the climate

It consists of the large central area covered by large spherical hinged arches settled to the ground. It is these elliptical arcs and finishing in the bottom two sloping lines tangent to the ellipse. These arches support straps that hold the very light rest of the deck. Given the climate of Valencia, has sought an effective ventilation, and for this purpose, besides the large skylight above, which also serves to exhaust fumes, there are large side windows that open and close electrically groups, which provide great ventilation to the space covered. Built into pieces in Madrid, this immense canopy was mounted on a work by notable mobile bridge over the tracks, on which was a powerful crane to raise and put in place the various parties …

“This great metal framework, was one of the great changes that took place the first project, which was raised with absolute simplicity and austerity, in total disagreement with the scale on which the building was raised. For this reason, it was a successful solution, station to provide a cover worthy of its masonry, which not only comply with certain functionality, but gave him a stronger character, more power and could be compared with the best of Spain and of course compete with the improvements that had been built so far other companies. Distribution or rather, the spatial and geometric composition of the building is very traditional, even well used within the historical development of railway architecture of foreign and domestic, for example in the Gare de l’Est in Paris by F. .


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