Bathroom Interiors

If you have a small bathroom, this is not a reason to refuse a nice interior in it. In fact, as the wc area of 3 – 5 m2, making comfortable, beautiful and modern. If you have a small bathroom, special role in its planning is a rational arrangement of plumbing appliances, and is largely dictated by the location of pipes for hot and cold water supply and sanitation. Location of toilets very tightly tied to the location of the sewer riser, which is better, not only to hide, but also the most efficient use (for example, to hide with him and the tank). There are modern models of toilets, which are attached directly to the wall and have a system of deep washout, as well as models, technical features which allow you to have sinks and toilets at a low partition wall from different sides, which sometimes is not only saves space but also serves as an element of functional zoning bathrooms. The main advantage of such partitioning is that it can hide all the piping system. All this saves space bathrooms. Recently, more and more popular adjacent to the walls of the bathroom low plinths, which carried out installation of piping fittings.

This reduces the cost of construction work. Most popular now shell-lugs up to 1 meter, the surfaces of which are used as shelves. It must be remembered that the delimited space in the bathroom can be a piece of furniture, for example, narrow cabinet pull-out section between the zones tuleta and washbasin. Are increasingly being applied angular solutions which provide maximum space saving. In the corner, can perfectly accommodate a washing machine, bathtub, sink, toilet or corner shower cubicle having enclosure made of glass, which is absolutely not clutter the space.

This cabin can be used without an integrated pan, making the bathroom more spacious. Sometimes you want to have in your bathroom maximum necessary plumbing and advanced set of amenities. In a small bathroom, you can resort to the standard solution, placing equipment is not at right angles, and changing the angle of installation. You can also apply "Flexible" organization of space: using a mobile sink of acrylic, which, thanks to a durable hinge to be readily change its position; place arranged by the same principle of rotating locker mounted in a corner shower. If you resort to such methods, for the visual integration of all parts of the space basement bathroom walls and preferably oblitsevat the same material. As for color solutions interior design, there is the most suitable light colors and transparent material that visually expand the space. Better to abandon dark or too bright colors and the tiles with a large figure, as well as from shiny surfaces. Visually enlarge the room to help laid on the diagonal tiles. In a small bathroom special attention should be paid to rational distribution and storage, as well as placement furniture. Currently, for small bathrooms designed compact baths, showers, mirrors, cabinets, space-saving furniture. Make maximum use of space under the sink basin and above it, the maximum use of wall space, wall niches and shelves. To increase the visual space is necessary to use a mirror. Mirror in the bathroom, you can add versatility: if it is not just hanging on wall, but also serves as a door hanging locker. If the bathroom is not enough lighted, can help fastened to the wall mirror to the changing angle of inclination.


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