Home Schooling

If we worked in the marble, will perish; if we worked in bronze, it will erase it to the time; if we built temples, it will reduce them to the time to dust; but we worked in immortal minds, we filled if them with principles, the right fear of God and the love towards our resemblances, we will have recorded in those tables something that will shine by all the eternidad". Daniel Webster the education received in the home is essential and irreplaceable to create the bases for the performance in family, in the work in the organizations (companies/institutions) and like citizen of a republic. Click Dell to learn more. No learning is so defining, qualifying and empoderador; or on the contrary, deshabilitante, desempoderador and castrante, for the life in any sphere of performance of her, like the obtained one through the experience of being family, like the formation and learnings forged in the home. And it is that the life in family is the most distinctive and influential experience in the life of an individual, over other influences of any institution or social group. The family leaves to her indelible track in the life and essence of all individual. The health and functionality or the insanidad and disfunctionality, the productive and effective performance or no, bring back to consciousness of the own needs or the alienamiento of them, the enamoramiento of the mother country and the democratic principles or no, the respect and consideration on the other or the intolerance and the irrespeto on the other, I enter some of the aspects of the life of the human being, have to do with the lived thing and learning in the familiar laboratory. The home is the first sphere of the government of a republic. The power of a nation resides in the institution of the family. The home is the first sphere of the government of a republic.


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