Easter is for the Spaniards a time of spiritual withdrawal and in which many we do peregrinations remembering the Christ passion we cross the painful stations according to the day that lived Christ during the Week, or the day of Branches or the painful route or simply visiting diverse churches. During the peregrination your skin and hair will be exhibited to the sun and the wind which can cause that they dehydrate and you requemes, for protegerte you can use the properties of the oil of argn, this oil not only humecta the weaves but it has the property to regenerate them. If you undergo of parched skin the properties of the oil of argn would help you to humectar and to recover the balance of your skin, apart from which when regenerating weaves avoided that the skin is deteriorated so quickly falling the aging, and although it does not stop the oil of argn is until now nearest than it is had to the source of youth. The same happens with your hair, the properties of the oil of argn would avoid that they are dried out and helped to have a silkier hair, smooth, shining and manageable, all this is possible applying to a small amount of oil of argn after the bath or one more a more generous amount once per week and to let it rest 30 minutes before washing the hair. If after the peregrination you feel that requemaste applies to a little oil of argn in the skin and sides to you that you healed much more quickly that if you were applied any other balsam or if you let your skin heal single, your hair that parched also because of the sun remained healthful and humectado in very just a short time. And you say what me after a long day of peregrination, your feet will be adoloridos like your legs, also enter game the properties of the inflammatory oil of argn here which are analgesic and DES, after a day of peregrination, it dates a relajante hot bath and masajea your feet and legs with oil of argn, sides as the pain falls and if your legs are also swollen the oil of argn helped to diminish the inflammation. Many properties in product, beauty and health definitively are not only fought with the espiritualidad, because your body is a temple that you must maintain healthful, so it begins to take care of it from now on and you will not have preocuparte to repair the damages in the future, has always been better to come up than to repair and your body thinks the same. So preprate to take advantage of all the properties the oil of argn and lives this Easter without preocuparte by the care on your hair and your skin, the oil of would take care of argn it by you, you live the passion on Christ and renew your faith at this time so loaded of meaning for the believers.


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