Berlin Is Deposit-free

Tenants in the capital to make the most deposit guarantees. Large price differences in the party. BERLIN IS KAUTIONSFREI! This is not only in the large turnover in terms of changes of residence based, but also in the knock-on effect of a price increase in evolving by leaps and bounds. To find real estate and homes, is very evident especially in conurbations and trend cities such as Berlin. Move because not only the costs will slow to the luxury, for for colors, wallpaper, furniture and other furnishings in the eye, but also the expenditure for the move including the helper, truck etc. are to keep, Then costs such as for example a Provion of the agents are added, the financial margin is quickly exhausted. Therefore, we recommend you the easy, safe way of a deposit guarantee. for example offers a simple online application with only 5.25% annual fee guaranteed without extra costs.

Example: The rental guarantee is equivalent to 1050,-euro, so the legal 3 net rents at a monthly basic rental charge of 350,-euros. ‘Money fix”, a product of the German deposit cashier required 102,50 EUR annual fee in the first year. “Euro deposit” asks his customers with a contribution of 99,-euro to the Fund. With “Deposit flat” save here by a wide margin and secure the favourable year contribution of 55,13 euros. So not ‘somewhere’ secure your deposit free, only because it is included in a real estate or rental accommodation as an additional service. It is for the backup scope of guarantee without meaning which provider they become a customer. A quick price check saves you whopping 53.78% of the annual contribution here compared to the most expensive provider.


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