Satisfied, I went home (the apartment) and he saw an old woman sitting beside the road. She floundered helplessly on the ground. "Help me, my son, I sprained foot" – sob grandmother. I picked up an old woman by the arm and put it on his feet. "Take me home, I live near" – asked the grandmother. I brought it to the poor house, which did not even have gas heating and light. "Thank you, son, I thank you enough I want to.

" Grandmother, digging in an old cupboard, took out the light of day gold bracelet. Even when a candle was obvious that something is expensive and old. "Take my son, the carrier. My son died a long time, and a bracelet always passed through the male line. " She deftly put a bracelet on my hand.

I already went out of her yard, as he thought, "Why do I have the last pick up Grandma. Let him to swap his bread. " I took off the bracelet and gave it to her in an old mailbox. At night I dreamed old. She was a very evil, screaming and cursing. "Gift to my scruple? There will be no downhill now. All the same, you took it away from me and my Rabotnicki zaberesh "- screamed Granny. In the morning I woke up with pain in his right hand. Hand was swollen and reddened in a place where there was a bracelet. I told all the hostess, where he lived.


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