Artificial Stone

Recently, artificial stone products are gaining increasing popularity in everyday life of our apartments. It is made from a variety of products used to manufacture furniture, such as countertops for kitchen furniture, countertops bar counters, windowsills, kitchen sinks and bathroom furniture. Due to its lightness and ease of maintenance, artificial stone is one of the best materials for making solid surfaces. Artificial stone is made from environmentally friendly material, it almost does not absorb water, grease, dirt, does not emit toxins and other harmful substances. The most common brands artificial stone are: Corian (producer Du Pont, USA), Montelli (producer Du Pont, China), Rausolid (manufacturer Rehau, Germany), Polystone (producer Polystone Zhuhai Co., Ltd, China), Staron (manufacturer Samsung Cheil Industries Inc , Korea), Hi-Macs (manufacturer LG Chem, South Korea).

Regulation care products from artificial stone are fairly simple and does not require any special skills. Subject to the terms of the basic techniques of surface cleaning countertops, sinks or other product from this material it will last you a long time, and All this time will be pleasing to the eye pristine beauty. Despite the fact that the artificial stone is sufficiently resistant to high temperatures, yet it is not necessary to check its special strength and thermal stress. Pots and pans taken directly from the stove, countertop and can not survive. You do not want to appear on the table bug? Enough, as always, use a small metal and wooden supports under the hot. Also do not cut foods directly on the countertop.


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