They thought that while more piles of banknotes could accumulate, better. Do however, soon realized that Cashflow 101? you don’t win by accumulating money, but by generating enough passive income to pay their living expenses and be so financially free. 3. The importance not to unnecessarily spend Cashflow 101? It has boxes that, when it falls on them, must remove a card Doodad or expenses. It can be from a visit to the mall up to the purchase of a yacht, all entertaining and enticing things that we like to do. However, my children soon learned that these Doodads removed you money they needed to invest in something that will generate you income. 4. Basic vocabulary of investment do you know what is the ROI or return on investment? Does or how to bring a State of mind (and how to interpret it), understand the concept of a stock split or a stock split, how various options are called to invest in real estate, etc? And their children? To be able to succeed in the world of investments, should dominate the language that is used in it.

5. How to invest Cashflow 101? It puts the world of investments within the reach of everyone. Many people do not dare to invest because they believe that it is very risky. To learn how to invest during the game, people change their mentality about investments and become familiar with the different investment options that exist. 6 Be aware of market Cashflow 101? It has cards that simulate market situations that happen in reality.

Any investor must be aware about the conditions of the market. The market dictates when to sell or when it’s time to buy. 7 Severance pay a locker of Cashflow 101? remove the player from the game for 2 rounds. It is important that our children learn about the concept of the severance pay for that question as safe is really aspire to live month to month of a salary that is not guaranteed.


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