Is Your Positioning Emotional Enough?

People buy no products, but solutions to problems and good feelings. One of the most important findings of the modern brain research is: people decide emotionally and justify those decisions then rational by the way also in the B2b business. Emotions are available not only in all decisions, even their driving force. Here are the three basic rules: the people are actively looking for good feelings. People avoid negative feelings.

Emotional will take precedence for our brain. We choose only really for the projects will, if our cerebrales reward Center is activated. This, and not the ratio – kill the lever at the end ‘ and final will decide yes or no. What moves us to a decision, may differ depending on the people type, sex and age, but without emotions, there is no single decision. Emotional secrets of success so it means finding the emotional success secret that lies dormant deep in the core of our products. For example: cars are the modern mounts of the man. The tie is his armor his club and the vest.

Big handbags are replacements for the male escort. The deodorant axe not only promises a good to smell, but also advantages in the mating game. Buys at the dentist ‘ a radiant smile and thus hope for professional and personal success ultimately the prospect to love. Studies is sufficiently proved that beautiful people earn more and tend to make career. A study of court records came out even, that good-looking defendants received lighter sentences. Other studies revealed that beautiful people rather get help if they get in trouble. All this, because beautiful people enjoying our brain. Everybody knows: beauty we can not tired of seeing us enough. So, we are ready to attack beauty deep in the Pocket. Well-formed products and aesthetic design work on the same principle. If our brain is glad the money sits loosely when a company has to offer nothing out of the ordinary, if his Products are interchangeable and the Service decides anything other than enthusiastic, always the prize.


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