Compressed Air Equipment

Pneumatic devices belong to the standard range in the handyman tool Cabinet, in the industry and on the construction sites in the industry. Their advantages in power and application are particularly evident when the disadvantages of electric appliances in the focus back. Although the devices that run on compressed air, can unlock enormere forces as electrical devices, pneumatic devices are safer than electric powered. This security rises, including a simpler, low-cost maintenance and repair. The required compressed air hoses can be connected to a wide variety of tools and give additional flexibility. Drucklufttacker, jackhammers and similar devices all have a more or less analog operation: A compressor generates highly compressed air that passes through exceptionally resistant tubing in the compressed air device in an integrated compressed air reservoir. As a result, the compressed air is continuously available also at smaller interruptions in the operation.

The User controls the transmission of energy by he conveniently uses the valve button. Pressing the compressed air propels a compressed air cylinder, which in turn transmits its power to the firing pin. Tacks and pins easily in a variety of materials are struck with an average 6 to 8 bar. Highly efficient Drucklufttacker, like those models of the company Yato, are typical representatives of the pneumatic devices. Roofers, handyman, Carpenter and furniture maker can count thin sticks, but also packaging and insulation materials on the performance of the device when mounting or on materials such as leather, roofing felt. Important works in dry construction are so easy to do, roof or view concrete Schallungen are attached to long shelf life.

Make boxes and similar minor tasks, such as, for example, the installation of pallet jewels is also possible and produces delicate results. Today’s compressed air devices are easy for all these missions and flexible in contrast to their ancestors, manufactured. For lightweight but sturdy plastic housing carry stainless steel metal parts, comfortable, soft Gripgriffe, rotating exhaust adjustment and height-adjustable steering pin concern. The very slight pressure or compressed air hoses, easily applied using quick give more flexibility. They are easy to install before work and resist even stronger mechanical impacts. They are different lengths available for different purposes. Despite the high security standards users of the great powers should be aware, that work in compressed air equipment. A must is to study the enclosed operating instructions carefully and to follow. For work gloves and safety glasses are recommended in any case. Press Department Thomas Reichelt Lotex24 / Germany consumer Web: shop:


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