Like Finding A Job In Crisis

The crisis that we are suffering has had in Spain their more dramatic manifestation in the destruction of use that it has caused. The Spanish economy had undergone a very significant growth in the last decade thanks to the real estate sector, that saw braking of abrupt form, having brought about that many workers of the construction and the auxiliary industries would remain without work, generating dramatic situations in his families by the loss of its main source of income, and affecting of negative form to the consumption and moving the effect the rest of sectors of the economy. Before this situation, the Spanish government has started up a program of extraordinary aid to palliate the absence of income of many families, being approved extraordinary subsidies for the familiar units that lacked rents sufficient to subsist by their own means, but even so, it is not possible to maintain this situation for a long time since the state also counts on a public deficit very elevated and also has sight decreased its income by taxes when lowering the economic activity. To find a job in crisis always has involved a great difficulty, because the crises bring about changes in the economic structure and it is as much made a period of time so that the companies necessary as the workers adapt to these changes. In the case of the workers, this change means to acquire qualification to be able to develop its profession in new surroundings, perhaps with new technical means, and in the case of the companies one needs to change the production system by means of the incorporation of new technologies. As much in the case of the companies like in the one of the workers, who before confront this challenge will be benefitted.

Centering us in the case of the workers, to be able to find a job in crisis, one needs to know how to anticipate itself to see the new needs that will arise in the companies, and to invest in his own formation to become qualified in the development of the new activities that the new labor surroundings demand. One of the new professions that are arising with more force at the moment of crisis she is the one of " social average manager" , that for already some years, this type of professionals is in the groups of the great companies, but now the demand extends to companies of all size by the importance which they are acquiring the social networks like means to catch clients and means to impel a good corporative image. In many cases, the abilities in techniques of " social media" they will be the ideal complement for the development of a traditional profession. At the moment of crisis, the success in finding a job is in becoming qualified in one of the professions with future. Original author and source of the article.


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