Properties In Bulgaria

So what to do, really? Invest! But where, 'one chooses himself. Held from 21 to 24 February this year, "Gostiny Dvor" Exhibition of foreign real estate has proven that the majority still chose to real estate, but … foreign. For example, real estate bulgaria sale of its attractive low prices. Stand at the exhibition, which is a real estate agency Metropolis with their Bulgarian partners, and builders, not empty. Undoubtedly, many scares inserting "blood" into the unknown distance, but as far as Bulgaria, we can reassure our customers' real estate bulgaria is absolutely safe to buy.

" The risk is there, but we do it minimal. Working with trusted builders and arrange study tours for "real estate" will provide our customers with the purchase, in which they will not be disappointed. Let's look at what can realistically purchase an amount of 1.5 million rubles, the equivalent of nearly 61 000 U.S. dollars or 42,000 euros. Of course, this money is not enough even for a room in Moscow, which could make a profit from the lease, which is again fraught with consequences if you "get caught" tax. Or at a house in the suburbs, where you dream to come to rest, but the distance from Moscow and "plug" you are unlikely to enjoy. Buy apartments on the Bulgarian coast will cost You, depending on location and availability of the complex construction of twenty to two hundred and fifty thousand euros. What contributes to the spread of such a price? First, the distance from the coast.


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