The Group

View hypothetical situations to the point of living them in advance obviously also anticipates the presence of problems. And of course, they do not have any solution because they do not actually exist. Now, to anticipate problems is correct because it is part of the work that must be done in the causal relationship that they have, but anticipate the problem is something completely different. It can not anticipate a problem: a problem is or is not. Any confusion here can be very expensive.

The far-sighted man is which anticipates the problems, not which anticipates the presence of them. The people who live in the world of what if? operates a voluntary income to purgatory: the universe of the can Yes you can that does not. The Group of people who live so it requires the construction of this category is so large. In it if there are problems that do not have solution, in it there is also paralyzed people. The most effective way to avoid this destructive phenomenon is to imagine the future always in positive terms. This does not cost anything! It is preferable to err on optimistic and do not find the results that you want, that make meat of imaginary problems that can bring the future. The display at positive future addition, produces energies positive at present, favorably alters existing States of mind: strengthens them. Another way of not unnecessarily anticipating problems is by adopting the attitude of living every day with their own zeal. It is only the specific time that we are allowed to live, only in him we actually have dominion over our actions and direct influence on our circumstances, therefore it is recommended to open and close the day we live in the same way that clarity opens mornings and penumbra closing it at night: give every day your own desirenothing less, but above all nothing more.


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