Dubai, Regarded As The City Of The Future

The city of Dubai, is located in the United Arab Emirates, is known as the city of the future. It is considered one of the most sought after tourist places of the world. What incredible and truly wonderful this city, is the way as mixing islam, modernity and opulence. For all this, and much more, websites of tourism as Dubai Hotels, have turned his sights towards this target. It is also known as Golden City. As a surprising city, any detail can surprise the tourists. The majority opinion, it seems a city from another world. As a curious, we can mention that 15% of cranes in the world are in Dubai, this is due to the city grows to giant steps.

One of the most spectacular hotels and possibly the biggest attraction of Dubai, is the luxury Burj al – Arab hotel, is built on an artificial island, it is the tallest hotel in the world, has a height of 321 metres, this hotel in Dubai, or as they say them Hotels in Dubai, is the the only hotel that has 7 stars, since it exceeds the luxury limetes and the sotisficacion. It has nine restaurants, being the to the Mahara, the most prominent, since it has a view underwater in the form of Aquarium. The hotel does not have standard rooms, for out of the ordinary, this has 202 double suites, in which the smallest measures 169 square meters. The artificial ski station: Ski Dubai, is another of its major tourist attractions. One of the ski resort is Interior, it is the largest in the world, like all attractions in Dubai.

Here tourists can feel like that they were skiing in the middle of the Alps, since it counts with all the necessary details. The Burj Dubai. Still has not completed its construction and is already ranked as highest in the world, the tower when the construction is completed, it will have 140 apartments, you will have 40% more height than in Taipei. This city has many places of tourist interest. All of them they are fantastic and are able to amaze visitors on each tour. Without going to any specific site, only the fact of Traverse City, is an incomparable experience. As we can see, this city has no limits in terms of its fabulous buildings. Hence that is the preferred destination for tourists looking for comfort and luxury.


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