Carsten Zuckriegl

New study confirms the high level of acceptance among free agents on them opinions differ: pools and pool-related service providers are the profiteers of the increasing demands on the part of the legislation on the customer service. With the implementation of competence in the EU insurance mediation directive, MiFID, and the reformed pools & service providers have can score at the small and medium-sized brokers and multiple companies of representatives of especially them. On the other hand has been discussed in recent years but also constantly pools in connection with sales, investments, or bankruptcies. Trust the mediator in cooperation with swimming pools is growing: since the last survey in 2007 the number of brokers who work with a pool / service provider, has increased by at least 13% points. Meanwhile, 93% of the brokers and multiple agents in Germany cooperate with at least a pool. Several factors are of particular importance in determining the estate agent for a particular pool.

So the respondents assess Quality of a pool based on criteria for the management of the pool to the product management, sales support and also to the settlement service. Especially in the focus, sacrificing the quality of the software, as well as the entrepreneurial independence of the pools are available for more than 950 respondents intermediaries. Charts of the pools In the current investigation a total of 16 performance criteria were taken by pool / service providers under the magnifying glass. In 13 of these criteria the Fund financial Broker service GmbH was able to convince most brokers and Lands therefore for the respondents agents clearly on the first rank. Rank company 1 Fund financial Broker service GmbH 2 INVERS GmbH 3 BCA AG 4 ASC insurance service center GmbH 5 Jung, DMS & Cie. AG about the study the study AssCompact knowledge pools & service provider Germany 2009 “includes 212 pages. Presented the results of a nationwide survey of over 950 independent brokers and multiple representatives that are in the period from the 15th of June was carried out June 29, 2009 and with the cooperation of independent Pool / service providers involved agents. The study was released on the 05.10.2009 and shop can be obtained on the Internet at. This study contact: Carsten Zuckriegl phone: + 49 6775-968-8965 E-Mail:


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