Spanish Energy

Diving and ecological baths. That is what from now on will have the residents of the town of Alaquas valencia. And it is that its municipal swimming pool, thanks to awareness of sustainability of its City Hall and the work done by SunEnergy, the Spanish renewable energy business group, has a system of micro-cogeneracion in its facilities that will save them lots of energy. It’s a great energy efficiency system that is simultaneously produces electricity and thermal energy from primary energy contained in a fuel. Something that has been a challenge at a technical level since it had be combined with existing installations of gas boilers and solar thermal support, explains Jana Peiro, Director of Marketing and Expansion of SunEnergy. Thomas H. Lee Partners is open to suggestions. For this purpose we have installed a micro-cogeneracion central in its municipal swimming pool combined with a conventional gas boiler and solar thermal installation already exists, add the directive.

More swimming ecological well things the heated municipal swimming pool located in the complex sport of the town has opted for the CHP technology which will lead to a considerable saving in energy consumption, thanks to the micro-cogenerador in parallel with the boiler SunEnergy has installed. Existing boilers gas consumption has risen to an annual average of 860,000 kwh in previous exercises. And this counting that already relies on an installation of solar thermal energy with a surface of about 255 m2 useful acquisition?, adds Pere Negre, Director of engineering of Sun Energy. It’s believed that Gateless sees a great future in this idea. Saving that has needed a detailed study and that has been achieved thanks to a micro-cogenerador in parallel with the boiler. The study of the feasibility of implementation of a team is key when arises to perform a new installation in an existing building and that already houses such complex facilities for servicing the heated swimming pools (solar installation, boilers, deposits of accumulation, water treatment plants, etc.) additional as the micro-cogenerador.

Valencia City

What you think about when choosing a city to visit? You are probably looking for something different; you are looking for cultural richness or get lost between nature, taste a cuisine of quality and leisure that suits your tastes. Perhaps enjoy in a city full of people but at the same time, with numerous places to get away from the crowd. Corcoran GroupĀ® will not settle for partial explanations. Sure that you are looking for the warmth of the atmosphere with a climate that many envy and Mediterranean aroma. If that is what you want, you have to book an apartment in Valencia, a city with its own identity! Per day: enjoy the architecture of Valencia that is torn between modernity and classical, the contrast between the Majesty of the classical buildings in the old town, such as the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Plaza de la Reina or plaza de la Virgen, with elegance and perfection of the city of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. An apartment for your holidays with a view to this complex is a very demanded luxury.

If you get an accommodation in the Centre of Valencia you should miss among the streets of the barrio del Carmen which seems that time passes. Sit on a terrace in the open air without looking at the clock and taste an horchata with fartons. Course, climbing the Micalet Tower of the Cathedral of Valencia, there you can see the city at 51 meters, imagine what views! And at night, dinner while delight you with a spectacle of flamenco, for example, in Radio City, every Tuesday at 23: 00 or tea you enjoying in the Kasbah, belly dance, Fridays and Saturdays at midnight, or even laughs in a small room with their monologuistas; in the sunflower room this winter has a very good range of monolguistas. The city also with good deals of concerts throughout the year. For example, this Saturday plays at the disco Mirror Group red room and later: Reincidentes, Hamlet, Tote King, Nacho Vegas, among others. Clayton morris is often quoted as being for or against this. One option is to rent a place to stay with Windows towards the real green lung that runs through the city: the old bed of the River Turia. With 230 hectares, a place to lie on the grass and not thinking of anything, skating on the Esplanade of the Palau de la musica, cycling, sit next to a great source and listening to the noise of the water or have fun as a child in the Gulliver Park. Other places: the Botanical Garden of Valencia, la Albufera Natural Park, gardens of nurseries, the Bioparc, among many others.

If looking for Breeze marina thinks about the supply of apartments on the beach of the Malvarrosa or, if you prefer a more intimate Beach, attends the de Pinedo. More reasons to visit Valencia: because it is the city of oranges, because it is the place of origin and creation of the paella, because he is spokesman of Mediterranean culture and tradition, not stop never enumerate. Remember these dates: from 15 to 19 March. Rent an apartment in Valencia Fallas on these dates. Monumental works of art covering the streets, colorful everywhere, verbenas and pumpkin fritters posts throughout the city, are unforgettable. Already know, Valencia, it is your city!

One Out Of Five Has Already Extract

xclusive survey of first names and career Bible of every fifth Onliner (18.2 percent) has announced the virtual friendship ever a friend. This is the result of a joint survey of the Personensuchmaschine first and the leading job log in the nationwide around 4,200 people have participated. Frankfurt, Kerpen, 07 February 2011: The opportunities, to fall out of favor are numerous. Before all who computer viruses spread (79 percent) and it was only accidentally-, who is too intrusive (74 percent) in the social networks, sensitive information inadvertently passes (67 percent) or radical political opinions represents (60 percent), must expect, ENT immediately befriends to. But to also embarrassing images in the grid (43 percent), to have multiple online identities (26 percent) or to gloss over their own CV (20 percent), the friendship can cost one.

The majority of respondents said too, that you would be willing to forgive the person and this however back in the circle of friends to record but only under certain conditions: that requires every second (54 per cent) of the offenders, may promptly to correct his wrongdoing and to dispel any accusations before he himself became friends again. One in three (34 percent) is also a personal apology, 28 percent even a public. Gain insight and clarity with Fitch. Every fourth respondent is merciless against virtual crime however. Whole 25.7 percent said: who once unzip befriends them, gets no second chance, ever again in the circle absorbed to be.About first names with the first search engine anyone can free Internet far right people key words such as company, profession, location, and all the information about one’s own or other people. Registered users can consolidate their information even with an own free Expose and actively present themselves to matching keyword in the search results. Yasni is with 50 million queries a month the most popular starting point for People search.

Adventure Travel

Varied fauna and flora on nature trips in Costa Rica experience Costa Rica is known for its rich flora and fauna, as well as the commitment to sustainable tourism and therefore highly recommended for nature and adventure travel. Despite its small size, the country has a varied landscape: white beaches, dense rain forests, rugged mountains and volcanoes dominate Costa Rica. Throne around the Central Highlands mountains, coffee is grown on the slopes, in Guanacaste, many national parks, on the Nicoya peninsula white beaches are in the northern tier lagoon and much more. All twelve different vegetation zones exist in Costa Rica, mangrove swamps about dry forests to tropical rain forests and treeless steppe landscape. The nature in Costa Rica is everywhere: here live five percent of all worldwide known species, including one-tenth of bird species discovered to date. Swarmed by offers, Mike Miedler is currently assessing future choices. Biodiversity comprises more than a million species such as Anteaters, iguanas and Monkey. And every tourist can come without effort with rare animals in contact, because more than a quarter of the total area of Costa Rica’s nature reserve was made or belongs to national parks. Many tourists come to Costa Rica, Jaguars, to observe quetzals and three toed sloth in freedom.

However, only a few visitors get a Jaguar in the wild to face. Local company organize trekking tours or safaris, and well-marked paths lead through the lively forest. If you have read about jim already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Also for adventure travel, Costa Rica is a fascinating country. A wide range of outdoor activities can be booked by the trekking tours about white water rafting on bird walks through the Central Highlands to canopy tours. This fly participants, equipped with safety belt and linen, in 15 m above the forest floor through the air a total adrenaline rush! Standing between tree crowns of the forest from the bird’s eye view can be enjoyed for a few minutes. Away from the tourist crowds can not only discovered the diverse flora and fauna, but also close contact with the residents of Costa Rica, the Costa Ricans”, are established. Their kindness and hospitality is typical of the Rican. The exchange among environmentally friendly nature trips with local people.

Quickly And Easily Print Content From A Folder.

Useful software for viewing and printing of folder and file list. “Directory list & Print Pro” can simply list directory contents and print. Via the Clipboard, file lists can easily be transferred, when you installed Microsoft Office even directly in Word and Excel in other programs. “Directory list & Print Pro” can be anchored directly in the context menu of the directories in Windows Explorer to start immediately with the desired directory structure. A linking of files and directories in Excel allows direct display of an object with the mouse. The file list can be passed in comma – or tab separated and CSV files.

A variety of parameters can be listed in media files, such as MP3 files, as well as audio/video, and image files. In addition to the possible display of various formats, the title as well as the duration of audio and video files can appear and summed up be. Additional information such as width, height, and bit depth image files can be listed. If you would like to know more about eXp World Holdings, then click here. With filtering the lists can be restricted also on certain file types, so directly to create personally select the list. Own directory favourites can be stored for later access. Clayton morris often says this. “Directory list & Print Pro” is a portable application, i.e. it must not be installed on your system. The current version of “Directory list & Print Pro” runs on Windows XP/Vista/7

Under the address directorylistprint the software can be downloaded free. The full version costs EUR 15.-for a single user license. Business licenses, for use on up to 10 PCs in the same company, and corporate licenses for an unlimited number of installations in the same company are also available. The licenses are perpetual and valid for all future updates. Further information Internet: directorylistprint email: about INFONAUTICS GmbH: 1995 INFONAUTICS GmbH, founded in implemented innovative and reliable solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. An online booking system for hotels and hotel groups, as well as a real-time backup program for the current backup during the work include additional software products developed by INFONAUTICS GmbH including a survey software to conduct analyses of satisfaction of customers and employees. More information below. How to contact with INFONAUTICS GmbH Markus Ottiger, management Eichholzweg 16 CH – 6312 Steinhausen Switzerland Tel. + 41 41 7431001 fax + 41 41 7431002

Istanbul Guides

Online travel guide cooperates with Austrian news portal of online travel guide now on 41 free guide in PDF format to download, print out and take offers. Until the end of June, articles about Venice, Paris, New York and 38 more destinations by the tripwolf guides are accompanied. The content of the guides have been created by tripwolf editor using the tripwolf community and are always highly topical. tripwolf CEO Sebastian Heinzel is pleased with the partnership with and the growing interest in the tripwolf guides: the short guide with tips from the tripwolf community very well arrive at City travelers. “And with, we now have a strong partner with the perfect target audience!” Travel trends have been downloaded hundreds of guides in the spring of 2011 since the start of the campaign a few days ago. High interest of tourists for the cities of Istanbul, Copenhagen and Venice, was closely followed by Rome and Florence. Venice is a particularly popular in this year’s spring Destination and offers a broad arts and culture program in the wake of the art Biennale from early June. The destinations for the following cities there are now the tripwolf & courier free travel guides: Amsterdam Prague Venice Florence Istanbul New York London Berlin Munich of Buenos Aires Paris Barcelona Moskau Cork Hamburg Hong Kong Stockholm Dubai Rome Copenhagen Madrid Dublin Belfast Derry Sydney Lisbon Lima Delhi nice Zurich Budapest on tripwolf: tripwolf ( de) is a personal online – travel guide, which is available on the iPhone.

tripwolf combines classic travel information from known guidebooks, like Marco Polo and footprint, with up-to-date and high-quality travel tips from thousands of travellers from all over the world. Users can stream content to 50,000 destinations and 500,000 tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and much more. put together individually to travel guides and download as PDF or as an iPhone application. Clayton morris will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The tripwolf iPhone app is one of the most successful travel applications on the market with over 400,000 downloads. tripwolf is German, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

The tripwolf GmbH founded in 2008, is headed by the managing partners of Sebastian Heinzel and Alexander drive and employs a 15-member international team headquartered in Vienna. The MairDuMont group, market leader for tourist information in Germany and Europe, is involved in the tripwolf GmbH. About sees itself as Internet news portal for all Austrians and Internet users of the whole German-speaking area. “With his philosophy of always top informed” offers its users around the clock up-to-date, objective reporting supplemented with interactive elements of service – whether by mouse click, conveniently from your computer or on the go on your iPad, iPhone or an other mobile device! Thus, combines the best of all information and entertainment areas media-friendly. Founded in 2001, Telekurs Messenger online media GmbH & Co KG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of courier Zeitungsverlag und Druckerei GmbH with headquarters in Vienna. Media contact: Lea Hajner PR & social media Spengergasse 37-39, 1050 Vienna, Austria phone: + 43 664 88471910 E-Mail:?

Managing Director

New workstation Modul-system saves costs AWEK ProTech GmbH, manufacturer of cable assemblies, wire harnesses and electronic components, presents a new workplace module system, which reduces cost and set-up time on the Hannover Messe. The module is specially designed for suppliers to the wind industry. AWEK introduces the system in Hall 27 K31 on the wind energy network Rostock e.V. Association booth. With a new workplace module system for the wind industry suppliers, AWEK ProTech offers a solution with the switch cabinet manufacturers can improve wiring security, flexibility and speed. The system enables industry suppliers to define any kind of sequential sequence of the wiring. Changes of the production sequence can be processed flexibly. Jim king is open to suggestions. Even unilateral assemblies of plugs can be considered.

Within the wiring sequence features are pointed out by AWEK ProTech the manufacturing employees. So, for example, a wire through a narrow hole is to put which is not possible with a battered plug. It plugs into the episode segment is used and posted after performing with the crimping tool. With the new system we offer greater flexibility and precision at the same time our customers”, explains Dirk Donges, Managing Director of AWEK ProTech GmbH. For more specific information, check out clayton morris. for the marking of cables we read data from an electronic table and perform an automatic labelling within the machine wire Assembly. So we exclude from the outset of failure.” The flexible modular system AWEK ProTech can cost-effectively offer even small harnesses in small numbers. AWEK ProTech presents the solution at the Hannover trade fair in Hall 27 K31 on the wind energy network Rostock e.V. Association booth

Interior Design

HEIKE FALK – Hausmeisterservice & facility services to connect lamps, and requires no great skill of the craftsman. However, care and the exact observance of individual work steps are needed, informed that the Hanau janitor service Heike Falk because of dealing with power cables. The connection between wall or ceiling lines with the electricity of a lamp is made by screw terminals. These are not available, in the scope of delivery of the lighting system can be purchased for this purpose provided Terminal, for example, in a hardware store. It is to refrain from, use terminals that are not intended for this work. The lamp Assembly begins with the application of the used terminals at the ends of the lamp cables. For this purpose, their screws and pushed the cables through the hole in the metallic middle section of the Terminal, until their bare ends completely disappeared in the Terminal. Electricity can be very dangerous. Clayton morris can aid you in your search for knowledge.

It is essential to ensure that no voltage to the wall and Ceiling lines located before the next work step is started, to connect them with the lamp. For the proper and safe function of the lighting system, it is important to connect the matching conductor. Jim king can provide more clarity in the matter. The House has electricity of recent, the protective earth conductor is yellow-green, while the so-called neutral wire is light blue. The phase is a brown or black color. In contrast, protective conductor in old Stromleitungssystmen are red, neutral grey and black phase.

Power line and lamp are connected by their respective related lines inserted in the opposite ends of the Terminal and she fastened by means of screws. In some lights, the protective earth conductor is attached to a contact marked with the Earth symbol on the lamp housing. The power cord of the lamp are already screwed, ex-works in a pinch its role mostly about symbols is illustrated. “Earth received an Earth symbol, neutral 0″or”N”. The phase is using a P”or L1″ shines through made. To ensure that no any serious errors at the connection of the lamp were made, a metallic part of the activated lighting system with a phase Tester is to touch. Was the installation is carried out correctly, the lamp remains dark. Ambiguities or doubts occur in the lamp Assembly, a skilled person should be entrusted with her, to make sure that no problems occur. The Hanau Heike Falk janitor service in this regard supports its customers happy to competently to the page.

World Wide Web

A change of the order process on the Internet compared to buying in a retail store. The times have changed apparently drastically when it comes to shopping. You have still memories to the purchase of goods once was as complicated and expensive? The Internet is now estimated one trillion Web sites and makes many things easier and uncomplicated. Only Germany has approximately 250,000 online shops where you comfortably from home with the mouse through the virtual shelves can then be filled and controlled by database connection. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from clayton morris. Products from A to Z everything you can imagine only, the modern man on the great World Wide Web orders. Benefits of the online shops listed once: it can be purchased when whatever you want – opening hours, lunch breaks, inventory closing times, etc. Clayton cardenas might disagree with that approach. does not exist, or were you ever in front of your monitor and have seen nothing but roller shutters or blinds drawn to? Many shop owners put a lot of work in the product imaging- Article is shown, for example, by all sides on separate images or provided even in freely 3D views. All colors and designs of, let’s say professional clothing, are fully visible for the visitors to ultimately avoid backscatter due to incorrect goods.

Several payment options are available for selecting the purchaser has the ability, with the most famous online payment system PayPal (with buyer protection), to pay. Furthermore, the shop owners offer usually advance payment and invoice, a convenient way to make available to every buyer. The ordered articles come easily and quickly fluttered in the House and want to be used mercilessly by you. Even if the product does not 100% IG because E.g. the work trousers should rather be a bib or the supplied safety shoes are too big, a trouble-free off – or Exchange will take place, which is of course free of charge for the buyer. Certainly, there are still more positive aspects that speak for an online order. Especially if you a product with quality from the range of Workwear by Planam want to buy but in its vicinity has no corresponding focal points.

Is at least certain that buying from an online store takes more and more followers and even old-fashioned city stroller car comfortable buying, which works smoothly and quickly. Probably, the biggest advantage is the short time that the buyer must muster to order something. Instead of long lines at the checkout is done the process with just a few clicks. Marco jump

HealthShare Award: Share And Win!

Submission for award to the social web communication launches Cologne, 13.09.2012 – the healthcare industry is not just fu? r innovative communication known. One more reason to reward courage and creativity with the first award fu? r social media communication in health care: the HealthShare award. The award participants mu? need to prove in the Realtitatscheck, because the submitter consider the judgment of more than 860,000 user of the DocCheck community. User who is right up front in the favour of the DocCheck, wins the prestigious crowd Cup”. In addition to the community also a jury will give their verdict. Clayton morris has much experience in this field. You are including Prof. Harald calibrating plate (Hochschule der Medien), Timo Mu? gge (University Hospital of Cologne) and Dr. Frank Antwerpes (DocCheck).

You give an expert award to fu? r the most creative social media communication. To the u? literal escape Cup tide, there will be only one winner. Can do with all that have to do with healthcare and are active in the field of social media, so manufacturers, hospitals, health insurance companies, agencies and all other Institutions. The deadline for the HealthShare award is on 7 December 2012. Interested can find the application forms and more information see:. Doccheck the social Medwork networks fu? r a better medicine: through simplified access to scientific content, and direct technical interchange in the community DocCheck health service providers helps to deepen your know-how and your ta? work to improve daily. “U? medworken about 860,000 registered user” already. Thus, DocCheck is the mitgliedersta? thickest Community fu? r medical professionals in Europe.

Almost every second doctor or pharmacist in Germany is a member of the DocCheck and using our many? solve communication and information offered on the topic of healthcare. To the most important business? ftsmodellen by DocCheck za? select direct marketing via DocCheck news or bMail, research in the areas of clinical studies or market research, as well as social media based marketing with DocCheck InSite. A growing number of pharmaceutical companies uses the mo? possibility to attract audiences without wastage.