Viennese Classicism

Classical music in Vienna, the world city of music the Vienna residence Orchestra, a Chamber Orchestra with long tradition, was founded by the pianist and conductor Paul Moser, to perform the works of the Viennese classical school in perfection. The numerous series of events of the last few decades have been performed in Vienna’s most beautiful Palace. The Orchestra plays works by Mozart and Johann Strauss in cast of 10 to 40 musicians. in 1991, the Orchestra was the official representative of Austria at the Mozart Memorial celebrations and played numerous concerts at the Festival “Wiener Klangbogen”. Which visitors to Vienna comes not, or perhaps first and foremost to Vienna to here experience the works of Viennese Classicism and the Strauss dynasty, authentic brought out? For those who want to enjoy classical music in Vienna, the Vienna residence Orchestra works by W.A.Mozart, Johann and Josef Strauss, Johann Strauss plays father daily in the famous Palais Auersperg. The Palais Auersperg was place the premiere of the seven words of Christ at “Crosses” by Josef Haydn, place the Austrian premiere of Mozart’s Idomeneo and inspiration for Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s libretto to Der Rosenkavalier “by Richard Straus. Now, the Palace is the Vienna residence Orchestra in residence. Card requests under, Tel.: + 43 1 817 21 78 or fax: + 43 1 813 28 65 website: information page: classical concerts in Vienna download video: LeNozzediFigaro. mp3


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