Nevyansk Tower

Nevyansk tower built in the years 1721-1725 on the orders of Akinfiev Demidova, son of industrialist Tula Nikita Demidov. Interesting architecture of the tower – it consists of so-called "chetverik and three octagonal tiers facing each other. At the bottom – 9.5 to 9.5 square meters, the height of the tower is 57.5 meters. The thickness of the walls of the tower varies depending on the stage – in the bottom tier – 2 meters instead of the top – only 32 cm at the top of the dome is installed wind vane, which emblem of the kind Demidova, and the kind of lightning rod. Historians found that Nevyansk tower is not falling, and the slope, ie deviation from the vertical axis at 1.86 meters to the southwest remains unchanged. Appointment Nevyanskiy inclined tower is one of the contentious issues for historians and ethnographers: whether this is a common defensive structure, whether a guard tower, or tower is built for economic purposes.

Most probably represents a version of which was built Demidoffs Nevyanskiy tower as a symbol of his power – in the 18 century, they possessed unlimited power in the Urals, are owners of many factories. The tower located Laboratory, the archive, treasury office, jail, a local destination, "hearing room, the town clock and the patrol area. Nevyansk tower known far beyond the Urals – its history is shrouded in a set legends, and in the tower, there are many unique engineering and inventions. First, the unusual design – Nevyansk tower is sloping, with having the shape of a curved sword. Secondly, auditory room "in a word spoken in a whisper in one corner, would be clearly audible in the opposite direction, and it is completely unheard of in the center of the room or next to the speaker (whether it is a mistake and miscalculation of the builders, or a brilliant idea architect). Thirdly, the English clock, mounted on a tower, repaired all three times (as, for example, chimes installed on the Kremlin's Spassky Tower has repaired on a regular basis). Fourth, according to legend, it is in Nevyanskiy tower Demidoffs melted gold and silver, producing coins for the sample and the silver content had better state.


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