Designing And Building The Garden Near Her House .

Area around a country house in the planned improvement turns into a man-made landscape. In an effort to correct nature, man changes the landscape, constructing buildings, reclaim the plant. Landscape design involves the construction of gazebos, barbecues, bridges, fountains, benches, sculptures, swing. All these man-made structures are small forms of architecture. They complement the scenery and emphasize landscaping.

Gates and fences are designed to isolate the area from the outside world, and create a first impression about the tastes of the owner. Fountains and waterfalls fill the air cool in the heat of summer, garden lights illuminate the track during an evening stroll. Stairs and bridges are a natural extension of the garden paths, and screens and arches with climbing plants help create a comfortable sitting area. Barbecues in the open air – a familiar feature of suburban life. But today, modern design garden fireplaces, barbecues, campfires and barbecues have replaced simple homemade device made of metal barrels. Fit perfectly into the landscape of those structures, which are made of natural stone. Wild, almost raw stone suitable for forest thicket of ownership, and boulders originally looked close to a natural pond.

Greening Territory modern estates required to ensure permanent decorative flower garden from early spring until the first morning frosts. Flower garden attached to the original form. Therefore, in the gardens you can see the car, turned into a beautiful flowerbed. For design of flower beds using economic and pans – wagon wheel, cracked barrel, clay pots, buckets, baskets, watering cans, troughs, and even old shoes. For "village" gardens are characterized by sculptures. Lamb and calf will look good on a meadow, chickens and a pig let lording it in the garden, geese and ducks – near the pond, and a cat is better to attach to the front porch. On the site look nice pottery items – jugs, amphorae and vases. In large vessels are placed palms, dracaena, oleanders, geraniums and flowering fuchsia, orange and lemon trees. In a smaller pot grow fragrant plants – lavender, mint, thyme. In Stands form of lions' paws give containers with flowers lightness. For lovers of chess and checkers can be arranged on a sunny, sheltered from the wind site, a special area, lined with dark and light tiles. Nearby you can install benches for spectators. Sami figurines bought master-cabinetmaker. The owner of a country house is not always able to choose the right garden furniture, which should be in harmony with the landscape. For example, massive bench and table a better place in the park, under a canopy of large-sized. A light, elegant furniture is much more natural look next to the delicate and tender shrubs, flower beds. A cozy patio is desirable to fence and protect from the wind "screen" of climbing plants. Behind a resting person must be reliable defense – a house wall, fence, tree trunk, dense hedge.


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