DNA Companies

“If you have the right person at the right chair and make them know what their goals and objectives are,the work will be done.” James Owen What is today the genetics of your company, your DNA? Do you know the DNA of her? How has been brewing in their development? Where do you have expressed problems that have affected? Some questions would be taken into account, in an environment like the current one which is characterized by turbulent, risky and changing. Arizaga Gloria reminds us that the concept of organizational DNA was implemented by Booz Allen in 2003, when it launched a test of 19 questions, 50,000 respondents from 100 countries electronically and on paper. The results revealed that most companies shows features that these traits sick and prevent them from putting their decisions into action. By a margin of nearly two to one, the people who responded to the questionnaire stated that the organizations where they worked were not effective. And only 31% reported features healthy profile.

Interestingly, China was the nation’s highest percentage of healthy companies, and the United States, the place where more of the sick. On the subject, we also provide e Ignacio Diaz Ignacio Pulido, we bear in mind that the organizational DNA provides a framework that executives can use to diagnose problems, discover strengths and modify the behavior of their companies. They add, that DNA is composed of two long chains of nucleotides linked by pairs of four bases.


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