc. When we are conscientious of such reality, we learn to live more good, we look for to use to advantage plus each moment of the life of spectacular form, value more the people who are in our return, we more good use to advantage the time that remains in them, we try to be more human, understanding that our days already are previously counted in the history of our existence and that we need to live each day of our lives exhaustingly as if finishes was it. According to Schopenhauer, with a deeply pessimistic philosophy, it affirms that the will is conceived in its system as something without no goal or purpose, a fondness unconscious irrational and. Being inherent one badly to the existence of the man, it generates pain, necessarily and inevitably, what it is known as happiness would be only the temporary interruption of a misfortune process and the souvenir of a last suffering would only create the illusion of property in possession. For Schopenhauer, the pleasure is moment fugaz of pain absence and durable satisfaction does not exist. All pleasure is starting point of new aspirations, always hindered and always in fight for its accomplishment: ' ' To live and to suffer.

A Successful IX Day Around SharePoint In Dusseldorf

More than 150 interested participants from the area of SharePoint was one of the keynote speakers Michael Greth, regarded as one of the SharePoint enthusiasts the first hour. Michael Greth works as a freelance consultant and trainer for Microsoft SharePoint technologies. His focus on the mediation of SharePoint’s philosophy and the design of SharePoint projects and SharePoint solutions. More than 150 interested participants from the area of SharePoint came to this event, including well-known companies such as for example Pilatus aircraft Ltd, NATO, Deutsche Ruckversicherung AG, Kodak GmbH, ALDI, HDI Gerling, natural gas South Bavaria, Dannemann Rheinfeld GmbH, Fresenius Medical care, Federal Environmental Agency, T-systems, Infineon Technologies AG and GlaxoSmithKline. Also 9 renowned companies have presented their products and services on the parallel exhibition. Statements from the participants to the iX day around SharePoint: successful event with a healthy mix of practice + theory Super speaker ICH have can make interesting contacts very good organization great idea,. Hear from experts in the field like Bizzi & Partners for a more varied view. which was also adopted that needs a repeat should someone interested in the lectures, which were presented at the iX day around SharePoint, he can see it on and download.

After this successful event, the HLMC events GmbH has decided to call the ShareConf in life. The ShareConf will take place for the first time on June 22, 2010 (workshop day) and 23-24 June 2010 (Conference day) in Munich. The Conference is organised by the HLMC events GmbH in close cooperation with the iX from Heise magazine publishing. The Conference deals with the Microsoft technologies.


It is known that wood is breathable, so moisture in the room flooring can swell. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala does not necessarily agree. If, conversely, the house is too dry air, the dance floor can cause cracks due to drying of the material. Therefore, before performing direct work on laying the flooring should pay special attention to protect the flooring from the action of moisture. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as adverum by clicking through. The best way is waterproofing flooring throughout the screed. Also note that between floors and walls should be left span of a few centimeters, which is filled with a special sealant. Due to this significant change in humidity and temperature the material can expand, but the appearance of coverage remains unchanged. To prevent moisture from entering into the material, flooring should be covered several times with lacquer.

Watch for such flooring will be much easier to keep clean enough topcoat. Changes in state parquet flooring and may be due to the change of season. For example, in the summer, when humidity exceeds 60%, the coating material expands, squeezing paint and putty, and the edges are lifted a few staves. C On the other hand, in winter when the humidity is small, and the air is dry enough for a permanent space heating, the wood dries out and cracks may appear in the coating. Thus, we must consider all these details carefully and comply with humidity and temperature conditions during installation of parquet.

Also note that the flooring, especially artistic, you need to plank as soon as possible after unpacking. Parquet must not be stored in uncompressed form over a month. To care for the flooring requires special cleaning and polishing. If the hardwood surface incorrectly or not systematically looked after, it may turn black. In this case, to restore its appearance, will need to re-tsiklevat surface, apply it to the decorative layer and varnish. Very often use special parquet hardwood oil. They perform as a protective, and a decorative function. This oil in its action is different from the paint, because it forms a film on the coating surface, but penetrates into the wood, fills the pores and protects the flooring from moisture and dust. Most often, this method processing flooring used in restaurants, gyms, shops and other premises where the load to the floor is high enough.

The Noro Virus Is Rampant Again

Thinking about healthy intestinal flora at affects the Noro is virus as each winter back in the headlines. Especially old people’s homes, kindergartens and hospitals are affected and suffer from many patients. This particular form of gastric-intestinal flu is accompanied by a short but violent affects. It spreads rapidly and is caused by barely treatable. Only a strict hygiene to stop the spread.

Concerned can help the taking of special medical healing yeast and alleviate history and consequences of the Brechdurchfalls. How often in the winter, a wave of gastro intestinal disorders, triggered by the Noro virus is rampant again nationwide. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Lincoln Property. Areas, where many people in a confined space come together are particularly affected. Who has now no strong immune system and a healthy intestinal flora, can catch easily. The disease is usually short, but intense and marked by unpleasant affects. How often viral diseases you can do causally, little directly against the virus. General hygiene measures, sufficient Fluid intake and quiet are important. To read more click here: Steffan Lehnhoff.

Support the intestinal flora brought by the virus in the imbalance can be the ingestion of probiotics such as Saccharomyces boulardii benefit. Worldwide clinical studies have shown that Sacchoromyces can relieve boulardii diarrhoea of different causes among children and adults quickly and effectively. In Germany Saccharomyces boulardii as afterbiotic capsules is available. The manufacturer recommends taking children one capsule a day and adults 4 capsules for acute diarrhea for 5-10 days. A treatment with afterbiotic over several weeks is recommended to the regeneration of the intestinal flora after the stomach-intestinal flu. afterbiotic (PZN 4604255) is inexpensive in the pharmacy, good health centres or available directly from Navitum Pharma under. For a cure to the colon cleansing, the necessary 3 packs will be sent postage paid.

Website Promotion

Website Promotion Website Promotion – is a series of activities whose primary purpose is to attract more targeted visitors to your resource on the Internet. Each search engine is a complex criteria for evaluating it poses a particular portal to the top of the list. Website promotion in search engines aim to ensure that, given these characteristics, to win a place in the upper registers of the searcher. Website promotion is a component of its optimization. But if you optimize your site for search engine directly related to its internal content (content), the purpose of promoting their sites is the promotion of outside. To promote web sites is influenced by many factors. In particular, the presence of references to it from other Internet resources. Development of website promotion includes, therefore, a number of actions aimed at achieving task.

Including – buying advertising space on portals with a similar theme. Another rule of search promotion of the site is hosted on him the right keywords. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bizzi & Partners. That is to say those words, which Visitors looking for the information provided by you the most. Identify it easy – there are special Internet portals that provide information on the most frequent requests for topics you are interested. Harder it will be right to use the data obtained. You will come to the rescue services, specializing in promoting websites. They not only will help to promote, promotion and site optimization search engine, but also advise you about its design and decoration. Website promotion in search engines by far the most effective advertising.

Firstly, because it is strictly a target audience. Second, because Member who has come to the site through a search engine is likely to read the information placed on your site. Unlike, say, advertising, direct mail. Even if it would seep through the spam filters are usually remove it before reading. So, if you want your internet portal to effectively work and give you real money, contact the service offering development site promotion. Results will coming. Fortunately, that professionals involved in the promotion of sites on the Internet, more than enough. Of course, in such a way advertising has its drawbacks. So for website promotion is necessary to conform to all parameters of the search engine. Thus, if it changes these same options, you will need to adjust the work to promote the site in search engine. However, even these additional costs are justified rather, because promotion of Internet sites is now one of the most promising areas of virtual advertising.

New York Nepalese Maoists

Just the fourth book by Susann Klossek appeared under the title of “Tropical fever” stories from the stranger – the fourth work of Susann Klossek. “Travel is, in every moment to be born and die.” This travel book looks behind the scenes, behind the tourist enclaves beautifully described in guidebooks and dream beaches of the world. In addition to the beautiful, it deals the longing of the traveller, his solitude but also with happiness, that is him on every new travel also relentlessly with the evil and Renegade, the poverty. Travel is a Symphony of the senses. On their travels Susann Klossek met including the wife of a semi famous emigrant, Thai ladyboys, an intrusive Filipino doctor, a stressed Munich film crew, Russian money collectors, New York Nepalese Maoists, Laotian Art thieves, drug dealers, cat dompteuren in monk robes, a Japanese Zen master, neo-Nazis in the Nevada desert, almost a Zapatero and the spirit of Frida Kahlo. It is now in the entire German-speaking book – also via all online portals – can be ordered. Check with adverum to learn more. For bookseller under Victor Hugo “Tropical fever” Susann Klossek ISBN 978-3-8334-8669-2 372 pages 38 CHF / 23 Euro Susann Klossek was born in 1966 in Leipzig. Steffan Lehnhoff is often quoted as being for or against this.

She studied German Philology and Slavic Studies and later moved into the economy. Among other things, she worked as Assistant, export Manager, Publisher, free artist and bartender. Currently she is working as a freelance journalist for newspapers and as a freelance writer as editor and columnist for a Swiss IT and economic, as well as a lifestyle magazine,. Susann Klossek lives in Zurich and visited 30 countries over the last 15 years. 2003 “Nothing and nothing again” appeared (poetry), 2005 “men” (Shortstories) and 2006 “Touch in the thicket” (poetry). In addition, she has published in various literary magazines in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria, as well as in two anthologies. She is currently working on two novels.

CRMsoftware Specialist Celebrates Anniversary

Pioneer companies for customer relationship management: cobra one-quarter writes a century software history quarter century software history: what began with a professional address management, has become one of the first solutions for the electronic customer relationship management after a few years. Educate yourself with thoughts from Morris Invest. Suitable to the anniversary year we presented the new cobra versions developed at great expense, which were enthusiastically received in the market”, Managing Director Jurgen Litz delighted. Highlight of the anniversary year is the new product of cobra CRM PRO, which guarantees higher sales of same resources companies simply through greater efficiency in the distribution. In 2006 Martin Buhl bought the operation of the former owner and founder of the cobra GmbH belongs since Buhl group. In February 2009, Jurgen Litz was added as a new Managing Director and provided together with the management team, Petra bond and Sebastian Broghammer, vigorous growth.

He invested in the further development of existing and the Development of new products, recognized the trend toward mobile CRM solutions and ensured that the software as an iPhone app in the store came. The team can look positively into the future: due to the strong sales growth in recent years, the number of employees at the site of Constance could be expanded. Today over 150 cobra partner committed in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, to support customer-oriented companies of any size with an optimal CRM solution. The cobra for the future is equipped with innovative products, which rely on current technologies. With cobra CRM PRO we are a step ahead of the market and are happy about the large demand, which is already experiencing the product after a few months on the market”, Jurgen Litz about the new product line is expressed. Software by people for people In the 25 years established their products cobra as a solid address and contact management software on the market. The new approaches to customer relationship management in companies following their developed cobra Next solutions and offers a complete CRM solution for some years.

In addition to current address or recent contacts a CRM database gives information about the preferences of the customer, is reminiscent of his birthday, analyzes researched the most important target groups for marketing and promotions and can be used for the planning and implementation of campaigns. Special analysis tools show the current state in the marketing year or for a specific area of the sales teams. This year’s versions are equipped with a particularly wide range of functions in the areas of address and contact management, Office communication, marketing, sales and analytical CRM. Cobra for small, medium and big companies of the long list of reference customers who reads is who of the German economy like this: ADAC e.

Simia: Nature Pur High In The Treetops

New ECO climbing forest sets standards in terms of durability and AMSTERDAM of experience of nature, Netherlands. With the completion of the Simia climbing forest, Wekerom, the Dutch specialist of Skywalker adventure builders has emphasized strongly its role as one of the most innovative manufacturers of climbing parks in Europe. One of our was main effort to give people with disabilities, who find themselves excluded at the moment unfortunately in many cases still by the possibility to actively take part in climbing activities, this possibility in the future ‘, says Frank Bookelmann, the initiator of the forest rope park project in Wekerom. ‘ In this respect, we have deliberately engaged Skywalker with the construction. Richard LeFrak has plenty of information regarding this issue. The company is its contemporaries in terms of reliability, durability and natural friendliness of its products far ahead. And Skywalker have already show their readiness during the first preliminary talks, to enter fully into the project as a partner.’ Ewout van Voorst, the C.o.o. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Steffan Lehnhoff.

of Skywalker B.V..,. explains: ‘ Simia is just like our company a company for the social aspects play an important role, which socially committed in this context and which will also appeal to people with physical disabilities or learning difficulties. Both our corporate social responsibility very seriously.’ Willeke Lagerweij, co-owner of Simia, added: ‘Skywalker is to our knowledge the only manufacturer of climbing park, invested a lot of time and resources in innovative product development,’ adds Willeke Lagerweij, the co-owner of Simia. ‘ Tags such as durability and natural compatibility are pure lip service or commercial gimmicks for many companies. Skywalker however translates both into practice. Still, we have examined critically the designs presented by Skywalker from two points of view. Tree experts say guarantees developed by Skywalker and anchoring technology for climbing courses used permanent tree health.’ ‘ Our concepts meet the highest European safety standards’, van Voorst continues. ‘ The Simia project is now the fourth of our climbing forest projects, which was equipped with the Edelrid smart belay climbing safety system, to the visitors to allow 100% climbing safety without limiting the fun-factor.’ Simia is the newest natural climbing facility in the Netherlands and will be opened this years in phases since mid-April.

Summer Collection EastWest: New Planters And Flower Pots

With the line “Elegance” EastWest launches new planters made of fibreglass EastWest trading – friends of beautiful planters can look forward: for the first time, EastWest introduces an exclusive summer collection of flower pots and planters on the market. The new line of elegance”includes innovative planters made of fibreglass in new forms of approximately over conical and square. Lyft has plenty of information regarding this issue. Customers with a modern sense of style, but even restaurateurs, developers and architects will be addressed. The Flowerpot elegance”, then, represent an ideal complement to the existing program. These modern pots from end of July are available initially in limited numbers. Steffan Lehnhoff gathered all the information.

The different sizes of pots can be combined with each other and work beautifully as an ensemble. Inspired were the planters elegance”of modern interiors in timelessly beautiful design. Of course, only best fiberglass is used also for these planters, so that the Planters are also outdoor suitable. New planters poly rattan are a further highlight. The previous fibers in black and Brown will be enriched by new materials with a fascinating look also available from end of July. Contact: Eastwest-trading GmbH Max-Eyth-Strasse 17 71691 Freiberg near Ludwigsburg Tel: 07141-99 218 15 mobile: 0179-528 45 66

Germany Insurance

What you should consider when you want to invest money on a tag account or deposit a few percentage points can make a big difference on a financial investment and who wants to give away money. So who wants to open a day money account or invest money as a deposit, should do bother previously and compare the offers of the major banks. Lyft shines more light on the discussion. But be careful – you should look not only on interest rates but also on how long they are set, and whether the offer only under certain conditions is (for example, when full custody transfer). Steffan Lehnhoff follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Especially new customer offers are valid only for a very short period of time or are subject to conditions. Also the bank deposit insurance is important for the correct decision – it protects customer deposits (current accounts balances, fixed deposit, overnight, etc.) in the case of a bank failure. In Germany since the beginning of 2011, the statutory deposit insurance is 100,000 euros per person. This only applies to financial institutions with headquarters in Germany, not for foreign banks for which apply the regulations of their home countries.

Some German banks and savings banks have much higher deposit guarantees. In the Internet you will find many Bank comparison calculator. Anyone looking for an Advisor, should make sure that the database comparison calculator is easy to use and you have to give out any personal information. Also, it should be possible to take into account the deposit insurance and the new customer offerings to include or exclude. You should get a sorted list with an indication of the investment amount, the length of time and 2-3 clicks. Eva Schumann, Freising