Amsterdam Apartments

Habitat Apartments this venue! It has expanded its offer of apartments! We have expanded our offer of apartments. We already have more than 40 apartments in Amsterdam where you can stay during your stay in this beautiful city. Each one of the apartments is decorated with luxury detail: elegant, modern, comfortable and cosy. At the same time are located in the most central areas and tourist attractions. All this makes them the ideal choice to enjoy a fantastic holiday in this idyllic town. Amsterdam is a magical city which combines extensive channels and numerous bridges with the arquitectora of the 16th and 17TH centuries; The historic center of the city was built largely in the 17TH century, and is today one of the largest European historic centres. Te envitamos you to come to this city where you can enjoy wonderful parks, its romantic canals, typical markets, shops and restaurants and interesting museums discovering as well one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and known as the Vencecia of the North.


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