Condominium Facilities

Seminar for House Administration proves: the management of rentals and condominium units is the author, whose expert rat has helped already hundreds of landlords and managers from the Terminal not a book with seven seals, reveals in this seminar the strategies, with which he has handled his own property managers for years confidently. This seminar is especially valuable for new entrants in the Hausverwalterung. In a question-answer forum Bruce Schanzer was the first to reply. After this seminar and reading only two of my books the caretaking of the participants and readers will satisfy professional claims”, the nationally known author and lecturer. Target group: The seminar is aimed at landlord property managers, real estate agents, builders, architects, House – homeowners, industry newcomers, and career changers. Content: The rental of apartments and commercial spaces is one of the most important pillars of the real estate industry.

Without the responsible activity of brokers, developers and property managers a creation, distribution, and management of these areas would not be possible. In this seminar, the participants with the organizational and administrative aspects of the management of residential and commercial property are made familiar. As a landlord or property manager operate more successfully if you reduce conflicts with tenants through a proper lease management, and if you make your organization efficiently and cost-effectively?

Original Aprons For The Day Of The Father

Are you looking for a fun and unusual gift? Then, custom aprons are an ideal gift that will make you smile to both. Whether you need an unusual gift or a personal gift, an apron made with the photo you want is a fantastic gift idea. We guarantee that you’re going to laugh and also it is a modern and elegant choice. Think in an original way and get your father an unexpected gift that will surprise the family. And adding some text you can do these personalized aprons a gift even more hilarious. From Come y Calla to quedao tostao with the funniest of your father photo I. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard LeFrak. It can also be a good gift for a friend. It is important to laugh at yourself and you are going to have a lot fun with these father’s day gifts. Read more here: Bruce Schanzer.

When choosing the photo there is an image that adapts perfectly to the shape of an apron. But it tends to work better with vertical photographs, although it is also possible to trim horizontal photos that smooth look without losing any important part of the image. Besides these original gifts for men are a very good way of remembering a recent trip. You went to Greece and you liked the kitchen? You can put a photomontage on the apron and to the time that you remember so pleasant moments. Sure that love to your father the kitchen, so with this gift will leave the dishes juicy and fun. This year we have the possibility to make a different gift for the day of the father with these aprons. In addition to an elegant and fun gift for your father, with these personalized gifts you’re giving a single detail that cannot be purchased in stores, since you yourself who are creating it, to bring the picture and the most suitable text for the person and for the occasion. Original author and source of the article

Real Estate Market Index

The index of the real estate market of stood at 97,48 points in the month of August in Spain. Of the 17 autonomous communities more Ceuta and Melilla, three regions have been placed above the first reference: La Rioja with 7.32 points, 0.33 points Andalusia and Cantabria with 0.26 points. The lowest rates of the month correspond to the autonomous communities of Aragon, Extremadura, Castile and Leon, Murcia and Castilla La Mancha, which have collected differences against early 2009 13,59, 9.03, 7.90, 6.69 and 6,12 points respectively. According to Miguel Angel Alemany, CEO of, the housing market still qualifying their prices, but the percentages are less conspicuous. One possible explanation would be the peculiarities surrounding the month of August, vacation settings tend to freeze, while is wide offer of real estates. Seven regions increase their bid prices according to the monthly report of sales prices elaborated by, housing in Spain in August 2009 has a price average of 2,474 euros per square meter. This figure marks a drop of – 0.06% compared to July, when the average price was 2.476 euros per square meter.

Communities and cities autonomous, La Rioja (1.73%), Castilla y Leon (1.12%), Madrid (0.42%), Cantabria (0.36%), Navarre (0.28%), Catalonia (0.15%) and Basque country (0.14%) marked a positive development with respect to the month of July. The rest has registered monthly declines. The most significant are located in Aragon (- 3.23%) and Extremadura (- 2.45%). On the other hand, the most expensive regions are Basque country (4,056 /m), Madrid (3,106 /m) and Catalonia (2,982 /m), while the cheapest are Extremadura (1,465 /m), Castilla-La Mancha (1,749 /m), Castilla y Leon (1,898 /m) and Murcia (1,926 /m). (Not to be confused with Bruce Schanzer!). Guipuzcoa is the most expensive and basin cheapest in 50 provinces and 2 cities autonomous analyzed in the monthly report of sales prices of have shared the ups and downs of a fairly equitable manner.

Corporation Estate

The majority of Spanish real estate have already presented its results for the year 2007. They have been a few bad results, with big net profit falls; Realia (- 13%), Metrovacesa (- 30%), Reyal Urbis (- 68%), Renta Corporacion (- 26%), etc. But if we analyze the results of the fourth quarter isolated results are even worse. When analysing the results of these companies should do a study of this last quarter, since it gives an idea closer to what may be the year 2008. Renta Corporacion, for example, has had a negligible activity in this last quarter. Sales have been few and the company had a loss of EUR 4 million. If this situation continues the more likely is that many real estate Spanish come into loss in 2008. Other data to bear in mind is the sharp fall in the pre-sales in the whole year 2007 (Realia Metrovacesa – 68% – 60%, etc.) and the strong increase in debt, also in the 2007 (income Corporation + 47%, Metrovacesa + 33%, etc.) The pre-sales are reserves, i.e., signals that customers deliver as a previous step to formalize the sale a few months later. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dell Technologies Inc. has to say.

To strongly reduce the pre-sales in 2007 it is likely that in 2008 the sales fall sales in a similar proportion. They are even starting to be cases of customers who waive the signal given to avoid having to buy the House that had been reserved. The increase in debt is result of the reduction in sales, since not to sell real estate that have in stock they can not return credits. The Spanish real estate need liquidity urgently, so it is very likely that tenagn that further lowering prices (some real estate already announced discounts of up to 20%).

Salvation Army

Get rid of unwanted items that can be made by having a garage sale in motion much ahead of time and then the donation of leftovers to the Salvation Army and other charitable groups. Get all documents and important papers together and secure them. Since that moved it is hectic, to say the least, we have to be aware of the exact location of all of our important items. Things you definitely should not lose or misplace certainly should be in hand, did not put in a box for motors: Book of addresses, certificates of birth, bank statements, cheques, credit cards and States, home movies, Irreplaceable memorabilia, insurance, registration of marriages, medical and dental records, military records, passports, photos and albums of photos, CVs, certificates, school records of actions, tax returns, phone numbers, valuables, documents of vehicles, wills. Preparing in advance to live in your new location. There are many things we can do in our new location in advance of our movement that goes to help smooth out the bumps and grinds of our relocation process, when the real event occurs: open new bank accounts. Opens a new Vault.

Contact with companies in the area of new public services and make arrangements for its new services. These may include TV by cable, gas, electricity, oil, telephone, water and Internet access. Make arrangements for new providers of medical services. If you are moving to a new State, please contact with the DMV and get the forms necessary to re-register their vehicles. Get in touch with insurance companies and find out if your car, insurance of housing insurance, etc can be transferred. If it isn’t, find a broker in your new area and discuss your needs and requirements of the new policies. Go to the post office and receives a kit of movement. Prepare the change of domicile for all its correspondents, companies of other credit accounts, credit cards, banks, insurance companies, current utilities statements end, magazines and subscriptions other family members, friends and other persons or companies that correspond with on a basis regular.

When approaching the time, get a good new notebook. As it nears the day moving, and when the process in motion really begins, I don’t want to be hunting for phone numbers in the purses, handbags, or address books. You have a good Notepad new list with all important phone numbers written in a clear and readable, both for old and new contacts: banks, doctors, emergency contacts, family, friends, owners or real estate, Movers, schools pharmacies, storage facilities, utilities. With proper planning and preparation of the process of moving, though it’s never fun, unless it can be healthy. With good planning and preparation of public services at your current address can be disconnected the day after move and public services at your new address the day before your arrival can be connected. With proper planning and preparation not be him frantically in search of a new doctor or pharmacy, if it is the unfortunate need arises. With good planning and preparation that will take all your important documents in the fingertips at all times. With proper planning and preparation of your mail will start to arrive the day after you move to your new home and your life will last a minimum of chaos and disorder.


This last is very important especially if you need the money to paralyze a process of embargo or auction. -The second is to locate when already the or companies with open Office, call by phone and ask, when do the first thing you have to ask is what kind of interest charged on a loan of private capital. A good company answered you shall immediately, giving you several options (Please note to advise you well cited him to see his case in particular), and tell you by phone what interest rate charge you. Other companies will answer you that they do not inform by phone and if you want more information you approach to the Office, I just trusted the company’s intermediary saying yes the interest they charge you by phone, if they do it is because they have nothing to hide from the others yourself, you might find a nasty surprise, I say more, good brokers have their rates on its website, among other things by the new law which was released in March 2009, there is a great protection to the consumer in these types of products, requires any financial intermediary to publish the actual costs of a financing transaction. To know more about this subject visit Richard LeFrak. – Third party once located one or more of the companies that meet the above requirements, take appointment and inform it of all and each one of the conditions of the loan, part of the interest are the fees and expenses that you will be charged by financial operation. Depending on the company may vary the rates, also has to take into account the difficulty of its operation, i.e. they will not charge the same for giving him only a loan of money in your account that give you a loan to cancel and deal with its asnef, however, or to suspend an auction. According to the difficulty and the work after the signature of your credit they charge you more or less fees, although all have a minimal cost.


Having an annoying boss is one of the worst everyday ailments. It seems as if there were no possible solutions. As much as we strive to do the right thing, there’s the type. It is a true perfectionist, or will be making just for teasing. Dell Technologies Inc. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Before, when I thought travel, install me in a new place or change jobs not thought in all things. I focused on the place itself, on how comfortable that could be, in the airy, in the beautiful but eventually learned that he was leaving out one of the most important variables. To make you feel good or bad anywhere decides: the people of the place.

Imagine you live in a nice apartment but surrounded by unbearable neighbors. Something like this is the Chief not coming from our Office. Or that he sends us to search every five minutes. Or that in any meeting makes us public criticism without any compassion. It is the subject that seems nothing remains well. He always finds a defect. Or he always finds the worst task or custom to assign not to others, but to us. Then when we apply the strategies that have taught us.

After all, we have read a lot and know up to psychology. That is why we could start denying the problem. Since we read somewhere that the problems are not more than a matter of interpretation. We say this is nothing more than an opportunity that are giving us do things better. Or we could try with it’s a test that I are getting and that can only be beneficial to my personal growth. Anyway, no problem, everything is a matter of how I want to see it. But the type is still there. It behaves as unbearable as ever or even worse. If this is an opportunity that I learn better doing things like another method.

Philip Nerb REAL EQUITY Fund

The Bamberg Fondshaus has become Bamberg / Nurnberg an established provider of funds to the market. The PROJECT funds group has meanwhile 16 real estate development funds and thereby placed equity of approximately 130 million euros. With real estate projects, the PROJECT group has approximately 600 million. Euro accompanied. Prospect evaluators have the current fund k mi, invest report and Philip Nerb REAL EQUITY Fund 10 more under the magnifying glass taken. All analysts are convinced of the REAL EQUITY Fund 10 and give a positive evaluation. ‘k mi’-summary: PROJECT approach by focusing on the most profitable phases in the real estate cycle in the current fund with reduced cost a chance-oriented investment.

Thus corresponding risks are reduced by a series of security measures. Invest report: Initiator: extensive real estate experience and our own employees for all phases (market analysis in advance, buying, creating or restructuring, sales). You may find Richard LeFrak to be a useful source of information. Very convincing results of real estate projects. Previous deals the Fund number went as planned. Continuously growing group of companies. Prospects of success: asset class allows significantly higher results than long-term holding of investment properties. Diversification on several levels. Competitive advantages, allowing equity financing bank-independent action.

Already convincing exit strategy with the purchase of the object. Philip Nerb: The conservative concept convinces with a very good reward / risk ratio. The optimized cost structure represents a further plus point, as well the flexibility option of a reduced or partial payment after 5 years. The PROJECT Fund Group considers it its main task, on its core competencies in the field of real estate development to focus and builds on this the past successes of REAL number EQUITY. While Fondshaus opts for the particularly revenue-rich phases in the life of a real estate, in the new building (opportunity) and rehabilitation (value added). The financing of real estate takes place only with equity, to Foreign capital risks to avoid. Conducting a due diligence with exit include strategy for the PROJECT group before the purchase of any object. A participation in the REAL EQUITY Fund 10 is 10,000,-euro of plus 5 percent premium possible. The term is between 10 and 20 years. The specific feature lies in this participation of the possible variants of payout. The investors can choose either a. for a withdrawal of 50 percent of the amount of the drawing after five years or for a monthly profit independent distribution by eight percent.

Rostov Home Ownership

Rostov-on-Don, traditionally offers a great opportunity for those who want to live "on the ground, leaving the standard apartment buildings. In recent years, the choice is even wider – along with individual houses emerged cottage settlements. In varying degrees of completion are about 10 villages, the general plan is more than 5,000 households. In southern Russia, Rostov – the undisputed leader on the number of new low-rise buildings. Housing estates dispersed over a large area. Some of them are practically in the city, others – are separated by tens of kilometers, without losing its appeal to homeowners.

Almost everywhere, a little slowed the pace of construction, but Rostov cottage villages "Belovodye" and "Sunny" has already passed the first stage. "Belovodye" – a village near the business class section the West of Rostov. Here it is assumed independent infrastructure: kindergartens, medical facilities and schools. New construction offers a product unknown to us before – townhouse. 250 such households deposited in the village "Sunny" in Bataisk. Microdistrict Just 10 miles from the center of Rostov, endowed with its own infrastructure and to protect. House "Sun" built on the Canadian framework technology, very efficient and are sold at affordable prices. Not losing popularity and demand in the secondary market households.

Such homes have a distinct advantage: they are in the city, and some even in the middle. Prestigious areas of low-rise housing within Rostov considered the District, . Sales of homes under the real estate business is actively taking place on the main avenue, . It is obvious that with such a vast offering will be taken further measures to successful sale of homes in Rostov. The buyer can expect new and interesting proposals. Perhaps check out Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty for more information. Already, developers of cottage settlements offer a new service: the sale of the site in the village without a contract. You can, buying the land today, defer to a more stable time build a house. In the village offer a new project – "crisis" cottages. Spur buying power Rostovites and development of the mortgage. Lending in the sector private housing specifically. Here the loan is secured not only housing but also land. Earth must therefore be framed in the property to obtain a mortgage, or at least be in the long-term lease. Likely new credit products of banks, specifically aimed at the mortgage for the houses. Families with different prosperity can buy a property in Rostov.

Improvement Architectural

From mid-century urban architecture, there is a new direction – design of the urban environment. Under this direction to understand the complex formation of the public space of the city, located at the first floor of city building and providing livelihoods of the urban community. The main elements with which taken shape public space of the city are small and large architectural forms. Historically, the first came the notion of architectural forms, interpret the elements of street furniture and equipment as separate items of architectural spaces of the city. But as it turned out later, organize urban environment with individual architectural compositions and works impossible. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty recognizes the significance of this. Therefore, in large cities has matured the idea of an integrated approach to building design urban environment. Administration of many cities where there is an active construction program developed a comprehensive improvement of public areas. The implementation of these programs involves the use of modern high-quality small and large architectural shapes and other elements of a comprehensive improvement to design and implement the most ambitious design projects, urban environment.

But today nearly every such project is the main compositional solution, made with the help of monumental sculpture. Consider in detail the concept. Sculpture – a kind of art based on the principle of three-dimensional image any subject. Objects of sculptural images are most often men, less animals, nature, or even fewer things. A monumental sculpture designed for specific architectural and spatial or natural environment, is addressed to a mass audience and is intended to specify the architectural image and add to the expressiveness of architectural forms with new shades.