Rivers Sanhau

This was the main point stops estruturao of the city that appeared its return. After its deactivation, in the start of the century, good part of the place, in special the edges of the River Sanhau it was recouping its vegetation. Only that, with the population growth of the city of Joo Person, in special in years 80, the fen area was being busy for a low income population, that together with some fishing that already lived in the place, had started to form a sufficiently expressive slum quarter, mainly in the lands that before were navy areas. In the State of the Paraba, extensive areas of fens that are being gradually busy for submoradias, of the type tenement houses, palafitas or slum quarters. In the Cities of Joo Pessoa and Bayeux, some examples of these housings that if had fixed to the edges of the Rivers Sanhau and Mandacaru.

In regards to its general characteristics one perceives that the area very does not differ from the remain of the country, having a predominance of the very poor population, marcante presence of unemployeds and or subempregados, several children and adolescents are of the school, and all living in an environment where the mud and the evil I smell dispute space with casebres of taipa or work with wood, roofing tile or straw, cubculos with a rudimentary architecture and that it does not supply the necessities of the families. The main reasons that had taken this population if to install in this area had been the habitacionais problems that they had started to exist in Brazil, and also due to work and or land to work. Thus, the first inhabitants had been occupying the area come mainly of the agricultural zone of the mesorregies of the State of the Paraba. How much the done use of the fen for the resident population, perceives that the same one currently is used of the fen, making use of this for withdrawal of crustaceans when it lacks to another one ' ' type of mistura' ' used expression for the local inhabitants.


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