Visa Encina

III Rio Grande, Rio, goodbye. At the foot of Jubiley, honor. Climb rugged and impassable port is so atrocious that I cabalgo to wandering Heaven by anchoring in Torbiscon (7). And by shadow and plain streets arrived at Cuesta neighborhood. And enjoying the cool water climb at the end of the Contraviesa. And on top of the more Hill, judgemental alcor, Chaparro, I already contemplate the almond, the fig trees and ravines.

And if you dream of more delicacies Virgin grape! Ohanes vid! IV sea Presidents setting sun. Sea me silbas which sweet snake cane or brandy Albunol amelga at source. Orchards, palms and clusters and choked or marismos; Visa Encina (8) PT saw glimpsing the sailors. And the violin that worships in Murtas flower woman with her beauty; manso and thousand Cutie, Jorairatar and ricuras wine. V Browning in ti, polecat, Turon por ti, A1 (9), wearing a blue port, by Adra and his farmstead, great water and old Haren, jasmine, Medina Bacha (10), which reigns in bathrooms went, dreaming be Dahlias. Melada saw VI, saw and silver, thou that at Cadiar you see its square, see Narila and Yator, Yegen, nogales rivers and snow you can see Nechite and see Mairena, value, and Mecina Alfahar, Jubar, white, and white moon. Laroles and Picena, and by Cherin, than close-minded light sahumen.

Laujar and Presidio Andarax, winter Albuxarrat (12) (13). Berchules VII and Ugijar, in boxes (14) and landscapes, Canjayar or Alcolea pilgrims and cypresses, campinas and wheat; banks and farmhouses, orange trees and rosales. Herds and cork oaks, mills and terraces; gorse and lagoons, kermes oak and bramble patches. Torviscos and poplars, Apple and jarales; cicadas and majuelos, thyme and pine forests. Cherry and mulberry trees, grasses solitudes; streams and deserts, forgetfulness of truths. VIII with outlandish Pena, Sultan by the mountains. And wind burn recite, painting the Alpujarra. Pepe alley.


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