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For the director of the program of strategical innovation of the Unisys, Nicholas D. Evans, the integration of colaborativos environments in the companies must occur in four stages, ' ' being that some can happen simultaneamente' ' , the executive cites. Still in accordance with it, the ideal is to follow the steps of adoption of any another emergent technology, but he needs to respect the characteristics of the business. According to Evans (2010), the four phases that must be adopted for implementation of the Social Nets in the environment corporative are: Phase I? The use of market tools, where it has the presentation of the social nets to the users and the implementation of prompt solutions, as blogs and wikis. Phase II? Use of sophisticated solutions more, as for example, the option for colaborativas platforms aiming at a number bigger of mechanisms spoon and to share ideas. Phase III? Integration of the tools to the corporative applicatory processes and, must be integrated the contribution functionalities to speed up the accomplishment of tasks.

E, in phase IV? Integrated functions, where the social net must be inserted in some corporative applications, being able to become an item inlaid in software. 5,1 Initiatives that can contribute for the increase of the productivity in the companies Walnut (2010), in contrast of what much people think affirm that it is possible to increase the productivity with the use of social nets when its use well is managed. One recent research made for the consultoria Forrester Research, discloses three reasons that take the people to have access social nets: To remain itself brought up to date with the notice; To look ideas that help in work e? Spoon information also related to the professional necessities. In this research are listed some actions that can be executed by the executives of YOU? Technology of the Information, to take off optimum advantage of these colaborativas tools, as for example, to understand the people to engage them, the managers of YOU need to analyze as the professionals act in the social nets.


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