Let me explain. When we think of something related to changes in attitudes caused by time, then we are being directed Woodcock and answers with us: Oh, this is normal, people change.! All rights, real and simple common. However, although I would like to get direct answers ready, oh, exactly is the simplicity of the response that led me to another question: why change the qualities? Not can you fit? I cannot understand how good that old and Melon, which release pants, put the butt of car today barely able to dance at a party. Very well, the rear is more preserved for us is great, but where ‘ s irreverence that fear, that the joy of living? Judging by the facts that I see it is that over the years, increasingly more so-called friends are out of the joint meeting of each other. And suddenly, when we feel the importance that has for the issue that was suddenly. The greater question or answer, seems that this distance is produced to the While mature, or we become adults. Strange word used only when we do not, then we are here, in adult life, it seems that doesn’t mean another thing.

Yes, he has appeared before us, children and adults. It is now that it is classified as such that or know where to get more. Not are the elderly, children, adolescents, the tiozinhos EPA, that bothers me, because? Anyway, this relationship between the stage and the distance of friends is what really makes me sad. However, it exists and I’ll show you. Just remember when saiamos in band, never less than 02 freaks and never more than so, it has no limit, provided that the responsibility of parents and the popular cars purchased to lose sight of all was fine.

I just know that this time everything was simpler, no petty thoughts or fanciness. When juntavamos some friends to rent apartments for holidays and we juntavamos around a pool or just in front of a house was only joy, good game and chats. Now, when we started to mature, seems that we are going to perfected or in other words, more boring. Perhaps the refining process is that, maybe it’s just to learn to separate the good and bad friends. But what makes the same people who pushed in the pool, both in the morning now barely able to hear a joke, do not think that it was out of time? Today I see people full of modesty and education improvements that generate enormous walls of approach to old friends. Today I see friends that were pure smile walking the streets, full of worries about the future. While I understand the need for a change, even though I know that the effects of time on the personality of individuals, but the question is: why the severity of the new man responsible may not add the joy of astute child’s life good times? That is not possible more together vacation apartments for rent? I do not think that it is easy to see the new phase, to the numerous challenges and so many complications to stop being young, but it is impossible that I not try paraphrase to the great thinkers who believe that youth must remain his soul still insist that skin give evidence otherwise. Original author and source of the article


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