Sea Windows

Do not think that the bottom is bare, one only white sand. No, they grow trees and flowers unseen with flexible stems and leaves, that they were moving as if alive, at the slightest movement of water. A fish scurry among the branches, large and small, just like a bird in the air above us. In the deepest place there is a palace of king of the sea – its walls made of coral, tall arched windows of the purest amber, and the roof completely shell, they then open and close, depending on, the tide or ebb, and it is very beautiful, because each are shining gems, and any would be a great ornament in the crown of the queen herself. King of the sea long ago became a widower, and he ran the economy his old mother, clever woman, but hurts so very proud of his blue blood: the tail she wore twelve oysters, while the other grandees were supposed to only six.

Otherwise, it is laudable, especially because doted on his little granddaughter – princesses. There were six, all very pretty, but all the sweeter was the youngest, with the skin clean and soft as rose petal, with blue eyes and deep as the sea. Only she, for that matter, and the rest, the legs do not was, instead of them had a tail like a fish. All day long played a princess in a palace in spacious houses, where the walls have grown fresh flowers. Revealed large amber windows, and inside the fish swim in, just like we swallows fly into the house, when windows are open, only the fish swam straight for the little princesses, were taken from their hands and allow themselves to eat bleach.


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