Latin American Property

Closed participation of the Nuremberg emission House successes first Nuremberg, 20.02.2013. The Fund SHEDLIN Latin American property 1 “of SHEDLIN capital AG, which invested in the northeast of Brazil, mainly in the development of residential real estate now seems to be already erfolgsgekront. That surpasses the first project of the Fund Imbui”in Salvador de Bahia so far all expectations. The 153 two-bedroom apartments sold 107 until 31 December 2012 already, resulting in a ratio of 70 per cent. Of the 156 three-bedroom apartments sold even more than 92 per cent until the end of the year.

In addition to existing industrial units are already completely sold. SHEDLIN Latin American property 1 “invested in several real estate projects. The income from the sales of the project are reinvested there. The implementation of the first project of Imbui”is DIMENSAO belonging to the multinational VOLCONSA group with the existing since 2007 local project partner NOVA. The international operating Group of companies was founded in Spain in 1974 and specialises in all areas of construction and real estate industry. Worldwide the company has so far projects total more than 531.000 m developed area.

The local partner has also participated with a substantial equity real estate development Imbui, which is another feature of the Fund. Brazil is the fifth largest country with the 10th largest economy in the world with an area of about 8.5 million km and its population of approx. 193.7 million. The population is growing by 2 percent per year. Standard of living improved steadily. The gross national product fivefold alone between 2003 and 2011. Brazil is among the leading economies worldwide one with the least debt, has a solid budget as well as a healthy balance. Foreign investments keep flowing at a high level, the banking system is stable. The demand is accordingly after real estate big connected with an increase in purchase prices. Even when the project Imbui”achieved an average higher prices 15 per cent for the housing units as planned. We have a high, but quite common benchmark for real estate developments with a target yield of 12 percent per year for our investors while used. Only participates beyond profit share the management with a revenue share of 40 percent. Bear share of 60 percent flows in addition to the investors. The fact that we our first project much faster than expected and with a higher profit margin can sell, shows that we are on the right track”, says Simon Piepereit, Fund Manager of SHEDLIN capital Ltd.


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