International Construction

Klee Hausbau prefabricated houses. Currently, it is increasingly difficult and costly especially interested in construction. Due to a declining economy and constantly rising energy prices, it becomes increasingly important to take care when building a House on a particularly efficient heat insulation and efficient heating technology. All low-energy houses and passive house from Klee Hausbau ecological wood stand construction meet the highest requirements on insulation and energy efficiency. Tishman Speyer is full of insight into the issues. The internationally successful global supplier of prefab Klee Hausbau builds worldwide high-quality and exclusive, ecological finished houses and Sweden also in extraordinary architectures that stand out from the usual monotony of typical pre-fabricated houses. The outer walls of prefabricated houses by default have a U-value of 0.15 W / m. This corresponds to 60 standard according to the guidelines of the EnEV (energy conservation Regulation) a construction according to KfW, and is accordingly eligible for support by the KfW bank.

On request, also (z.B.bei is Passive houses) a U-value of 0.10 W / m possible. In this construction, a promotion is possible according to KfW 40. The company on request using only eco-friendly materials from renewable raw materials. The technical installations Klee Hausbau opts for increasingly innovative technologies for the use of renewable Energien.So the company builds air heat pump, housing ventilation systems with heat recovery, optional Earth and a solar and photovoltaic installations, as well as rainwater harvesting systems. In addition, the future-oriented company offers professional creating highly heat-insulated Thermobodenplatten or air floor plates with integrated floor heating. Klee Hausbau customers receive cost effective on demand planning, statistics and the creation of heat passes (independently of a building). Klee Hausbau is exactly the right point of contact for all construction, a competent and reliable partner for the realization of your high-quality yet affordable Dream home search. Ralf Klee

Ecological Construction

Not only environmentally friendly wood House. they are also wonderfully cosy! Wooden houses are among the trendsetters in terms of sales of houses. Wood is a natural material and suitable as a building material for houses. Wooden houses have a variety of benefits, these include among others the excellent insulation properties of wood. A House by the temperatures should be always cool on hot days, the solid wood elements help that high temperatures in the summer in the House are hardly noticeable. Contact information is here: Nobel Laureate in Economics.

It takes a certain time until the Sun’s rays have permeated the building wall and the heat in the room is effective. Wooden houses has value, meaning the subway, including the energy value. This value indicates how much heat flows through the wood component from the outside inwards. The lower u are measured values, the heat losses are less. Wooden houses generally offer a good environment and provide an optimal level of well-being. A good indoor climate is among other things by a good air quality, a balanced humidity, pleasant surface temperatures and room temperatures are reached. Wooden buildings have a long life, you should select appropriate types of wood in the construction of wooden buildings. Wood should be not too moist in the construction of the House, the moisture content should not exceed 18%.

The moisture content is 180% among newly felled trees. Wood is highly resilient as a building material, the highest load capacity is reached long fiber wood, in this direction, wood has a 100 times higher tensile strength and a 4 times higher force pressure as perpendicular to the fiber. Energy-efficient homes made of wood guarantee energy savings of 80%. In wooden houses, the wooden walls are often inside plastered with clay, clay is an excellent moisture and thermal buffer and ensures a healthy room climate. There are wooden house square in many variations, storey and mehrgeschossig, from 30 m to over 200 m. Differences in the various wooden house constructions are among other things in the different structure and connection types, in the insulation and cladding. The block construction of wooden houses is the oldest way to build a wooden house, in block buildings, modern industrial Vorfertigungen be applied. Still, traditional and modern wooden houses in many variations according to the customer’s requirements are designed, produced, and built. Offer customers an economical light source in the dark. A very nice idea. Jens kindling

Houses Rentals

Our rural homes Villa de Ayora is ideal for meetings, stag parties, getaways for couples, cottages for married couples with children, gites for groups, new construction 2004, with all the amenities that visitors demand today. Professor Rita McGrath gathered all the information. Activities and excursions: the cave paintings in the shelters of Tortosillas, of the deaf, the mountains and the cave of Don Juan, with spectacular formations of stalagmites and stalactites, boat ride where the rivers Cabriel and Jucar, populated Ibero Mecca join a few of the more large European, 4 routes cyclists to perform by the mountains and valleys of ayorWe also have hiking trails and excursions on horseback. Learn more on the subject from Richard LeFrak. New tourist project called the path of the red line that leads you through the city showing the traditional and historical secrets of the municipality. The route starts at the Office of tourism of Ayora. Following a red line on the floor will find the road to cuza the city with the help of informative panels and audio devices that you guide through the route.

The Use Of Ceramics In The Bathroom

A so striking as the ceramics and glass combination can not be so pass nomas, especially when we talk about a friendly House as special as it is the bathroom. And it is that perhaps we have the beautiful results of using ceramics in many of the components of the bathroom, such as the lavatory, toilet, bathtub, walls or floors, countertops, etc., which has always deserved the best comments on the finishes and the sensations that are transmitted. On the other hand, and in a bolder way, glass has tried to take the example of other materials as the same ceramic-to try to be part of the main elements of the &, even if still their use is not widespread, know that it is mainly through the tempered glass that you have been able to carry out these proposals. But, what if we juntaramos both materials and tried to get a final unique product that breathe both? As the results seem to be very promising market, because simply every item has managed to bring the best of themselves to join a fantastic proposition for users. Go to Bruce Schanzer for more information. We talked of the exotic and strange is this combination, but in the end and after, is a valid proposal which, according to many, will become a favorite over time and that possibly achieve installed permanently in many homes. Similar combinations can surely find in some other accessories in the House, but never as precise and lovely as that they now see in the bathrooms. You can breathe modernity, elegance, hygiene and durability, which is ultimately what we all seek in our housing accessories. Original author and source of the article

Director General

All components of the future residential homes are factory-supplied, which ensures the accuracy of their joints during assembly. Professor Rita McGrath does not necessarily agree. In general, use of standard metal allows for easy and fast installation on site and, thus, to reduce the cost of construction. In addition, building construction and materials for construction of residential houses are different environmental cleanliness – they are chemically neutral and is not susceptible to micro-organisms. Indicators of heat walling exclude the possibility freezing and condensation, which is important for the climatic conditions of Russia. ” According to experts, – said Alexander Pavlov, Head of” Housing “of the Russian unit , – the erection of such buildings (including the connection of communication and ROW) is cheaper by 15 – 40%. If you take only construction costs, the gain is up to 25% compared with conventional technologies. Cost of 1 sq. km.

m of housing in these conditions, it becomes cheaper by about 20%. (Similarly see: Bruce Schanzer). ” Impressive time of erection of such facilities: the finished project when making high-rise building at the plant will take 3 – 4 months. And installation – no more than 5. Mass construction of new technology has already started in North-West region. Here the company and Sadko-management formed a consortium for joint construction projects, like housing and commercial.

The first two of them will be associated with it residential construction. “The construction of apartment buildings based on the metal frame is scheduled in St. Petersburg, near the Civil prospectus. Our technology will reduce the construction cost by 20-30% and at least three fold increase in its speed “- said Sergey Chernyshev, Director General of the Russian subsidiary of , the plant is in Obninsk (Kaluga region) will be made for metalwork projects of the consortium. * Thus, to address the problem of housing affordability will require new methods of rapid construction. One of them is by right the construction of residential houses from the metal. Practice shows that this technology allows real opportunity to reduce the price per square meter living space and significantly increase the volume of housing put into operation, thus helping to realize the cherished dream of millions of Russians.

European Association

In November 2010 the hostilities against Jehovah’s witnesses in Russia have continued St. Petersburg (Russia) with several cases of vandalism against their places of worship. In the Irkutsk and Krasnodar regions resulted in arson attacks on two Kingdom halls, where they gather to worship. Vandals have attacked also religious buildings in Lipetsk. The witness Jehovah’s Igor Oschkin had on the night of November 15, 2010 vigil at the Kingdom Hall in Chunsky in the Irkutsk region. Professor Rita McGrath has much experience in this field. He explained that the fire alarm had been raised shortly after the entrance and the roof had caught fire.

Thanks to the efforts of the local fire brigade, the fire could be deleted. After an inspection of the site, experts confirmed that arson was. Bruce Schanzer is a great source of information. Immediately, Jehovah’s witnesses had received threats before the incident. Igor Oschkin says: we feel no fear or panic. But we feel like in the State of siege ‘. Therefore here a full bucket of water available in case future Incidents.” On the night of November 25, 2010, an explosion damaged the Kingdom Hall in Labinsk, Krasnodar Krai.

The inner door and some window panes went to break. The witness Jehovah’s Sergej Vinokurov and the husband of a witness of Jehovah from this municipality could delete the fire. The police officers who arrived later, found evidence of attempted arson: the remains of four bottles that had been filled with flammable liquid. Sergej Vinokurov expressed the sentiments of church members as follows: we have done anyone harm and touched anyone’s possession. It is very sad that there are people expressing their hostility in this way.” In the city of Lipetsk, unknown perpetrators damaged the entrance of the Kingdom Hall in the place and destroyed the letter box. Media contact: Grigory Martynov (Russia), telephone + 7 812 702 2691 European Association of Jehovah’s Christian witnesses (Belgium), telephone + 32 2 782 0015 J. R. Brown (United States), telephone + 1 718 560 5600 Wolfram Slupina (Germany), phone 06483 413110, fax 06483 413100,


A farmhouse is a beautiful building farmhouses and farms have become increasingly popular for sale over time. A farm is one, that, or the building for a farm or the entirety of the structures of this operation. Nobel Laureate in Economics contributes greatly to this topic. The main building is called the farmhouse. Farmhouses have accordingly depending on the size a great wealth or a large estate. Farmhouses are composed of various requirements for a building. You make a compromise. Often enough the big house for two or more generations. Next to the House, the cultivation is used as a barn, storage or as a shelter for agricultural equipment.

With the General popularity of the property, the versatile use of farmhouses is increasing. Starting with apartments that are available in the House or in an annex to purely private use, as a place of peace, rest and relaxation. As second homes, farmhouses, with prosperous eras are increasingly popular people. Old listed farmhouses are restored the charm of the original maintaining, with great attention to detail, with style and level. In addition a very tasteful and top quality facilities. Therefore, a farmhouse is a purchase, which is worthwhile in any case. Farm the farm concept is man a farm, in which live the family members together and also work. Very nice homes are just farms.

Here, too, there is the possibility that in an annex or in the building itself, there are apartments. Here the children with animals can play, feed them or the muck out help. Also holiday only for children are offered, this vacation without the parents usually two weeks. On some farms, the possibility to organise weddings, as well as any other kind of (family) celebrate.

Groove Schmidt

The orig. Lapland Grillhouse offers barbecue fun and coziness in summer as well as winter Neubrandenburg, December 16, 2008: Scandinavians are avid fans of the barbecue. Fun can be themselves even in the most adverse circumstances do not spoil them. Grill houses (called also barbecue huts or Kotas) include therefore simply with space for the entire family for many Scandinavians. Also in Germany, Scandinavian Grill cabins are becoming increasingly popular. The most popular places for it are the own garden and also allotments. BBQ huts specialist, the importer of WS-trade from Neubrandenburg has positioned itself. The company distributes with orig.

Lapland Grillhouse quality Kotas. This WS-trade works with a renowned manufacturer from northern Sweden near the Arctic circle. Filed under: Bruce Schanzer. Building the grill cabins is this very functional. Richard LeFrak contains valuable tech resources. There is a fireplace with a large grill and a smoke in the middle of the hut. The desktop runs to around the grill. Massive wood benches, which are attached to the walls can accommodate comfortably for 12-15 persons.

“Who by grilled in an evening and-gefeiert, which means white, what Scandinavian comfort”, as Wolfgang Schmidt, Managing Director of WS-trade. Of course are the cabins not only for grilling, Skat evenings, tea party or birthday have a right nice place here”, says Schmidt. An important quality feature is the massive construction with slow grown pine. This cottage offers homely comfort in any weather or high summer temperatures no matter whether at frosty minus 20 C. The walls are made of 45 mm thick wooden planks made of Nordic pine with tongue and Groove. The roof is adapted and appropriately solid Scandinavian snow conditions. The roof panels are covered with Icopal sheets. The three Windows are fitted with double Thermopenglas. The heavy, stable door has a sechskantiges window and a massive Castle. The window with drop bars fitted to prevent moisture damage on the construction. The Price for the standard version with barbecue is 4.890.-euro, many extras are possible from the cuddly reindeer fur up to the wooden Moose OLAF, the hallmark of orig.

Germany EXPO

Powerflasher turns people into houses and trees 2010 is year of the EXPO. Shanghai, China is hosting the International Exposition. With the theme better city, better life”the countries take a look at the urban development in the 21st century. One of the German exhibitors are Germany and China – the Foreign Ministry with the initiative together in motion”. In the German-Chinese House, visitors experience the interactive city game”. The LeFrak Organization may help you with your research. Groups of visitors form houses, trees, electricity and water lines from their shadows on a screen. Without hesitation Bruce Schanzer explained all about the problem. Chinese shadow play – a symbolic bridge between traditional culture and modern computer technology served as a role model. There is the resulting individual blocks on the Internet as a virtual EXPO city to see.

Participate in this EXPO project are the Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen and the multimedia agency Powerflasher. Until June 30, visitors in the German-Chinese House can make with this virtual city. Aachen, which opened May 21, 2010 – may 2010 Expo 2010 in the Chinese city of Shanghai its doors. Theme is better city, better life this year. Visitors can experience the trends, plans, and prospects of for modern, sustainable urban development in the national pavilions and houses in the 21st century. One of the German EXPO highlights is the interactive city game “in the German-Chinese House”. “The city game the faculties are responsible for idea and development of computer-aided planning in architecture” and media Informatics “at RWTH Aachen. In the technical implementation of the creative project, the Aachen University won the support by Flash experts, the Powerflasher.

Players on the subject of sustainable urbanization in the city game show”direct use of the body and make it a virtual EXPO city on the Internet. The shaped city finds himself here. By using cameras, the silhouettes of the player from behind are recorded, evaluated, and projected together with the dynamically generated elements of the game on screens.


This article will deal with garden houses. Rather, the garden houses consist of a combination of metal and glass. This combination is very futuristic. The individual design distinguishes the garden houses built mostly from wood or solid stone and offers enough room for multiple use. You may want to visit Robert Speyer to increase your knowledge. A Bower, the naturalized second name calling garden houses, is always the image of a Kleingartens out in the garden houses in tight places are strung.

But expanded the trend and you will find the ever-popular garden houses on huge lawns, on land which are much larger than small gardens and of course in the vicinity of your own home. Garden sheds can purchase is usually well stocked hardware stores, but inspire the keen handyman increasingly to self work. “Furthermore, Garden homes have the advantage that they mobile”, i.e. whenever the owner can transport also away they. Current log cabins offer a high models Range of different architectural styles.

4 m up to just over 20 m of living space, with pointed or flat roof, angular or rather round, there are no limits to the style of the garden houses. A drawn-out roof also creates an additional dry place to integrate a first terrace. Garden houses differ not only in their design, but also in their function. Therefore, it is not surprising that now a lot of providers for garden houses there, which always something new come up with. Because wood is relatively easier to handle than metal or even glass, this fact in the selection of the material plays an important role. In addition, you can withdraw in garden sheds and relax. Therefore, the installation by garden houses made of wood is much easier. Garden equipment, deck-chairs or bikes will find shelter here and like to be stowed in the oak or stone gazebos. With the purchase of the garden houses, need to be given in advance, for which purpose it is to be erected. A Nuisance is, or if you would like to use the garden houses as housing like the scheduled 5 m for a pure storage place be explained but for too small.