Berlin Capital

Since 2005, the capital without interruption is growing. 2011 the annual influx reached the size of a small town. Accordingly, the demand for apartments for rent in the height. Since that time also the average price of rent increases in the amount, and experts expect a medium-term undersupply. There is plenty of pent-up demand in terms of homeownership rate: so lived 2010 only 14.9 percent of the main town in their own home. For many main town, the building in Berlin and Brandenburg thus offers a safe way for the future. Especially near Berlin’s catchment area remains popular.

“In the official as intertwining room Berlin-Brandenburg” a total of 4.4 million inhabitants famous metropolitan area, only a million lives in the bacon, including Potsdam. Nor is there enough land deals in the Berlin area and the price of land in Brandenburg is still affordable. That could change in the medium term, but as the expected shortage of land very quickly will affect the cost. Real estate advisor for Berlin and Brandenburg, including checklists for the You should become acquainted first planning of the building to the planning of the House with topics such as mortgages, construction contract and construction law in Berlin and Brandenburg. Checklists are useful here from the outset. This, it helps to have the data in the important compact. Who instead leaves the chance the dream of your own four walls, can ultimately count with a terrible awakening. An extensive help offers the real estate advisor 2013 made building and buying easy.

The Special Edition of the regional real estate journal Berlin and Brandenburg contains many contributions to building, planning, building regulations, as well as advice for the perfect construction contract and the appropriate checklist for home construction or purchase of a home. A comprehensive reference book as an overview of regional housing provider in Berlin and Brandenburg round real estate advisor 2013 building and buying made easy real estate advisor / for Berlin and Brandenburg off. Real estate advisor and regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg there in every well stocked store of magazine and also on the Internet. More info can be found on house-building portal Berlin & Brandenburg or under real estate journal. Contact: Regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Wilhelmstr. 4 14624 Dallgow-Doberitz Fabian MacLean Tel: 0 33 22 / 22 166 fax: 0 33 22 / 24 45 88 is the regional real estate publishing company since 1996 of the editor of regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg. Many real estate listings from the region of Berlin & Brandenburg can be found in ad magazine published monthly. The display part is supplemented by numerous recommended editorial content from the regional real estate and various information related to the construction of real estate.Those who prefer the modern search for information through the Internet but rather, is journal in our portal at regional real estate find. So the regional real estate available Berlin & Brandenburg as the online magazine journal. Berlin & Brandenburg appear Additionally once a year of the pattern house leader and also the real estate advisor Berlin & Brandenburg.


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