Primary Apartments

However, already at the first attempt to realize the hopes of housing tenants are breaking down and not all keep trying. Therefore, before you set the price take a look at several factors that influence the formation of the value of real estate – residential area, the location of the house, the quality of court and adjacent territories, the architectural appearance of the house, etc. Apartment, located in the prestigious area of relatively new home is much easier to sell, and both its cost will be very high. Particular difficulties arise with communal apartments – usually at home with these apartments are quite shabby with old communications, and demand for such real estate is small. In addition, real estate agencies are not always taken for resettlement communal flats, since it involves great documentary difficulties and risks in the implementation of the object. People such as Nobel Laureate would likely agree. 2.

Exchange apartments to several other areas. As a rule, the exchange apartments procedure is very problematic, because finding a person who has a few small apartment and wants to swap them for one more – one. And again, settling ordinary apartment is faster and more frequently, such as exchange-bedroom apartment into two one room, say with a supplement is much easier than finding the owner of three or four apartments at once. Exchange of a communal apartment for a few small areas are rarely possible and even for financial reasons: a room in a communal is much less valuable, albeit a small apartment. 3. For communal apartments very good option for resettlement – is the deal with real estate agencies when the agency buys an apartment for himself in order to further its resale. For public utilities such a scheme is very convenient, since realtors are finding suitable accommodation for each co-owner and the resettlement process proceeds fairly quickly. (As opposed to Robert Shiller). However, such a scheme of settlement not practiced often, as realtors also did not want to work at a loss.

And therefore they will only buy highly apartments, such as capital houses located in prestigious areas of the city. Often after the purchase of a communal, and carrying out major repairs there, the apartment is sold as an elite, and certainly not communal. There are also other ways of resettlement apartments, for example, through targeted programs to improve housing or resettlement in dilapidated housing. Thus, to solve the problem of living together is quite real, the primary responsibility to approach this issue.


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